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Found 6 results

  1. Maxfactory gives kaiyodo a run for its money. Check out the latest figma stuff i'll be buying. Saber
  2. It doesn't appear I'm on the SS list, however I have bought a few things here. I bought stuff from Eugimon and Tundra9, so perhaps they'll vouch for me. I've lurked and I rarely ever post. Paypal and add 4% or send as a gift to avoid the fee. Shipping is extra and we'll have to figure that out as we go. I do welcome pickups if you are located near South Eastern Michigan. Updated! I'm going to wait about a week before I start moving stuff to ebay. I'm up for entertaining offers. Evangelion Unit 01 RAH - $700 It was displayed in my detolf. Magic the Gathering: Guilds of Ravnica Mythic Edition - unopened. I haven't even broken the tape on the outer box. $750 - On Hold Tarmogoyf Ultimate Topper, and the apology letter $130 - On Hold Both the Mythic Edition and the Tarmo for $850 - On Hold Transformers Masterpiece, opened and displayed: Japanese MP-05 Megatron $70 - The feet look okay, but there is a broken tab. TRU Rodimus Prime, complete, with box. Transformed to become the car part of the trailer for the Japanese version. $75 Japanese MP-09 Rodimus Prime, complete with box. Never transformed. $200 Figma: Saitama - One Punch Man, mint in unopened box - $75 Elsa - Frozen, mint in unopened box - $140 Levi from Attack on Titan, mint in unopened box - $50 Tekkaman Evil - Displayed, complete and returned to box - $30 There is a paint chip on one of his paldrons. Guyver 1 - Displayed, complete and returned to box - $100 Guyver 2 - Displayed, complete and returned to box - $50 Toynami Voltron 25th anniversary sets, I have two. I did find a few paint chips on the chrome legs on both sets. With box - $75 Without box - $50 D-arts Rockman / Megaman X line: Zero v2 - Never opened or displayed - $75 Transformers Generations, all MISB: Cybertronian Optimus Prime - $40 Cybertronian Megatron - $40 Dirge - $30 Thrust - $30 Thunderwing - $15 Kup - $20 Red Alert - $15 Warpath - $30 Blurr - $30 Skullgrin - $20 Wheeljack - $30 Darkmount - $30 Scourge - $20 Drift - $40
  3. Tired of waiting for an official release I decided to use my extra cm´s gashapones to create custom figures of my favorite Macross heroes lets start with Roy
  4. Since I had some extra CM´s figures lying around I decided to put them to good use by transforming them into 1/12 articulated figures using revoltech joints and an exacto knife so here are the results
  5. Scratch build of my very own Breetai Figure for displaying with my Hi-metals, the base is a Broken patlabor figure from revoltech and a Knock off figma figure, sculpt and painting by hand
  6. Everything sold for now. Please check back another time. Cheers!
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