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  1. As I'm sure some of you noticed I'm a bit concerned about the quality. When I saw the BBTS email pop up I thought to myself "Ah, I have a plan!". Reviews will be in long before BBTS ships. I can cancel my order post reviews if it's got issues. Yes, I will eat the $70 deposit. But, I'd rather eat the $70 deposit than get a $700 Voltron with problems. So, PO placed with BBTS. Man, there is going to be a glut of SOC Voltrons for sale!
  2. It sounds like they're having some shipping issues, Probably slowed things down a bit. This an email I got back from them yesterday on the quality of packaging. Getting 100 units out may not sound that time consuming. I assure you it is though. Especially if they had to change their process half way though. ------------------------------------- Yes, we have received some report from buyers of the new figure (DX VF-1D), as the item was super popular, we sold over 200 units, so we have given the whole container to DHL, we asked DHL to warp them, however, DHL didn't handle the parcel with care, we feel bad about it. we have confirmed that DHL shipped 78 units of DX-1D so far, still over 100 left, we already told them do use bubble warp, don't just ship it in plastic bag. (if you wanted to order DX VF-1D) and from now on, we will not give wrapping job to DHL anymore, we will start wrapping ourselves, please rest assured, your order will be wrapped with care. thanks again. regards LUNA PARK
  3. I'm going to need a bigger shelf!
  4. I just got a FedEx package that was shipped Yesterday (JP time) and was on my doorstep this morning at 10:30am EST. That's just ridiculous (in a good way). The DHL package that left JP yesterday won't be here until tomorrow. Soooooo slow! And yeah, the Fan Racer is pretty small. All I need now is the DX GBP and the Hikaru shelf is done!
  5. I would like to read the original post by the writer (I couldn't find it above). I wonder how much he was defending scalpers vs how much he was playing Devil's advocate. I don't necessarily trust the often hyperbolic interpretations of people trying to make headlines. It's entirely possible that what the writer wrote is not exactly what it's being presented as.
  6. You saved me from wasting my time. I can't stand the "Guuuurrrll power" crap that has been coming out of Hollyweird.
  7. Anyone get one fro DEJapan? I paid last week (I know they had a holiday over the weekend). But it has been two business days over there since the holiday and still crickets on tracking.
  8. My buddy in JP got me two at $226.03/ unit. Now he ships to Tenso ($10ish). Then Tenso to me. I'm guessing $120-140 (they're pricey). I'm guessing I will have mine in hand for $295-300. I think that's as good as it can possibly get. So $50-60 more as a late fee without the benefit of a local buyer seems pretty fair to me.
  9. They just did a second release (not long after the original release) of the Mechander Robo but this time with weathering. They don't mind milking molds. I hop this means that there will be multiple releases of their Voltron. I want one. But I'm not 100% confident in their quality based on what I have seen so far from them. This Voltron is Bandai DX money. I have sen nothing Bandai DX quality out of them yet. I'm torn, I want one. But I would be REALLY bummed out if it was a design/QC letdown. On the other end if it comes out and gets rave reviews I'm not spending $1000 on one in the secondary market. I would have to wait for a second release. Choices, choices. I don't know what to do.
  10. Yes, everyone with a different opinion should have their lives ruined. That makes for a healthy society. And How dumb is this writer? He had to know that would go over like a lead balloon.
  11. This one is killing me. I'm almost always a hard yes or a hard no on toys. I'm waffling all over on this one.
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