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Bandai 1/60 DX Chogokin Macross Plus YF-21


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More pics will come over the coming days...cant wait to see from all angles!

Off-hand the legs are chunkier than yamato's!


Hmmm the legs are riding a little high into the fuselage...or is that cos its just a prototype?

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41 minutes ago, Berkut said:

What a time to be alive! I used to be in college when the Yamato YF-21 and VF-22 was released and couldnt afford it. Now I can say the wait has paid off.

Yes!! Though me thinks bandai knows where to hit us the most!

13 minutes ago, Alphahorizon said:



What a great start to my MW day. First thread I open....what a great day.

Double yes!!

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I’d like to see more fighter pics, especially a dead front shot and a side profile pic.

Design seems to emphasize battroid mode, but am curious why the bellyplates are kinda short.

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14 minutes ago, Alphahorizon said:

Hih... I didn't know they offered a Credit Card (see above) modeled after my Macross spending habits. 

It transforms into three modes:

-I'll just use it for a few things.

-A little more won't hurt.

-Will you raise my limit?


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Just now, Roy's Blues said:

Can't wait for pre-orders! I may double dip!


I'll be happy if I ca secure one on PO night. I'll be shooting for three though.

I have a friend local in Japan. I wonder if I have a better chance with him trying???

This will be my first Bandai PO bloodbath.

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