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Found 23 results

  1. I don't have any myself but everytime I see one that I like I get the urge to start. But I know that just one will send me on a road to bancruptcy. Also as a Macross fan I always think... "man I coulda bought (however many) 1/48s with that money... (admit it you think the same way) Anyway here's a few that caught my eye... but the damn cost!
  2. I thought it would be nice if there's a dedicated thread for this toy line.. I knew a couple of forumers here whose into collecting anime figures.. especially large female figures.. if you have them, then post it here.. I'm also aware that some members kinda find 'collecting sexy anime figs' kinda weird.. but i hope we all respect each collectors preferences.. anyway... to start this thread, here's one of my all time favorite figure: Max Factory 1/7 Kureha (Shining Wind)
  3. Presenting the thread dedicated to Bandai's high-end action figure lines: S.H. Figuarts S.H. Figuarts is Bandai's answer to Kaiyodo's Revoltech and Max Factory's Figma lines, with figures that boast extreme detail and poseability, coupled with a vast array of features and accessories. The line consists mainly of Kamen Rider and Super Sentai figures, but there are also figures for anime characters from Dragon Ball, One Piece, Tiger & Bunny and Doraemon, as well as Hollywood blockbusters like Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Here's an example: Juzo Fuwa from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger (a.k.a. Deker from Power Rangers Samurai), a Tamashii Web exclusive: The line also includes S.H. Figuarts Zero which consists of non-poseable anime statues that are well-detailed. Here's Himura Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin: D-Arts D-Arts focuses on video game characters, as well as the Digimon series. The D-Arts line was dropped after 2014, with newer video game character figures being released under the S.H. Figuarts line. Here are Rockman X (MegaMan X) and Rockman Zero (MegaMan Zero) (1st Version): S.H. MonsterArts S.H. MonsterArts is for the kaiju fan who demands a lot of detail and poseability that normal monster figures lack. Here's Godzilla: Ultra-Act Ultra-Act is for hardcore fans of the Ultraman series, as well as Tsuburaya Productions' other works. Here's Ultraman: Post your collection here.
  4. Is there a thread for this line of toys yet? They seem to offer about 70% of enjoyment of what you'd get in a 1/6 scale hot toys/enterbay release in at about 33% the price..and they take up less space. Any fans of this line here? I don't really (or haven't yet) collect figurines/figma (whatever poseable high quality figures are called) but I recently picked up my first one...the Dark Knight Trilogy Batman...for all of around $60. Totally worth it. I'm tempted to pick up the Joker and Cat Woman from the same line....Shame they don't include an unmasked face for Catwoman and they totally animesized her umm boobies but those two look like winners too. They've also got the robocop license it seems and will release both classic robocop (1987) and the new one from the upcoming movie. I hope they get lots more licenses because I really like this scale (taller than a 1/60 vf-1, shorter than a 1/48 vf-1) and poseability. The only bad thing about I can say about the one i have is like eveything in this format...you can still see the joints if you are looking closely...they aren't covered by clothes like in the hot toys 1/6 scale figures. other licenses seem to be mostly from video games (which is cool), like their own games as well as stuff like street fighter ( i may pick up a ryu and some more) i do wish they'd make accessories, vechicles and playsets for this line though (square enix....can you say batpod!!?)
  5. https://news.toyark.com/2020/09/25/dungeons-and-dragons-drizzt-and-guenhwyvar-forgotten-realms-hasbro-pulse-con-exclusive-403325
  6. https://news.toyark.com/2021/07/27/mcfarlane-toys-taking-over-and-continuing-dc-direct-collectibles-438157
  7. https://www.startrek.com/news/playmates-toys-boldly-returns-to-the-star-trek-universe
  8. https://super7.com/search?q=silverhawks Possible Ultimates or Reaction figures coming from Super7 later.
  9. Maxfactory gives kaiyodo a run for its money. Check out the latest figma stuff i'll be buying. Saber
  10. There's enough interest from some in this site on the ongoing Monogatari series for it to have it's own thread and thereby keep it from monopolizing other threads. Let's keep it all here, TV series, films, novels and those fine looking 1/8 Senjougahara PVC figures too.
  11. The MGS Big boss figures look good. But the halo reach ones don't look right. (here's hoping for a grayfox figure)
  12. As far as I can see there isn't a thread on it, and there should be because it looks all kinds of awesome. not for everybody but it looks like its going to be sweet. its like a blend of super robot, mecha, and samurai-ish aesthetics. also robots with capes are almost always cool. toy wise its 18" tall and 100 points of articulation and includes the pilot figure (and will be wildly out of scale with anything remotely macross because it seems the pilot is between 5-6" tall or so).... i don't usually collect random stuff but sometimes cool stuff happens. gonna try to get myself one of these. i wish there was some supporting fiction or art other than that video. http://gundamguy.blogspot.com/2013/11/bandai-x-threezero-x-kunio-okawara.html
  13. Hello. This has been a quest of mine fore years... The Sakura Wars figures by Medicom, released in 1999 are great toys that have been tossed aside by many for some unknown reason... but man, I think they're cool. After about two years of looking, I managed to find five of them. There are seven.... I am looking for Sakura's (pink) and Sawada Hiroshi's (white mail away exclusive). They are quite posable, big, have light-up eyes and say their power-up slogans when you press the button on the top. Very nice... Can anyone help me track down these figures?
  14. Any collectors here of this deluxe diecast gundams? As a Macross fan or chogokin lover whats your opinion of this toy line? Im planning to get this bad boy but first Im trying to find a comparison pics of it next to a Macross DX Chogokin which I think will look good next to it (even though their scale would be way off) but I cant seem to find any.
  15. I started these a while back but had trouble with the software... finally found the fix. Those aren't really teaser images, that's actually how many polygons per model... so many it eclipsed the figures themselves.
  16. For Sale is a set of 6 1/60 Ground Crew Figures to be displayed with your 1/60 Macross Valkyries and Destroids. $38 USD for a set of 6 figures (unpainted) before shipping and PP fees. Thanks!
  17. Been looking around a bit trying to find some recent info on Sentinel's Detonator Orgun figure, which got me thinking about other, obscure shows and what I'd want in a perfect world if I could convince one toy company to make my "dream" figure(s). And I almost instantly came up with this..... The mechs of Kishin Heidan/Kishin Corps. For anyone unfamiliar with the series it was one of the early Pioneer shows that threw Nazis, Aliens, and Giant Robots into the mix in a very retro-themed action series. Personally I really enjoyed the brief series and every now and then I see some Chogokin or another with similar styling that makes me wish someone would tackle the series. My first choice would be Max Factory simply because their Big O is beyond stunning and built like a brick. As a fall-back I'd ask Bandai to put any/all of the show's mechs into the Soul of Chogokin line. So just for fun, in a perfect world what non-Macross Mech(s) or Anime figure(s) would you command and from whom?
  18. Okay I have to empty out some space and unload these figures. They were displayed but put back in their boxes. Prices are w/out shipping so contact me for shipping locations. See sig Himekuri Image Girl figure complete. Asking 30.00 + shipping Ignis Figure complete with no box. Asking 50.00 + shipping Saint Seiya small figures 10.00 each + shipping or all 20.00 shipped
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