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  1. Once you send it off to get printed by some of the art guys they add it to their files.
  2. Hey all! Looking for a hi-quality scan of the US release of Super Spacefortress Macross. I have the Japanese instruction card but lost my NOS original Fabtek card.
  3. Thank you so much!!! I had a NOS marquee and instruction card for the US release but I accidentally threw away the tube they were in. Getting this printed up for my cabinet. I have the originals for Macross Plus and Macross II if you need them. @jvmacross any chance I could get a scan of the instruction card?
  4. @rick.vale @jvmacross Would you guys be willing to hi-resolution scan the Fabtek marquee and instruction card for me? I would love to have those for my collection and machine. Thanks, -R
  5. RHunterVF1S

    Hi-Metal R

    I agree with you. The only reason I got into the line was the tease of the enemy mecha and space issues. I love my valks but can't justify the space having the collection I wanted to have. I can fit double the amount of 1/100 in the same space as I can my 1/60's. Not to mention having a Monster, destroids, and Zentraedi mecha in the same scale and quality. I hope Bandai releases more but I understand the basics of the business. With the market how it is worldwide why invest the money on all new molds for 1/100 Macross stuff. They have the 1/48 and they can just repaint that multiple times and milk the mold.
  6. RHunterVF1S

    Hi-Metal R

    Question for the group since the HMR Roy was brought up. Does anyone happen to have an extra complete Roy HMR box and inserts laying around? I bought mine second hand but it was missing the box.
  7. RHunterVF1S

    Hi-Metal R

    All, just an FYI, but your local comic or Collectible store can order you stands now through Previews. I ordered 5 and didn't realize they were 2-packs so 10 total stands. Just an FYI in case anyone needs them.
  8. RHunterVF1S

    Hi-Metal R

    I would love some Valks in the new paint scheme and head designs from Macross the First.
  9. RHunterVF1S

    Hi-Metal R

    As excited as I am for the Vf2 and the vf1's from Delta. I really would like some destroids and am I the only one that would like a 1/100 gnerl?
  10. RHunterVF1S

    Hi-Metal R

    Has anyone tried the Amazon.jp otaku thing? I keep seeing posts about it on Facebook but haven't really looked into it. Supposedly, you can shop certain Japanese sellers with reduced shipping and stuff.
  11. RHunterVF1S

    Hi-Metal R

    Better than snakes...
  12. RHunterVF1S

    Hi-Metal R

    Did you order from Mykombini?
  13. RHunterVF1S

    Hi-Metal R

    I emailed them and they said shipping was going to be the 10th.
  14. RHunterVF1S

    Hi-Metal R

    I would be open to buying them separately if bandai would do it. That gap is really annoying knowing my new ones will not have it.
  15. RHunterVF1S

    Hi-Metal R

    A Monster came to visit today...
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