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  1. To each their own I suppose. I don't understand why I have the HMR's and 1/48 Yamato's. One pair seems plenty. On the other hand I have every transforming Skull One ever made (and some that don't). That doesn't make sense to me either.
  2. Oh man, he's i China. Yikes. Those lockdowns are scary. LOL
  3. Anyone heard anything about the MEP toys "Scout" and "Shock Trooper" status? It's been almost a year.
  4. I've got a higher reputation score (likes) than you have posts. Twice as many. Drop and give me 25!
  5. Objection Your Honor. Asked and answered. Scroll back through the thread.......
  6. Never heard of it happening. People used to say that NY always came though though. Until they didn't.
  7. LP is getting pretty annoying with this shipping thing. I emailed them yesterday asking for the status on shipping. I had DHL tracking that showed it was picked up by DHL this morning. -I shouldn't have to email them. -It shouldn't have been shipped out faster than those of you that contacted them previous to when I did. This will probably be my last order with LP.
  8. IDK how the CAN dollar is trading against the Yen but the US dollar to yen makes that a darn good price.
  9. The wifey pays for Peacock so I guess we're good when we start watching Yellowstone. I hear it's great. I started watching it. Seems like The Kids In The Hall to me (a good thing). I love how they even took a poke at Amazon by saying it was making a deal with the Devil. They were always edgy. Love it. The opening theme song zapped me back in time.........HARD. The 90's we're great.
  10. This social media sensation ran through the hot rod and mountain bike world like a firestorm. Both worlds I'm deep into. I'm like you. I don't do social media. Because I'm sane-ish.
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