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  1. Dude I tried so hard to get their attention but they will not budge and create a new batch despite the fact that they sold out!!! Can anyone here some how reproduce those etched pieces???? I can possibly help to produce artwork I know auto cad and illustrator!!!
  2. http://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.fg-site.net%2Farchives%2Fpost_old%2F146544&h=3AQEkeXcP&s=1 OK, I couldn't help myself, just saw this on MW main page for FB but don't see anything about this in the forums. WHO is this awesomely crazy person that built this and where can we track him down? Is he part of MW? Can we get him to post some more info on this insane build, I don't think I have ever seen this much detail on a 1/72 valk!!!!! I honestly thought it was a 1/48 only to be even more amazed that it actually was 1/72. Are there any other builds like this?!!! WM Cheng w
  3. Spitfire_BR you rock!!!! I knew I couldn't be the only one. And LOL....I was assuming that many of us had stashes just like that Jefuemon!!!! Though unlike me you are already built quite a lot of kits, several of them with the mentioned PE parts. Nice Work Jefuemon! If you are just now reading this please support us in this petition. I have not yet brought this petition to Newca's attention as I thought it would have a better impact once there were at least a good number of people who were interested. Thank you again to those of you supporting this.
  4. Yes Andrea! Thats what I am talking about! Saw your work by the way and it looks awesome. Hopefully I can finish some of mine soon too and see what you think. So far it seems that very few of us are really interested though. Newca is not really motivated to me more new ones, so at least a few more would have to show interest. Thanks for the Support
  5. I have been a member for I believe over 10 years. I don't post much, but this I believe is a worthy and noble cause. Jasmine Models is running low on Stock for these Photo Etched parts. Seems like Macross World might be the best source for JM in regards to repeat customers. Thus I would like to petition the reissue of the following items (most importantly parts for VF in 1/72 and 1/48 scale) Because this is probably the only way that Newca will seriously consider making another batch, if you read this please reply and add your Name to the list and how many you are REALISTICALLY interested i
  6. I know that by now I am basically pestering Newca at Jasmine Models. His answer is that they are focused on full PE models at the moment. My question is this, if they already made these in the past that means that all they need to do is use the masters (dye) or whatever they used before to make a new batch. Perhaps it is time-consuming but I believe there are enough of us that missed out on the first batch who REALLY REALLY WANT THIS. I recently also placed an order for the 1/48 Front Intake Flaps and was fully refunded because they are out of stock. This sucks because I was really looking fo
  7. Newca: I am desperately trying to find some extra sheets of these photo etched parts for my talks. can you please tell me that you can still provide some? where can I get some. How much will it cost to commission some? really looking forward to your response. josehmujica@flrplans.com
  8. Had no luck with finding these anywhere. I may have missed the boat, but if any of you out there have a few to spare I would gladly purchase them from you. I would even be interested in multiple if available. They had 2 sheets per below. I am interested in both. 272003 PE upgrade parts for 1/72 MACROSS VF-1 Series VALKRIE cockpit 272004 PE upgrade parts for 1/72 MACROSS VF-1 Intaker and Nozzle I have been away from modeling for over 10 years and would really like to start with a bang! Please anyone help!
  9. It has been over 10 years since I have built a Macross Model. I am finally ready to get going again but I am missing the Jasmine PE parts for the 1/72 VF1. I have tried contacting Jasmine Models to see if they might re-stock the photo etched parts, but the response I got was that they will not be re-stocked. Any chance someone can point me in the right direction, or know someone willing to part with some extra. OR, possibly help me by seeing if there are enough people interested in buying more of the Jasmine PE parts? My opinion is that they are absolutely awesome. Thank you!
  10. Yeah Dude, I've been here for many years now. Finding this place was like heaven, but then my obsession quickly spiraled out of control. Its like a magnet. I know this, the 2 founders (shawn and graham) did not expect for this to take a life of its own. I have spent over 6 grand in stuff, and I dont regret it. Wait until you see what captain America has done so far. Oh well...... Bye bye wallet....... Which leads me to one simple question. What is it that gravitates us to this 1980's cartoon so much? I like to think that our collective interest is something other than the Star War
  11. Can you add me to the list? I am down for 1.
  12. I HAVE MY SPALTAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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