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  1. After opening a Paypal claim, I received a refund for the TV SSP after two weeks from Paypal. I have shopped with them for about 8 years and haven't had any issues, but for the Paypal claim, they didn't even bother responding. I missed the window for the 2nd wave of TV SSP and will now have to resort to the secondary market to find them. For anyone on the fence, they are definitely not the same as they were years ago. I'd recommend staying away. I made the mistake of trusting them, but I should have ordered a TV SSP elsewhere just in case. For those that have open tickets with them, I hope you can get some resolution even it's other products from them if they won't provide a refund directly.
  2. Hello, I am also a longtime NY customer. I haven't had issues in the past and was really hoping they would deliver on my recent TV SSP order. I ordered the Bandai 1/48 TV SSPs in August and paid in full. I got confirmation from NY that they were to be released on Dec. 23. I messaged them on Jan. 10 but no response up until now. Since I am just in the Paypal dispute window, I opened a paypal and upgraded to a claim. Hopefully I can get the item or my money back.
  3. vf1

    Hi-Metal R

    I got one locally last month or else I would have bought it too : ) It's an awesome toy but once you get it, it's a slippery slope as I have gotten other HMRs too now.. haha
  4. vf1

    Hi-Metal R

    Destroid Monster available from Mandarake (Unopened, package heavily damaged) for 17,000 yen https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1126967776&ref=list&layout=1&keyword=macross&lang=en
  5. Thanks! That cockpit looks amazing. DX Hikaru looks like he is ready to pilot himself haha
  6. I totally agree it's a bit goofy looking, so no worries : P I've been trying to get Max in a more dynamic shooting pose so was happy to try. In addition to the wings being in the way, it's hard to mimic a kneeling pose accurately because the lower legs are so long and upper leg is so short.
  7. Gave it a try with Max, with TV hands and gunpod not extended
  8. Yes, I've done that. When you add to order, if it is from the same branch, they will combine shipping. Before you pay, if you purchase multiple items from the same branch from different orders, you can also request that they ship in a single box, but you need to email them with the details and request a new invoice for combined shipping.
  9. I think I saw this VF-1A Max from Amiami when it was still available for purchase, but it was about a week ago. I didn't get it as I don't need another. The item condition was B and box B. The price was ~23000 yen. It didn't last long from what I remember. I left the computer for a few minutes and came back and the page was already gone when I refreshed.
  10. I have 2 earlier generation FlightPose stands and one did react with the paint from a Yamato 1/48 Hikaru. There's a paint smudge to remind me. I've since had the same 1/48 Yamato VF-1J Hikaru and an Arcadia YF-19 displayed using the same problematic FlightPose stands but directly contacting the plastic instead of any painted parts or tampos and after about 5 years inside the cabinet, I personally didn't experience any impact on the plastic. When posing the 1/48 DX Strike, I was careful to avoid contacting any painted or tampo printed parts. I also have a Transformers FanToys Cyclonus on a FlightPose stand but since it's contacting painted parts directly, I used scotch tape as a barrier just in case. That's my personal experience. Hope this helps.
  11. Wow. At that price, I didn't expect it to go so quickly. It does seem like it is slowly rising in price again. I'm sorry to read about the horror stories about NY. I have used them for years without issue. I think my Arcadia YF-19 was from them at first release. I have TV fast packs on pre-order from them as well that I already paid for. Since I'm not expecting the TV fast packs to be as sought after as the DYRL ones, hopefully that order will be OK.
  12. Here's how I have displayed the DX VF-1S. I tried the original stand and preferred the FlightPose stand and have it on a rotating stand as well. I wish CMs made a Kakizaki figure as well.
  13. Yeah, that happened to me too on a DX VF-1J Hikaru. Was so happy going back to sleep in the middle of the night thinking I was able to snag a loose one for a decent price, only to wake up and see that cancellation email...
  14. 28k yen DX VF-1S Strike Valkyrie on Mandarake (unopened) https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1124877545&ref=list&layout=1&keyword=macross&lang=en
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