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  1. Sweet. Building sets together with another person (family or friend) can be a truly rewarding thing. The first large space sets that I remember receiving as a kid were 6929 Starfleet Voyager and 6980 Galaxy Commander. Before that, I was gifted smaller LEGO space sets like the Mobile Ground Tracking Station, the Mobile Rocket Launcher, and the Radar Truck. I never had the Galaxy Explorer set, although I do remember seeing pictures of it in the 1982 LEGO Ideas magazine, and I still have vivid memories of trying to follow the alternate builds in the magazine using the bricks that I did own. Of the smaller classic space sets, I think my favorite was 6824 Space Dart I. The spinning feature on the nose was fun to use while swooshing the ship around the house.
  2. The rumor mill has some good news for those of us waiting on the Classic LEGO 90th anniversary sets coming later this year. Not only are we getting a Castle set, but we could be getting a Space set that is a callback to the original Galaxy Explorer. https://www.brickfanatics.com/lego-space-497-galaxy-explorer-remake-90/amp/?fbclid=IwAR0OiBmUY-pCTXXdoaIAIbt9OgHpVPHphGIHauDTHxyJOEJR5jSlzWvf_mA I hope the rumor sticks. I would love to see how TLG modernizes this set with today’s techniques.
  3. NewAge is fond of repaints. I suggest hanging on a bit if you want to pass on Grimlock’s toon colors and pick up a different styling like metallic, toy, G2, and so on. Chances are that NA will get to it, especially if this is a popular mold. I’m keen on the articulation in both modes, but I can’t place the fish. Anyway, I don’t have a toon version of Grimlock so I’m into this. I also would love the toy version with the metallic paint, smokey plastic parts, and toy accessories. Depending on which G2 Grimlock NA decides to do, that could be tempting too. Edit: Tfw helped me with the fish. It’s from the G1 episode where Grimlock becomes super intelligent and creates the Technobots/Computron. I wonder if the fish is also a hint about what’s to come after the Dinobots?
  4. Rest in peace. His album Voices was another favorite of mine to listen to as an undergraduate. That and the Blade Runner soundtrack got me hooked on his style.
  5. technoblue

    Hi-Metal R

    This is great. Macross is returning to HMR and it’s getting a worldwide release. Can’t wait to see where things go from here.
  6. Wow. Thanks @M'Kyuun and @tekering. That Vector Prime custom is something else too—expertly done. I do miss collecting mainline Transformers, especially as more toy-based decos are announced but the space issue is real—truly. I decided to solve it a different way ‘s all. It was tough but I also cut the newer Planet-X releases and decided to get picky about MMC’s Reformatted line. I mostly keep up w/select 3P and official MPs, and the smaller legends from NA and MS nowadays. Oh, and anything related to TF Prime is always fair game. I have a few of the IF and MFT legends too but I don’t collect them like the NA and MS bots.
  7. Cool. That's a very creative remold of their Cyclonus to get BW Depth Charge. Also, it looks like Newage is diving into the Dinobots too. They've teased H44 Ymir with a not-so-subtle still from Jurassic Park.
  8. Yeah that mask piece is a nice new silver color for Optimus, and TLG is already releasing it in different colors in the LEGO Botanicals line. You can see it in orange in the succulents set. I’m curious to see where else it will pop up. https://www.lego.com/en-us/themes/adults-welcome/botanical-collection/succulents?icmp=TH-SHQL-Standard-Botanicals_Adv_Quicklinks_Succulents-TH-NO-J8WEATZEX7
  9. That picture is showing the two ways you can build the set: in its under construction and finished state. It’s also showing how two Pyramid sets can combine into one. I agree it is a little coy to ask adult fans to buy two sets to get the full Great Pyramid but I don’t know about deceiving. LEGO does the same thing with their portrait sets. If you want a large fancy portrait, you need to buy and combine multiple Marvel, DC, or Beatles sets—whatever your looking to put up on your wall. Back to LEGO Optimus. Do the thighs really slide into the legs like they do on the MP? It looks like the thighs simply plug in using a ball and socket mechanism. If the latter is true, then maybe there could be a way to free the socket to allow for a knee bend? I’m very curious to see what’s possible here.
