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Found 22 results

  1. I'd recently gotten my grubby lil hands on vol 1 of the Rurouni Kenshin graphic novel by Shonen Jump and Viz. I have to say that this is one excellent series. The mix of romantic comedy and swordwielding action make for one excellent read. I really loved the creator's blending of Japanese history with his own fiction as well as the fact that Kenshin was based off an actual person from their history. This combined with seeing The Last Samurai made December a great month in '03 for me. Bad thing is it makes me yearn to further add to my collection of samurai swords. I am, however, interested about the plausibility of Kenshin's weapon. The sakabatou, or reverse-edged sword, seems like it'd be possible to create and wield efficiently. Just from look alone, it would appear that it would weigh more than your typical samurai sword. I tried swinging my sword reversed, with the sharp edge towards me, and I could already feel the difference. Anyone's opinion on the matter?
  2. I searched the forums to see if there was already a topic dedicated to books we've read, or are reading, that made an impression, and came up with no pertinent results. So I'm starting a topic dedicated to good books, graphic novels, etc that was interesting for one reason or another and worth sharing. To kick it off, I'm currently reading Cloud Cuckoo Land by Anthony Doerr. I'm only about a fifth of the way into it, but I'm finding it to be one of those reads that's both easy yet compelling. It's essentially a series of narratives set in three time periods- one in the mid fifteenth century Constantinople, one in 2020 Idaho, and one in a future period on a colony ship in space, all revolving around a central theme of Antonius Diogenes' eponymous utopian myth. The primary characters are all very well developed, and Diogenes' tale, the constant thread that ties all three narratives together, is itself a fun story as it's told little by little as the overarching narratives continue. I enjoy a read like this; there are usually esoteric bits of knowledge to be gleaned from such works if the author has done his or her due diligence, the interweaving of a constant thread amidst separate tales skillfully done is deeply gratifying, and an easily navigable prose unassailed by numerous tangents or difficult abstractions makes for a relaxing and absorbing read. The history of Diogenes' writings is itself interesting, as he wrote a series of tales, each beginning with one of the 24 letters in the Greek alphabet. Unfortunately, the original volume is lost to us, and what remains to us of this extensive work is a synopsis by another Greek writer named Photios in his own tome called Myriobiblos. With any luck, the original volume in its entirety will be discovered some day. For all the ancient writings we have, it's sad to think of the untold volumes of stories and knowledge lost to us through time by nature or the hand of man.
  3. Just recently finished Volume 01 of the Macross The First manga and could not be more pleased (and excited for the next volume)! My heart began to race and expectations began to build, as soon as I first learned that not only had Mikimoto-San started work on the project (and that serialization had bugun in the new Mac. magazine), but that I could soon lay my hands on handsome volumes of this retelling. I realize, with all the other Macross news (regarding sequels and associated products), this may not be big to most, but to me (my opinion only) nothing has been able to recapture the same magic of the original story arc (SDFM t.v, DYRL, Flashback)...with "The First", I am falling in love, all over again! Even if you do not read Japanese (and haven't the patience to translate the furigana), I still suggest picking up the volume! If one has a familiarity with the original anime, one will not be lost and should be able to follow along. Even to serve as merely an artbook, it is worth the buy (love the design upgrades!). While there are changes (in varying degrees) in dialog, design and story, it just feels right (to me). Evoking nostalgia and wonder, at the same time, this manga is both familiar and fresh--best of both worlds!!! I think that some of the changes are even improvements! I've read threads discussing a want/need for a reboot of the original anime. Reading Macross The First is the next best thing (and in the end, perhaps more satisfying). For added kick, have your favorite Macross soundtrack playing in the background. If you're feeling perverse, play the Robotech soundtrack in the background, lol. I look forward to hearing everyone's thought and to discussing this and the upcoming volumes with all. Thanks for your indulgence.
  4. https://kotaku.com/kentaro-miura-creator-of-the-beserk-manga-dies-at-age-1846932585 Thanks for the great adventures.
  5. Some pages of the Freyja side story manga is at /a/. Can't link to the actual Raw site since rules don't allow it I think. Info translator anon has given. Well that puts into perspective why Keith said they don't have much time. It makes it even more ludicrous that they drove off the NUN.
  6. I have suddenly bumped into two more people interested in HINOTORI 2772 on this website. As it was in a Delta episode discussion, I'd like to move the discussion here. I was the driver of the Russian fandub for HINOTORI 2772, which apparently was the first of Russia's full-voice fandubs. It was done over an English VHS, following a pretty dramatic story. The story involved me translating the movie from Japanese for a large audience - without knowing any Japanese. For the details of the dub and the story, see my old post on TiE: http://tezukainenglish.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=2771 There is a Macross link. Historically, Kawamori's formative years were influenced by Tezuka - it had to be so. And then in Sayonara no Tsubasa there are some outright Tezuka references, including Hyotan Tsugi toys. Whyie I hear this was the result of an agreement with Tezuka Production. the references are very well placed in the movie. Right at the time when Ranka talks about the value and sentience of all life - sounding like she had a chat with Tezuka's Phoenix or something.
