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  1. I guess my issue is that while the concept was cool.......it just didn't translate well (for me). Good point the the subtitles......
  2. I have the Beagel's. That would be one huge Shock Trooper!!!!!
  3. Thanks! I guess I really was mis-remembering. Now that I'm looking at it that makes sense. They were a lot bigger than the Ride Armors. Not the Legioss (which you didn't see a whole lot of in the show.....if I remember correctly). I'd like to get a couple of these for my Mospeada shelf........to go with my way too small Sentinel Legiosses (did I make that plural correctly?).
  4. But in the last 4-5yrs the entertainment industry has gone hard woke. Maybe to you. There are a LOT of people that are sick to their back teeth of getting messaging (no matter what it is) shoved down their throats while they're trying to watch entertainment though. You need to expand your perceptions of other people past your own narrow views. People are more complex than a few labels or talking points. You just stuck me in a category based off of very little information, and you're completely wrong. I could go on forever about why I'm almost certainly more socially liberal th
  5. Am I mis-remembering the show (It's been almost 40yrs since I have seen it). I remember the Shock Troopers being bigger than the Legioss. And MEP is saying that they will be smaller than in this pic? I can't find any art with Google showing how they stack up as far as size goes. Does anyone have something like that? Thanks!
  6. Ok, so Tenet came on HBO so I gave it a shot. I made 50% through. The wife made it about 25%. Either I'm really dumb (possible), or that movie was just plain confusing. Or maybe I didn't feel like working that hard to watch a movie. I generally give Nolan stuff a little wiggle room. There wasn't enough wiggle room in the world to make it through this one. And people give Snyder a hard time for making pretty movies with bad stories............Why the sail boats!?!?! Was it because they looked cool? I thought I was watching a older Bond movie for a minute there.
  7. Clicked off two episodes of Jupiter's Legacy on NF last night. Too soon for a review. But I like where it's going as a story. A little more thought provoking from a moral standpoint than most super stuff (IMO). What really shocked me is that it is decidedly not towing the PC Police/Cancel Culture/Woke direction that is in just about everything to one extent or another these days. In fact, it rails against it. I was shocked when the main protagonist (in theory the good guy) called Antifa Nazi's (it is implied he was talking about Antifa) and the newspaper people useless Marxists that do no
  8. I'm a little lost here. Are any of these Inbit/Invid bad guys that pictures are being posted of ready to go assembled and painted figures? Or are they DIY situations? Thanks
  9. Nice. I wasn't too impressed with the MB's. Too small. I like figures to be at least 10". Way too small for the $$$$. I prefer a more anime accurate look. And I really didn't think the quality was all that. I sold them. Sounds like the ThreeZero units are a winner! I may actually end up selling my RAH's and Dynaction units. I only have so much space. Having a ton of EVA's unfortunately doesn't work for me. Thanks for the info/review.
  10. Red and blue can work really well. This is a fantastic race livery.
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