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  1. the boxes that were taped from the vf-1 1/60 line were starting with small box and then large combo boxes: VF-1D virgin road VF-1S low visibility VF-1S No Painting Ver. VE-1 Elint Seeker VF-1A Max DYRL super combo VF-1A Kaki DYRL super combo GBP armor set GBP armor + grey goggle VF-1J Hikaru GBP armor + smoke effects VF-1J super Max VF-1J super Miria VF-1S TV Roy with TV super parts w Hikaru pilot VF-1S DYRL super and strike Flash light Roy VF-1S DYRL super and strike flash light Hikaru these boxes had no clamshell windows, no tab flaps to close the box, only scotch tape on both top and bottom ends.
  2. i kinda feel bad for the buyer. i think he may have got duped with the virginroad that was supposedly sold new/sealed with a gunstrap included was most likely opened, the box re-taped with scotch tape, and sold as sealed never opened.
  3. Having owned multiples, sealed and open box virgin road valks, I can confirm none of the 1/60’s came with a strap. The buyer is incorrect.
  4. davidwhangchoi

    Hi-Metal R

    hi-metals still alive? bandai reviving all their lineups 2023
  5. pls restore original series
  6. i like the darker grey supers better too. the new revival ones have additional no step tampo printed on its wings
  7. what's next for bandai? trash hi metals copying arcadia designs. i hope for the dx yf-21
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