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  1. Arcadia I believe confirmed they shelved the weathering version they displayed at WF a few years ago due to budget limitations. i think the premium 0D was the pinnacle valk release and was hoping it would be a trend going forward.
  2. that was a lot of money being in elementary school and being poor with no allowance. oftentimes, i could afford a roundtrip for the NYC public train which was $1.00 each way back then. i had to save up alot to finally make a big purchase once a year. i always was on the lookout for macross vf-1 variable kits to buy though! that's awesome you still have em
  3. same here, I saw the ad at Books Nippon that was downtown Manhattan. I only was able to get vol. 1 bc i had no money. Those clam shell style cases for VHS made it feel premium
  4. https://www.gematsu.com/2023/02/assault-suits-valken-declassified-announced-for-switch
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