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  1. Not sure about soldering, i think i can get a cheap one in akihabara though. Def wanna do an on off switch. Thanks! That sounds good...i basically wanna get the side lights on the ship and then a few strong deep blue ones for the boosters. Do you have any links to the set you purchased? I looked up strips on amazon and there is a ton of variety out there. Thanks for the tip!
  2. Would kind of be a waste to not get this star destroyer wannabee not loaded up with LEDS. Anyone know any good guides to getting that done in a fairly cheap manor? Ive seen many guides but they all seem to focus on the drilling and installing...thats the easy part though. Im trying to find out how to actually get this stuff wired up..like whats the power source, hows that all work. Yodabashi sells pretty cheap LEDS.
  3. Primed and ready..again..theres really no seams to cover on these...except the vf-0. I think at 1/72 the seams dont show too much after priming though.
  4. yea never been a fan of the off the factory line look with valks.....roys been smashing through spaceship hulls...i expect hes picked up some dirt and oil. I thought it would work good since i wanted to leave the leg panel off
  5. finished, overall i think its ok. I want to make the next build cleaner though...get better at the airbrush. A few parts warped a little bit because of placing it too close to a heater. I wish the fastpack wasnt connected just by the small hinges on the back. On to the next projects...i wanna get something done before may for the contest.
  6. small update...id say they are around 50 percent there
  7. I went to go grab some weathering supplies and ended up with this.....thanks exchange rate.
  8. I saw one of these in akihabara station a few weeks back though it was mostly delta stuff.
  9. ah 1/48 version...cmon hasegawa at least do the vf-11 in 148
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