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  1. Careful. In the pantheon of idealized aesthetics, this could be how the Macross toon versus toy versus line art civil wars begin. Other franchises are still embroiled in their own similar civil wars… *cough* debates… to this day. I’m in the both look nice group, btw. If the HMR 0D has a weathered or clean look at retail, I’ll definitely pick it up either way.
  2. I caught the first episode last night. So far, my only criticism is with how they rushed a certain character reveal. The rest seems ok. I’m enjoying it.
  3. A certain group of incredibly vocal people have been on a hate parade against Disney and its leadership for years now, including calling out Kennedy. Whether she is retiring on her own terms or being ‘forced out’ when Iger comes back to focus Disney on other projects is anyone’s guess at this point. Whatever the result, I’ll believe it when I see it.
  4. Nice. HMR Orguss is promising, especially if we get more vehicles from the show this time out.
  5. HaHa! I guess we'll have to agree to disagree about Rings of Power. For all it's faults, I am enjoyed the romp through a young Middle Earth and I'm looking forward to the second season. As for She Hulk, I think the series accomplished what it wanted to do, which was to give us a fourth-wall breaking, awkwardly silly super-hero lawyer show. It wasn't quite Ally McBeal, but there were times when I was reminded of that old show when watching Tatiana do her thing. Anyway, She Hulk was ok IMO. But I also don't think that Marvel needs to make every character a movie-style blockbuster entry into their cinematic universe. If She Hulk is a one-time thing that works for me. If she ends up as a side character in a larger film, then that works too. If she gets her own film like her cousin the Hulk, well...bonus. As an aside. I've never been able to understand the backlash against Solo. I mean, it's obvious it was there looking at the box office numbers, but I gave it a chance and thought it was a fun story. Personally, I think it just suffered bad timing. There was a concerted, albeit very strange, effort to make a scene after Rian Johnson's entry to the third trilogy films--any Star Wars movie that Disney released after The Last Jedi was probably an automatic target. Anyway, it's another thing that I don't understand... With Willow, I am very much looking forward to visiting another cool fantasy world. I'm avoiding as much of the scuttlebutt as I can because I want to go into the series with only my knowledge of the movie.
  6. What's more is that the aim of the particular argument has changed to conflate Disney films with Disney streaming series. With movies, we can review box office numbers and have an analytical discussion about how many people watched the movie, how much it cost to bring the idea to the big screen, and the resulting profits. With streaming, we only get to see how popular a show is on the Disney+ streaming site. This leaves out a lot of that analytical data. For influencers, I'm sure this makes their jobs golden though, because in the absence of data and numbers one can stir up shenanigans to create entertainment. Willow will be an interesting test. To date, the Star Wars and Marvel streaming series have brought in the most viewers on Disney+. If this new Willow series can match their blockbuster properties, then I can see Disney opting to add more fantasy to its line-up...and that isn't a bad thing IMO. It's good to have variety.
  7. Seeing Jodie Whittaker take her final bow as the Doctor did tug at my heart strings. I've enjoyed her style. This was a fun regeneration episode and it felt like the series ended on a high note. All the surprises they managed to fit in---fantastic. Having to wait another year for the 60th anniversary specials...oof! Edit: It looks like BBC America lost the streaming rights to nuWho. The show’s new international streaming home is Disney+. https://www.indiewire.com/2022/10/doctor-who-disney-plus-1234775786/amp/
  8. So the previous episode had me thinking that the pacing and the timeline were starting to feel muddled. This week was completely different. What an enjoyable episode that was. Even with Amazon's creative liberties, I'm looking forward to where the show takes us next season.
  9. Yeah. I heard that, but I guess it remains to be seen how nVidia will fill out the mid and low range. Curiously, benchmarks for the 4060 and 4060ti are starting to leak already and those leaked numbers are making me wonder all the more how a 4070 might fit in. Fair point. I watched a couple of the Asus Strix reviews yesterday. That is one monster card! I fear that I'm really not committed to the high end for this generation at all. I will be waiting for more information on the 4070 and 4060 parts. I'm also hoping we get to see 4000 series GPUs that can still fit in small form factor systems.
  10. 600w is still demanding and the price stinks, IMO. The 4090 is nVidia serving up a titan-class GPU without the Ti branding. Good on them for pushing the envelop on those high-end performance raster numbers, though. Making two 4080 skus instead of one 4080 and one 4070 is curious. I may wait for nVidia to announce the actual 4070 before taking a closer look at the rest of the line-up. I’m also keen on what RDNA 3 is all about and those GPUs release right around the corner in November.
  11. Ben Dixon, as interpreted by Trey Parker and Matt Stone?
  12. I caught this last episode early--on Friday last week--and I have a number of thoughts about it but I'm going to set most of them aside until after the season finale this week. ...okay, I will say this...
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