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  1. Update - Jetfire bust sold 30th anniversary generations Jetfire sold Open to offers
  2. Looking to offload my newer Jetfire stuff to fund the purchase of some Sentinel Legioss figures (interested in trades for Red and Green Legioss) Open to offers War for Cybertron opened and displayed but complete. $150 + fees & shipping War for Cybertron Rodimus Prime nib $80 + fees & shipping Generations Jetfire nib $75 + fees & shipping Jetfire battle damaged SDCC exclusive $75 + fees & shipping Walgreens exclusive Jetfire $20 + fees & shipping
  3. Interested in any trades for Transformers?
  4. I have some Transformers that i would like to trade if anyone is interested... WFC Jetfire (open and displayed, never transformed) WFC Rodimus Prime (NIB) TF-Generations Jetfire (NIB) TF-Generations Walgreens exclusive Jetfirel TF Jetfire bust Limited Edition battle damaged (NIB) I am looking to use as trade bait towards Sentinel Legioss (Red or green) or Sentinel Bartley cyclone
  5. Once you send it off to get printed by some of the art guys they add it to their files.
  6. Hey all! Looking for a hi-quality scan of the US release of Super Spacefortress Macross. I have the Japanese instruction card but lost my NOS original Fabtek card.
  7. Little late to the party but great trade with @VF-1A Cannon Fodder. My item arrived fast and safe and I hope you enjoy the model!
  8. Thank you so much!!! I had a NOS marquee and instruction card for the US release but I accidentally threw away the tube they were in. Getting this printed up for my cabinet. I have the originals for Macross Plus and Macross II if you need them. @jvmacross any chance I could get a scan of the instruction card?
  9. @rick.vale @jvmacross Would you guys be willing to hi-resolution scan the Fabtek marquee and instruction card for me? I would love to have those for my collection and machine. Thanks, -R
  10. Any interest in a trade? I have a Arcadia VF4G Valk, never transformed but was displayed in glass case. Everything is included and in the original box. Please note the right wing tip as it has a slight tip down on the little end piece. It came like that from nippon yasan and I didn't feel like arguing with them. Looking to trade towards Sentinel Legioss.
  11. RHunterVF1S

    Hi-Metal R

    I agree with you. The only reason I got into the line was the tease of the enemy mecha and space issues. I love my valks but can't justify the space having the collection I wanted to have. I can fit double the amount of 1/100 in the same space as I can my 1/60's. Not to mention having a Monster, destroids, and Zentraedi mecha in the same scale and quality. I hope Bandai releases more but I understand the basics of the business. With the market how it is worldwide why invest the money on all new molds for 1/100 Macross stuff. They have the 1/48 and they can just repaint that multiple times and milk the mold.
  12. RHunterVF1S

    Hi-Metal R

    Question for the group since the HMR Roy was brought up. Does anyone happen to have an extra complete Roy HMR box and inserts laying around? I bought mine second hand but it was missing the box.
  13. RHunterVF1S

    Hi-Metal R

    All, just an FYI, but your local comic or Collectible store can order you stands now through Previews. I ordered 5 and didn't realize they were 2-packs so 10 total stands. Just an FYI in case anyone needs them.
  14. RHunterVF1S

    Hi-Metal R

    I would love some Valks in the new paint scheme and head designs from Macross the First.
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