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  1. Id recommend just putting it on artstation, you have more control and they only get a few percent of sales...... Then again after 6 months im not doing so good =p
  2. The wheels should be rollable on this and crates will be removable
  3. Everything is built to 1/1 scale so it can be changed within the slicer to whatever scale is wanted, however the parted versions are cut to be able to fit the standard large resin plate. For the vehicles i will include a size cube with the settings for 1/72 and 1/48 versions.
  4. I would want to consolidate all models i make that will be up for sale here, i plan on making a lot ( over time). Hopefully feedback can be left during the creation process so everything can be made as high quality as possible. First up is Petite Cola https://artstn.co/m/ADGGX Completed It basically looked different in every image so i just had to find an effective middle ground and added some additional body details Up next lol just realized it says pam pam girl which was slang for a prostitute been waiting forever to make this one yes the WHOLE thing, booster and all
  5. Petite Cola is up, i plan to update with decals in the future. Tomorrow i will consolidate this into a single thread for all future models with updates to work . https://artstn.co/m/ADGGX
  6. almost there...im so lazy on painting the canopy and pilot..its been there for weeks
  7. For anyone interested The Eborsisk is up.....i will try to get the Petite Cola up there next week. https://nekozero.artstation.com/store/oBNXa/the-eborsisk-stl-3d-print-file
  8. Ah no worries, thanks for the bump...i just need more time in life. Im a bit worried im not getting my feet planted firmly enough in this new life. I was hoping of branching out into a new side business...or two. Im honestly worried a little bit what happens with AI in the next two years....right now its fine. If i dont have my current job i cant live where i live. That and i love building kits so its natural. I have a ton of macross stuff lined up. Im also working on other things. Heres a model of the eborsisk from Willow i made , printed and painted...thinking of dropping this on artstation as well.
  9. If you would like to make decals that would be cool, id rather you get compensated for it though. I tried making actual mesh for the font....which looked nice but when i tried to print it out it was way too thin...so yea i think decals would be best. The cans are all one mesh.
  10. Ill get a copy up at shapeways soon...for the print file version im gonna just drop it on my artstation(i can make it really cheap since artstation takes only a small cut). For the print file version i made a few extra options that are thrown in...such as a single solid version...and option clear glass pieces. Once im done painting and get some screenshots ill throw them up.
  11. Im currently painting it , its been slow, i realized i really need to buckle down and learn japanese ( which despite trying every advice and method imagineable has been slow) or risk putting my future here at jeapordy. So it may take awhile for future builds.
  12. 71 viewers and 3 votes...means there isnt much interest in this i guess. I will try to make more interesting things in the future.
  13. Seeing if theres any interest in this and in what format you would be interested in. If you have a better option for getting the actual model outside shapeways im open to ideas. The print data would be sold on my own artstation.
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