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  1. I was blown away about how beautiful it was and how perfectly odd the technology, etc was. The music, while sometimes overwhelming the dialog a little, had a great mood to it. Very appropriate and odd. I didn't really have any trouble with the dialog though. Sure I had to pay attention, but I could always understand what was going on. You guys need a crappy 22yr old surround system.
  2. Valentines Day Valk?
  3. It's the weird "camo" thing they have going on in the black that is tripping me out. I may have missed it but I don't ever remember seeing that in the show. I ordered one anyway.
  4. Sweet! Thanks for the pics. The flat black looks pretty cool. I really want a AW, but man, the Aoshima's are HUGE money! I ran across this and it's 1/32 scale. I sent them an email and they said they would do it without the landing gear down if I wanted it that way. I'm tempted to pull the trigger. I'm just not sure if I would rather have a real "toy" though.
  5. I saw that this morning. I hope that picture isn't an accurate representation of the paint. It looks horrible. Tempting though. I've got that 21" long Kickstarter Roci. The landing gear looks goofy the way they did it, it takes up a TON of room and I can sell it for WAY more than I paid for it. I'm considering replacing it with the Eaglemoss unit. But that paint is sketchy.
  6. Started re-watching NUBSG last night. Man, what a great show!
  7. We should have a thread about noggin designs and nothing else is allowed in there.
  8. They're almost always pessimistic by a few days. Expect it 2 days early.
  9. Ten 19's!!!! I've only got 14 non VF-1 DX's. Sure!
  10. I just counted. Only 19 DX VF-1's. Not a problem!
  11. I only wanted 3. I have 19! Or is it 20?
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