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  1. small update...id say they are around 50 percent there
  2. I went to go grab some weathering supplies and ended up with this.....thanks exchange rate.
  3. I saw one of these in akihabara station a few weeks back though it was mostly delta stuff.
  4. ah 1/48 version...cmon hasegawa at least do the vf-11 in 148
  5. My kits have just arrived from the states...this is all the macross ones
  6. As for new kits...id like to see more 1/48s instead of endless variations of vf1 and 19.......complete the macross plus set in 1/48. i wanna see zero and frontier in 1/48 also. As for slight variations and decals...... i really wish they would complete the Macross R variants they started. of course uhhh...feel free to make a vf9 and 4 as well 😃
  7. Tokyo here, did you ever end up taking that trip?
  8. saw this in akihabara the other day
  9. I live only 20 minutes away from both leonardo shops god help me.... I snatched up the 2500 yen 1/48 strike valk
  10. Hmm i must be doing something wrong with how i upload them then
  11. The tech at shapeways just doesnt seem to be there yet...seems unless i made these things huge you just are not going to get the surface fidelity and it would have to be large and pricey. So 1/48 and 1/72 are out of the question and i dont think anyone wants to pay 200 dollars for a 1/12 petite cola machine. Ill have to wait until the tech is in order.
  12. I'm glad they didnt reveal Lady was LMM or something...no need to drag her into this mess. Really there was just no sense of desperation in this show, the overarching conflict just seemed silly. You never cared enough for anyone to care if they died beyond whether it was going to fit the macross trope or not. Making these stories that take place in small corners of the galaxy is really cool... 7, F etc but once you make it this Galaxy wide thing it kind of dilutes the impact of just how immense and mysterious our galaxy is. The earth colonists could not have really seen more then 1% of the galaxy yet even with current tech. Really largest issues with this show..its just a sign of the times. Modern anime in general...convoluted storylines that are purposefully overly grandiose without the character or wolrd building to support it...and of course...in 2016 you have to end up with the underage girl ( pls drop the technically middle aged stuff, shes a kid). mature love interests were big in the 80s, macross , maison ikkoku, orange road etc....its just not the cultural trend anymore. I thought F did a good job of combining the old with the modern....this show just swung too far in one direction.
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