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  1. Anyone think this might be worth trying on the toes and heels of a V1 VF-25? My Luca is wearing clown shoes.
  2. So, on the off chance that Valk Fac ARE reading this thread: You could make a killing if you get your hands on some molds for the VF-31 super parts. At this point, it seems unlikely that Bandai even plans to release the last two from Delta flight, or the 31A, and the 31F parts are going for silly prices.
  3. Well, I've sent a snotty message asking when it's dispatching and whether they really have the item with a threat to raise a case with eBay and PayPal if they don't respond in a timely fashion. We'll see whether anything comes of that.
  4. Was it shifen187 @twich? Because that's the one. Apparently I can't cancel it because even though it's not in transit, it's still considered to be dispatched, so I guess I have to badger the seller into sending me something and then raise an eBay case myself.
  5. Well dangit. Wondering whether I should wait for mine to arrive or cancel it (it hasn't even despatched yet).
  6. For once, I'm quite happy to be proven wrong. I don't think I can make a CF fit with my hero squad, but an Angel Bird might be nice to fill Kakizaki's spot.
  7. I doubt there'd be much to review in the other existing releases. With the exception of the arm armour, heads, finish and maybe some accessories(?), they're the same figure. My Roy and Hikaru are identical aside from the finish. I'll know for certain when my Max arrives.
  8. I've said it before, but dodging the import tax is a major factor for me. None of my showz purchases have been caught by HMRC, yet. Don't get me wrong, I love my 31s. But paying the ransom letters stung.
  9. This is also the reason I don't believe that we'll see weird or CF colour schemes in KOs anytime soon, if ever. MWF members are a fraction of a fraction of their target audience. They'll stick to hero colours because that's what the vast majority of casual fans would be interested in. They won't make other colours for the same reason that official licensees haven't made the 1/60 VF-11MAXL that my heart yearns for: insufficient demand.
  10. Damnit, I still haven't built the two I already have, and now I need to buy a third!
  11. @Knight26 Here's a post worth reading from the previous page, collecting a lot of thoughts from myself and rdrunner. Here's a post from myself with some further observations that I made over time.
  12. I still see the 31's lines in the New VF more than anything else. I'm expecting the 31's Guld Works counterpart. If it has a different transformation sequence to the 25-31 then I'll be surprised.
  13. Great work! If I could make a suggestion, it might be cool to have a version with three hardpoints. That would mean you could have one centrally mounted pylon, or two pylons mounted symmetrically. Just thinking about the options that would give us relating to Xigfrid's missiles.
  14. No and yes, respectively. The adapters come with the 31S, the Kai and the 31C supers. You should have them bundled with your 31C supers. Look for two crooked strips of plastic with pins in the middle, the pin attaches to where the missile adapters pivot. They mount with the shield between the missiles and the wing/arm, as in the photos here: http://anymoon.com/blog/?p=9513&cpage=1 In terms of the missiles, Bandai is being stingy with their release. They only get bundled with other purchases. If you get the full squad including the Kai with all the currently released SPs, you only get enough missiles to equip a maximum of three VFs. The cheapest way to get more are to buy a bunch of 31C SPs, which isn't exactly cheap. There's been some talk of 3D printing a missile-shield adapter with generic hardpoints suitable for mounting any missile (like the Frontier 171 missiles or Xigfrid's pieces), but nobody's stepped up to it yet. If Bandai was feeling charitable, they'd release a pack with just the missiles and the shield adapter. So odds are, that's not going to happen.
  15. Max and Milia's granddaughter, pilot of the VF-31C in red.
  16. Anybody know when the next event is that Bandai might announce new releases? I'm pretty much done with the 31s, with the exception of the CF SPs, and I don't want to miss them if Bandai announces them.
  17. I've already contributed to this topic and in general I just think the bot is a bad idea, so I'll just leave my advice based on my 100% successful experience from PO nights: - Book the day off if necessary. - Check that your account details are correct the day before. - Set your alarm with enough time to pee and login. Adjust your sleeping schedule over the preceding days, if necessary and possible. Prepare light clothing before sleeping. - Use a desktop/laptop with a mouse attached. Absolutely do not use a phone. - Use a landline internet connection, absolutely do not use cell data. - Close all tabs and windows. You can always temporarily bookmark them in bulk if necessary. - Disable all your plugins/extensions. - Open one tab for each site you plan to try, and the relevant MW thread. Login beforehand. - Use ctrl-tab to switch between sites and F5 to refresh. - Be calm and ready to strike. - If it's an absolute must-have piece for you, be prepared to swallow your pride and go with a site with a higher price or shipping cost. The scalpers are in it for the profit. If you've followed all these steps, congratulations, YOU are the bot now, and you saved $5.
  18. This. I'm happy competing with other MW users, so long as we're on an even footing (no accounting for location and round-trip connection times, natch). Gatekeeping the bot in any way is just as likely to hurt newbies or collectors who aren't forum members as it is the scalpers. Developing the bot at all increases the risk from scalpers over time. This all just risks escalating the arms race. Also, y'know, it's almost certainly against T&Cs.
  19. Does Bandai have the M7 license? Depending on how people react to the production DX 21, I may trade out my Yammie Milia if Bandai drops M&M variant 22s on us.
  20. My 31S has been wearing armour in battroid without supports since it arrived until I packed it away for the house move a week ago. Everything still felt solid, but it's probably a bit soon to tell.
  21. Existentialism and Transforming Figures by Jenius.
  22. OMG, I just noticed that the hands have a full set of digits, GAME CHANGER!
  23. Oof. I can live without the 21, but if Bandai follows through with M&M 22s I might have to replace my Milia.
  24. In figures: VF-22. In animation: VF-11MAXL.
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