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  1. On the other hand, Obi-Wan could be reaching the younger SW audience just fine. https://www.darkhorizons.com/kenobi-strange-rate-well-for-disney/ Me, although I can’t claim to be so young anymore, I am still open to creative ideas. So taken on it’s own, it isn’t perfect but I had fun watching it. I felt the same way about the prequel trilogy years ago. It will be interesting to see what happens if this show gets a second season. Will Obi-Wan become a side character helping an Ezra type or will the old Jedi still be the main focus and will we see him get another brief adventure?
  2. The third season starts with more music and dancing, so this show is still in its groove. I’m working my way through the episodes slowly so that I can take more time to enjoy it, but last night I finally finished episode 5. No spoilers, just giving a quick update.
  3. HLJ asked for 36800JPY for the Valkyrie and 7740JPY in shipping (FedEx). At the conversion rate when I was charged, that came out to $274 + $54 US or $328 total. I’m not charged any foreign transaction fees. That said, my estimates in the Ivanov thread were low by $6 on the final total but in the ballpark. The new numbers come from my credit card statement.
  4. A bit. The currency was okay and set to JPY. I did have to reset my state and phone number because that info didn’t migrate over from the old site.
  5. Oof. Mine is still set like Noel’s and defaults to JPY as well. I did run into the issue where I had to reset my billing and shipping address. It looks like the new site doesn’t like the old site’s address format. I’m not sure what is going on w/ FedEx. I do agree that a good next step may be to check in with HLJ customer service and see if there is anything they can do.
  6. No coupon here either. The conversion rate is in a kind spot for the moment, although shipping put me over the $300 mark. My cost before shipping was $272. I went with FedEx and that added another $50 putting the grand total after shipping to ~$322. It’s a big bird so I’m okay with that number.
  7. I initiated the HLJ shipping gamble. Will see if my new Arcadia copy of Nora moves today before they have to move redistribution centers tomorrow.
  8. A quick search of Cody Osell, the set designer, will get you to your destination. I like the look of the Brickveteran WWII Warbird sets but I am wondering if they have working gear.
  9. A fun interview with designer Mike Psiaki has been posted on-line today. In it, he notes how he extrapolated that Galaxy Explorer set from building updated versions of the old Classic Space 918 and 924 sets. Even better, he plans to share his instructions---very cool. https://brickset.com/article/78875/interview-with-mike-psiaki-designer-of-10497-galaxy-explorer Also, in case anyone needed an extra push to pick up that second set. I know I did.
  10. You know, you may be onto something Big S. With Disney financing things, it's more commonplace for SW to recycle the good ideas into ho-hum repetition. Focusing just on this series, there was something about Reva's backstory that kept itching at the back of my mind before I realised what it was.
  11. Thanks, @M'Kyuun! I also got my order in for the new Galaxy Explorer set. Looking forward to it. It's cool to see a red spaceman in the updated mold and that the recreated arrow detail using a new clever design. I'm very curious to see what other surprises will be revealed in this build. The Lion Knights Castle set is one I don't want to miss. For me, it feels like a supreme update to the old King's Castle set. Those new LEGO art sets look like a lot of fun too. So far, my first foray into LEGO art has been the Starry Night set.
  12. Word is that NA is giving Ymir leg covers, but I don't know if they are getting added in as a bonus or coming separately at a later date. I haven't heard anything about MS doing Dinobots...yet. They are currently working on their own version of Mirage, Ironhide, Ratchet, and Skyfire. If they do follow NA, I expect a Dino announcement could come later in the year. By then, NA may already have announced a metallic version of Ymir without the toy decals similar to how H27EX and H27M compare for their David/Optimus.
  13. Haha! I'm going to need one of those detective boards with a string map connecting all the different times this group pops up. It would be convenient if those final scenes in Rebels are the last time they show up. However, it does seem like the Inquisitors are used more as a plot device (to help Vader vanquish Jedi in hiding) and are rarely, if ever, given any character depth. I wouldn't be surprised if the SW creative teams lean into this plot device again.
  14. Just finished watching the new episode. The story was okay. The effects really do need some help. Apart form the flashback scenes that have already been mentioned, there is that one scene where Vader is using his force hold powers... It was neat, but the whole bit was diminished for me since what was going on looked disconnected from the background. These are quality touches that maybe could have been added if the artists had been given enough time? I don't know. It's out of my wheelhouse. Now, this may be too much to ask of SW at this point, but I do wonder if any of the remaining pre-ANH series will explain what happened to the Inquisitors since they just blip out of existence by the time of the Rebellion?
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