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  1. You guys have to stop posting such great models. It's hard to show my appreciation without doing a super-long post! @505thAirborne Looking to be a nice redo of that old toy. Giving it new life. And those helms look really oogd! @peter Very nice work on that Refit-A! When those decals work right, it really pops. And on your Defiant, you did the opposite of me. I didn't use any of the colored decals except the tan one for the top panel on the nose, and no they don't fit right... I do really like the fun on the bottom! That black/gold looks real good on the Defiant. My one and only really eany-teansy-weany critique would be the skull-n-bones. I looks backwards, but that may just be me! Great job!
  2. I'd be good with that! @M'Kyuun And you are correct. His being the big name, perhaps I am lumping too much on him for that.
  3. Good thinking on the tint to the lights. I'd say let it run for a while, just to be sure. Or tint a film to go between the lights and the hull.
  4. What do you mean? Those fields will take a week to recover, at most!
  5. Sounds like the Beast Transformers will be add-ons to the ones from Bumblebee, and it won't be them alone, so that's good. Of course, with them making prequels with new characters added, I start to wonder where they were in the Bay-movies? But then I come to my senses and realize that Bay didn't care at all, as he just kept tossing in new Autobots willy-nilly, the more insulting the better. To better suit his childish humor, I'm sure. But I'm still hoping they'll end up tossing the Bay movies aside, considering that at the end of Bumblebee, Optimus and other Autobots were already arriving by the end.
  6. @electric indigo I'm not familiar with the subject, but I like the details on the pieces. @derex3592 That already looks good all lit. @Dobber Noted on SSM. Love the detail and changes you've made.
  7. There seams very little way to do it other than having some kind of realistic covering, and as long as we have don't have any more human-form ones I'm fine with it. Or, maybe they could do a form of Star Trek holodeck tech, with forcefields and holograms making them look like they are actual living animals. Actually, I wish they weren't doing Beast Wars, at all. Wouldn't be my first choice.
  8. They used that, and I was left wondering why they didn't do that and imitate every human they needed to in order to get what they wanted? I hope they don't use it, as it is far less Transformers and just a rip-off of Terminator.
  9. I futzed it! Ugh! I was looking for the clear gloss and all I could find was a big can of Krylon. Won't hurt, right? Wrong! As soon as I sprayed it on, it looks like it turned the AK paint translucent! I could suddenly see all the color gradiations, like splotches of shadows all over. On the plus side, I did it on the bottom first, so the damage was restricted to there. Still, shazbot! Ended up masking the decals, carefully, and then hitting the bottom with Tamiya silver leaf to cover it, and then going over with the AK Dark Aluminum again. Good thing there are no decals on the bottom.đŸ˜‘Still, damage was done. There are some areas of 'orange peel' now on the bottom... Not trashing it though! The top side looks really good and I have no plans to display this on its back. The real kicker? After all that, I found a brand new can of Tamiya Pearl Clear - which looks great on the top side!
  10. It's funny with the jump-cuts between characters, and they're all just raising their heads up.
  11. Alright cool. Kind of like the new Planet of the Apes, where I'm wondering how the apes take over, and they tie in the drug that made them intelligent with a virus.
  12. @Chronocidal That is a great looking model! Bit too pricey at 1/100 for me, but awesome looking. @MechTech Thank you. Now if I can keep from futzing it up! @arbit More fine work on those figures. Well done.
  13. The first one was a good start. But yes, they just went downhill harder and faster, with character 'development' done in the form of KABLAM and KABLEWEY and the plots basically being just how big can the next explosion be, and who is the next supermodel they could put in as an 'actress?' They catered to the lowest common denominator of 'flash and bang,' and were thus complete waste's of time. Until Bumblebee. They got Bay out of everything but gathering money for the project, put Knight in who clearly has a love of Transformers and had a writer that actually wrote a movie with heart in it. And an actress who could actually work with the heart in the script! Plus, the Transformers looked like Transformers! For that, Bumblebee ranks second of all the Transformers movies for me, and that is including the 1986 Transformers the Movie. The first Bay film is a distant, distant third. You can see it there, in the distance, if you squint. That tiny dot so far out there, just barely discernible from the haze of the horizon... I do wish Knight was staying behind the wheel for this one, as I know very little of Steven Cable Jr. The only movie I know he directed was Creed II, and I never watched it. And Joby Harold doesn't seem to have many writing credits. I liked King Author, Legend of the Sword, but the only others I'd be interested in are Kenobi, which is in production, and this movie. Never saw Army of the Dead or Awake, his other writing credits.
  14. Decalling started on Race 80. There aren't many and most of the surfaces are nice and flat. I did cut the long decal in half to help in placing it better, which had the added bonus of getting the maple leaf over the closed camera port easier. I think that decal is a little long, so the cut ends were doubled up a bit, which isn't even noticeable. I'll let those dry before I start putting the rest on. Model on! Thom
  15. The painting and decals on that Refit look excellent! As to the Defiant, I think those skull and crossbones should find a home somewhere on the nose!
  16. Still enthused for it.
  17. Just keep the feel and look of Bumblebee, which was like a love letter to the original series, and let's start steering way clear of the BaycrapMovies. If we never tie back into those 'movies' then I will be a happy guy!
  18. Captain Pyewacket! Overlooking the fitting out of his next command. Any 'berg crosses his path and he will protec!!
  19. I'd say it's a common thread in our real society as well. Just look at all the trash we're leaving for the next generations to deal with, including nuclear waste that will be deadly for thousands of years. I'd say the depiction of a species that is totally aware and controlling of its every aspect is less realistic than one that copies our own inadequacies. Consider, that if the Protoculture had been active in policing their tech and creations to the point that they were not a threat for the modern story, then there would be no modern story.
  20. One of the best parts of the movie was when he shared the power with the others.
  21. Welcome! As to his glasses, I imagine they would have waived restrictions, considering the situation they were in. And considering how great he was!
  22. Sorry to hear that Pengbuzz! Do what you need to. The models, and us, will be here! Take care.
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