  10. All copies include a brick-built matrix of leadership.
  11. Lego Prime looks quite nice to me—in a classy way like MP-1. I’m curious to see how difficult it will be to MOD some G1-style knees onto those legs. Otherwise, I don’t have much to complain about from the leaked images. Maybe it would have been nice to include two colored eye prints: the blue (for toon) and the yellow (for toy)? I’m definitely in for a pre-order.
  12. In the posted picture, MMC’s bot mode is beginning to look dated to me. Those legs on Terraegis are almost unfinished compared to the likes of their Azalea and Saltus. What would be interesting to me is to see MMC redesign Trailbreaker with the engineering knowledge and talent that they have built up today. That said, the alt mode does hold up really well. Back when these were still readily available, I wanted to get a copy of PS-06R but I ended up letting it go. Anyway, the official MP is a clear lock for me. It’s hard to say where the exchange rate will be in December but today, if I were to pay the full price up front, the pre-order would cost $167US. After the discount, if the exchange rate isn’t too volatile, this could drop down as far as $117US. IMO, this is a really good price for a bot clocking in at around the same height as Ironhide and Starscream.
  13. Indeed. The main conceit of the show is still a big question mark/mystery box. I understand the creative team is trying to normalize it with the feud between the families, but it’s not easy to force wave something of that magnitude. It’s obvious they want to hook their audience. My only concern is that this could turn into another Amazon Original like The Tick, which was fun and well done, but cut too short after just two seasons.
  14. I enjoyed Outer Range. Danger, major spoilers inside. Don’t click if you want to watch the show spoiler free:
  15. Okay. I am suitably teased. I’ll just wait on the side over here for Takara to release a hi-res photo. I’m curious about the detail in those extra faces and I find the return of the swappable bumper/grille most welcome too. As an aside, Trailbreaker moves the MP line into the group of G1 toys that I had no exposure to as a kid. That makes this something new to me.
  16. Yes, per Kappa's website. Even though the price was tempting, I went with ToyDojo since they have a pay later option on pre-orders. Alas, it comes with the premium late tax on domestic orders but there is free shipping and no sales tax to me.
  17. Hm. I like the out-of-the box colors, but seeing anime accurate paint jobs for all four would be pretty cool too.
  18. I do appreciate how these early releases influenced the lines of Transformers that came after them. That Alternity Prime has almost a primordial Bayverse feel in its bot mode design for instance. The limited articulation, though… I’m relieved that Hastak has moved away from this for the most part.
  19. Sure. Here are the production notes from Let's Fire and Second Fire (in that order). Warning, even after scanning and resizing, the PNG files are ~3MB in size. Edit: I've nested the images within spoiler tags in case that helps with page load times. ...
  20. Hm. Scyla really hits on all the main points. Planet X’s turn toward aggressive competition with MMC I think surprised everyone, to be fair. Alas, I was holding out hope for Cacus but ultimately skipped that release because of the nonsense with the other releases in their IDW line-up. For FoC, I feel that Planet X was at their pinnacle with Vulcun and Apollo. The releases since have been okay to middling to poor. Ironhide and Ratchet are the ugliest of the FoC designs and Pluto (their Megatron) had all those unfortunate QC issues out of the box. MMC isn’t perfect but the’ve had plenty of fun Reformatted releases. The company itself is a force to reckon with when they bring their ‘A’ game to a design. Admittedly, though, Ocular Max has been getting more of my focus since the line was introduced. I’m content with playing mostly in their MP sandbox these days.
  21. With the 40th anniversary Dougram HMR releases being a thing, I was hoping we would have a hint to Bandai’s plan for some new Macross releases in anniversary packaging too but the silence on this point is nerve wracking.
  22. Is there any particular album of interest that you need to reference? I own the following M7 CDs: Ultra Fire!! Let's Fire!! Second Fire!! Re.Fire!! Fukuyama Fire!!
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