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  1. I enjoyed the first BRIGHT movie, so yeah I'll be tuning in for the animated side story. On a related note, I hope Netflix and the production team are still plugging away and laying the groundwork for the second live action movie. I think there's a lot worth revisiting in this universe, even though the first release wasn't a darling with the critics.
  2. For live action adaptations, I've enjoyed Alita and Ghost in the Shell (as already mentioned), the Kenshin films, and Bleach. My hope is that this iteration of Cowboy Bebop leans in closer to the quality of these productions. If it's fun and can successfully recreate some of the key character moments, then I'll be content.
  3. Oh, you don't have to tell me anything. I get what your saying. As others have mentioned, MW members who hang out over there tend to keep to the Toyark and non-Transformers forums. I'll visit the site from time to time and browse around but I mostly stay in lurk mode these days. Ha! You know, Masterpiece Convoy and Destron v1 do indeed have that upgraded G1 toy appeal. It's lamentable how these upgraded toy designs are few and far between at this scale. We've discussed it in this thread before, but it would be cool to see more Masterpiece figures that are inspired by the G1 toys and not just the G1 toon. I like both so seeing more of a balance from Takara would be nice. Imagine if MP Jetfire took a few more cues from the original "borrowed" Macross design without creating an IP disaster? Ah, if only! I do hope Skids isn't the outlier in this. It would be nice to see more MPs that lean into the spirit of the G1 toys. Anyway, I got into the Masterpiece line with MP-10 and missed all the v1 releases (although I did pay the late tax for Starscream and Grimlock back in the day). Speaking of G1, my G1 toy collection is one of two small collections that I had as a kid that have survived mostly intact over the years. Sure, I lost my Soundwave and I had to restore broken accessories on Starscream, Defensor, and Metroplex, but otherwise most of my G1 toys are in good shape and I'm happy I still have them. I've been buying the Japanese reissues to replace missing toys (like Soundwave) and add a few that I didn't have back in the day (like Soundblaster, Thundercracker, and Skywarp). I also have three incomplete G1 Combiners that I've been thinking of finally completing.
  4. I hope this modern art sculpture doesn't inadvertently confuse any factory workers. The last thing Nora needs is a variable fighter with two left feet.
  5. Mm. The wheel keeps on turning. I figure third-party manufacturers will come around again...eventually...and I'll be keeping an eye out if they do. As much as I like the voyager releases from MMC and Planet X, I would be happy to see another company step up. More so if they decide to make their splash with Transformers designs post G1. With regard to collecting, I think you've mentioned before that the mainline gets the majority of your focus, @M'Kyuun. I do think it's cool that we each have a personalized approach to the hobby. Part of the fun is getting everyone else's unique spin. And I'll admit it, if I didn't start collecting Masterpiece when I did, the mainline WFC releases would be getting more of my attention too, especially since there are a good number that can fill in as mini MPs. The reasonable prices are certainly a bonus.
  6. Finishing a G1 collection is a sweet goal. But like @M'Kyuun notes, reading between the lines seems to indicate there's more going on, so yeah...do what you need to do to focus on yourself and your well-being first. For my part, I'm constantly re-evaluating the end goals for my own Transformers collection. I guess it's become something of a priority again now that I'm knee deep in third-party Legends. My mainline collection is done, more or less. I cut it back to a bare minimum of favorite characters and I now only have Selects Galvatron coming to complete WFC. That's about it. Oh! I am waiting on the rumors of the Transformers Prime redux releases. I'll give those a chance if they are done well. I've been enjoying the APC KO reissues. My Masterpiece collection is getting close, but I'm still waiting on a few things. For instance, I'm keeping tabs on official MP news like Cliffjumper and Jetfire. I'm hoping we also get word of an official MP Galvatron for next year. In the third-party space, I'm waiting on updates about MMC's Defensor. I don't know that I need anything after these because at that point I'll have MP versions of most of my old G1 toys (plus some Diaclone extras).
  7. Adding @cosmic to the straight shooters list as a reputable buyer. I completed a transaction with him recently and everything went very well.
  8. Mr. K has considered it. I think the tricky part is whether or not Arcadia would green light the TV SDF-1. There's retooling involved for the main ship, a new TV-style paint job, the representative Prometheus and Daedalus pieces, as well as the ARMD support craft to show the Macross as it was configured after the space war. I guess having all that makes this more of a risky prospect than the DYRL version. I'm curious to see if KitzConcept releases it first, and if they hit theirs out of the park then might the other big names step up? Hard to say. Yeah, Macross is it's own niche or bubble. I wouldn't mind seeing official products from other companies, but I can only speculate as to who might be willing to pay the licensing fee. Mm, getting an official Macross release from ThreeZero would be cool.
  9. HaHa! I enjoy film too much to pigeonhole myself to one movie, but I’ll play the game. If I have to choose one favorite that I can easily watch multiple times over, then it would be Planes, Trains and Automobiles.
  10. Thanks, Ignacio. Yeah, a lot is outsourced and T-Rex is behind many designs, including Macross. Third-parties like Master Made and Fans (Fext) Project have dipped their toes into the Macross space before. And as promising as those designs were, their ventures into this space (so far) were only temporary. Licensing official Macross products evidently is more involved. Even blurring lines of legitimacy, like third-parties often do with Transformers, is not as easy to do with Macross IP. I’m also curious if T-Rex and a few of the other sanctioned official teams get precedence with Big West? With regard to the landscape, I don’t see things changing too much. We may get a rare success story like KitzConcept, but established companies like Bandai and Arcadia going away? Nah, I don’t see that happening.
  11. I like how Arcadia improved on the VF-0 design with the 0S. The 0D actually feels like Arcadia's first new fighter to me with it's two-seat cockpit and unique wing configuration. The 0A and Ivanov's Sv-51 could have been choice releases too, but Arcadia Yamato'd themselves. That said, after seeing Ivanov's 51 I'm really looking forward to Arcadia's update to Nora's variable fighter. The YF-19 is just lovely...but yeah, the Yamato lineage is evident.
  12. The VF-0D is the one Valkyrie that is all Arcadia, I think, and not an updated design. Other Macross-related items include the VF-0 reactive armor sets and the SF-3A Lancer II. It would be terrific to see Arcadia tackle another Valkyrie design from the ground up, though, especially one never before seen in toy form.
  13. My sister saw this first and gave me a heads up. I watched it last weekend. I have no words. The Kowalskis certainly didn’t do themselves any favors either by avoiding the interview requests for the documentary. What boggles my mind is how two distinct tragedies are uncovered: the one focused around Bob Ross, his partnership, his name and legacy, and the other focused around the Jenkins and the IP for their own flower paintings. Coincidentally, when I was working for a local newspaper, I wrote a community piece about a senior center in one of the towns I covered that was hosting a certified Bob Ross instructor. I even got to participate—and wouldn’t you know she was teaching flower techniques! This documentary helped connect dots to some questions from that day which have been bugging me for years.
  14. technoblue


    Hi @cosmic, As requested, here are the pictures of my VF-25A with Super Parts. Click on the spoilers below to view them. VF-25A Valkyrie Photos VF-25A Super Parts Photos
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