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  1. please re-release weathered Tomabird
  2. MB justice arrived from Xavier Customs eknight media sent me an invoice for a 2nd MB Justice, so looks like they're all arriving to the US finally.
  3. guys, i'm oing to hold off on Max till he arrives at the local Toys R Us
  4. this a good pilot? where is his wife? they divorced?
  5. not a fan of the pink
  6. i hope we also get brownie j tv too so we can be capt. Kramer
  7. Wow you are so generous to do that work for airborne. i wish someone can do that for mine
  8. i prob will skip it, not too into the anniversary valks (edit: whoops i didn't realize it's going to be canon!). But it's great Macross is finally going worldwide. i might pass anyway. not fond of the 29
  9. guys, this will be at your local BBTS and amazon US store. It says Macross Worldwide and will follow the vf-25 anniversary coupled with the frontier movies coming to US theaters. I'm just waiting for these to finally breach Walmart and Target someday so i can use my 3% off target card.
  10. i hope they have weathered re-release
  11. i hope the prices of Arcadia valks don't sky rocket too much due to the circumstances
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