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  1. This scheme is a fun nod to the M7 opening credits. I like to think that Firebomber would lean in on that kind of glitz and glam during a live concert.
  2. If you check my earlier comments, you’ll notice I had the same read before this latest trailer. Now I’m not so sure. There is a heavy lean into the rule of two business from the prequels. We’ve seen the dark side users. We know Ahsoka is around, but who else is there apart from the surviving Ghost crew? Ezra is still lost, so…that leaves room for someone else. I think the no power statement could be a literal read from Shin in that scene or it could be an insult from her. Kind of like how Vader was goading Luke to attack him in their confrontation at Cloud City in ESB. We won’t know until we get more context. Like I said, I’m good regardless, but it is curious and it does feel like it could be used for something… Then again, maybe not. HaHa! I’m so looking forward to this series.
  3. Knowing how Filoni likes to mend past SW shortfalls, I think it would be cool if this show retcons Rey’s RoS/TLJ retcon and gives a better retelling for her family history. There were some old Reddit theories discussing how Sabine might be Rey’s mother. The idea that the trailers are implying Sabine could be a force user—more than a dark saber wielder but also Ahsoka’s apprentice—give this theory extra credence. I guess we will have to see how things go. I’m okay either way, but that would sure be a fun easter egg and not an uncommon thing for Filoni to work in.
  4. Most excellent, if true. I wonder, could it be a new line from Takara? If so, what other figure might they do? I think G1 Soundwave is a good candidate.
  5. Eh. I liked She Hulk and Ms. Marvel more than Secret Invasion. Of the three, Ms. Marvel stands strongest on its own because it also works as a coming of age story for Kamala Khan. She Hulk was all right but I think its experimental ending went too hard with the 4th-wall hulk smashing. With Secret Invasion, I think fault for the miss rests squarely on Disney for forcing its creative teams to pump and dump half-baked productions. The mouse is driving this content like it’s the media equivalent of fast food. So quality is no longer a priority. The company is mistreating actors, writers, and set workers alike, and the focus is on benefiting those with deep pockets. Anyway, I digress…
  6. Cool. Yeah, it is nice to see more designers work on the classic Macross designs. I’ll be keeping an eye on Unix Square too. If their releases are solid, I’ll be happy to add some of them to my display.
  7. So Unix Square has announced their own stylized and transformable VF-1J. That’s the first image. They also announced that the 1J/1S are part of a new line of non-transformable figures. That’s the fourth image. No idea what is up with guardian or bat mode for the non-transformable line. We will have to wait for more details. The other images that were quoted are new armoured statues and VF-1 levitation models.
  8. Bandai is like, “Dang, now we’re on the hook for more than a painted prototype.” Put me in the group that’s looking forward to more development news. I had bad luck with the Yamato YF-21. My copy had brittle plastic and crumbled while on display, so I could use an affordable replacement.
  9. Interesting eye catch for the Loki season 2 poster. It reminds me of a hamster wheel. Hm. There could be some unfortunate double entendre there…will have to see how things go. Alas, Secret Invasion ranks the lowest for me of the Disney produced content. Much lower when compared to other entries like CA: Civil War and CA: The Winter Soldier. The series felt like it was trying too hard to set up something else rather than tell its own contained story. This was the first time the CGI effects jumped out at me. I didn’t care for Disney showcasing AI art in the intro, either. So, to go on a related tangent, I heard about the animated movie Earth’s Mightiest Heroes: Secret Invasion after watching the live action series. I noticed that the animated movie includes many of the Avengers in its story, and that ups the stakes. Yeah, I really felt how the live action Secret Invasion series was missing the Avengers. Would it have been better served as a movie with ensemble casting? Something to think about, I guess.
  10. I, for one, welcome more designers to the international VF-1 party. The shared FB post below notes that Unix Square is a collaborative brand created by Kids Logic and Sentinel: https://m.facebook.com/100001202426087/posts/pfbid02RGukEWMbGRAwRA6BoiNg5TGYA4DBhxG3iJg6rpweGhyRfSLZh33PrbY2qCAK11Cbl
  11. Sinéad was ahead of her time when it came to her music, her activism, and her spiritual journey, but she was also very open about her personal struggles with bipolar disorder and other mental health issues. I remember her SNL performance. I was in high school when it was broadcast. I feel this place is lessened in her absence. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam.
  12. Agree to disagree on that last part, but my bias has been and will always be pro-writer. As for the prequel films themselves, they do deserve all the constructive criticism they receive. In addition to what Seto noted already, I thought Prometheus went astray by turning David into the main monster if you will. Mind you, I don’t mind having ancillary villains in an Alien film. Ash was a good one. So was Burke. It’s just that David’s errant behavior wasn’t as nuanced to me. I was also bummed that Noomi Rapace was only in the first film. Almost all of her shot scenes in Covenant were cut, and those scenes ended up explaining quite a bit. So to bring this back on topic, I hope the new series brings back some consistency because I do think that has been missing.
  13. Hm. Generally, original script writers have no say in script development unless they are also hired on to help produce a TV show or movie. For instance, Jon Spaihts wrote the Alien Engineers script that was purchased and became Prometheus. We all know the final script was reworked by Damon Lindelof who was on the production team with Sir Ridley Scott. There is some debate over whether or not Spaihts’ script is better, but the general sentiment is that it was closer to hard SF/horror and that Lindelof added the silly bits. Of course, at any time Scott could have opted to reverse those changes so… plenty of blame to go around…
  14. After taking a break from the mainline, I’m in for 86 Ultra Magnus for sure. Dreadwing too. Possibly Strongarm. Still thinking over the Studio Series WFC Optimus, although the DNA set that’s on pre-order looks nice and resolves most of my concerns.
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