  7. As a fan of Macross, and enjoying the Misa Hayase: White Reminiscenses Novel Translation from Gubaba (who is unfortunately banned from the site!). It would be nice for the Macross fans to do translations of the following Macross Novels/Manga/Audio drama/Video Game Story's in the style of Gubaba's Misa Hayase: White Reminiscenses Novel Translation. Here is the list Dreaming Prelude: My Fair Minmay Novel Macross: The First Manga Macross Inside Story: Macross Classic Audio drama Macross M3 Video Game for the Sega Dreamcast Macross: True Love Song Video Game Macross Generation Audio drama Macross Digital Mission VF-X Video Game Macross VF-X2 Video Game Macross The Ride Novel Super Dimension Song Maiden Ranka Manga Sheryl: Kiss in the Galaxy Manga Macross Frontier: Hold Me Tightly to the Edge of the Galaxy Manga Macross Fortissimo Manga Macross 30: Voices across the Galaxy Video Game Macross The Musicalture Musical Macross 2036 Video Game Macross: Eien no Love Song Video Game If their are Macross Novels/Manga/Audio drama/Video Game/Musical Story Translations that I am missing, please let me know?
  8. Some time ago somebody at /m/ said Alus is a quirky way romanizing Earth. Then I read the Macross II manga which furthers that theory. Different from the OVA Marduk language English translation. Note: Macross II is a sequel to Macross DYRL. The Marduk have a legend about the Ship of Alus. Alus isn't the name of the ship it is the name of where or whom it is from. If we equate Alus is Earth I can think of one source of that ship, the Protoculture city ship Altira. 20,000 years before the Protoculture left their city ship underwater and left for space as the Zentradi entered Sol. They never returned. (DYRL) The Marduk has been in space for so long it could mean alternatively that home(planet) means a ship. For someone like Isthar the Ship of Alus refers to a physical ship. To Ingues Alus is a planet, he likely longer lived before the legend changed to its present form. Are the Marduk the Protoculture from Altira? Frankly I don't know. However if Alus is Earth there is a connection between the former inhabitants of Altira and the ship of legend of the Marduk.
  9. Sorry if this has already been mentioned but I did not see it. Netflix is bringing this title to the US? (or did they pay to have it made?). Looks interesting from the trailer. If Netflix follows their normal pattern I'll be binging on this on July 4th... http://www.blastr.com/2014-6-26/1st-trailer-netflixs-new-sci-fi-anime-knights-sidonia-awesome
  10. Any other fans of Hirohiko Araki here? The artist famous for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure! I recommend it for anyone looking for a mature Manga title with some strange magical storylines and cool fight scenes. The Manga(Generation 3 anyway) is now coming out here finally! http://www.viz.com/products/products.php?series_id=224 I am hoping if it sells well that we can get Generations 1-2,and 4-7 over here. You can also get the OVA's of the same series here. http://www.supertechnoarts.com/ So far I have read through volume 3 and love it. I ordered the entire set of DVDs after reading this review http://www.dvdvisionjapan.com/Jojodvd1.htm I cant wait to watch them. I cant put my finger on it but I really did the style and art in Jojo's. It is a mix of Tetsuo Hara(Fist of the North Star/Blue Sky) and something more akin to a standard Shonen Weekly. If anyone has any info on the other series or just some comments that would be cool. Thanks!
  11. Looks like there was no thread on Osamu Tezuka (except a 2006 request specifically about Phoenix). Now there is one Since I learned about him at all (in 1997 I think) I was fascinated by one person effectively creating a genre. And even beore that there was that 1993 screening of Phoenix 2772 on Russian TV that got me hooked and longing for years... until I got the Best Video (or something) dubbed VHS with the help of the then-budding Moscow anime fan club. Perhaps the reason I don't care much for Ranka vs. Sheryl is because, with apologies to these fair ladies, my one and only anime love is fixed from back then, Olga the robot. Well at least I got to give her some decent tribute, with the Japanese embassy organizing a screening in Moscow in summer 98 but forgetting to bring in an interpreter. I started translating to a lady I was with, cries of "Louder" ensued... I was soon brought into the booth ended up translating the movie from Japanese - without knowing a word of Japanese. I just knew the thing by heart from watching it so many times! After the screening I got a small Moscow Times interview - and found enough "followers" to do a full fandub (over the English - we had no Japanese source). Yes, I'm sorry, it was an act of piracy - but we made a point of getting no monetary compensation when passing it on. The dub was spotted from Israel to Vladivostok. (A fansub was made later when a Japanese DVD became available). I voiced Dr. Saruta in the dub, hence the nickname I use on anime-related forums. I wonder if Kawamori himself is a Tezuka fan... or perhaps I should not even wonder. He was an anime/manga fan back in the late 70s. He could not have missed it.
  12. I know its a bit late, but this is one of the animes that has made a buzz over there at animesuki and I though it deserved its won thread here in MW. Just looking at the first episode, It would seem this series has a different style to it. The sound quality and animation are pretty AWESOME!!! So, who's watched it? I think its only me and wolfx (as MW members), who watched this and talked about it sparingly in another thread. I would really love a comment from Areaseven in this anime. BTW, the raws on this thing are up to episode 9 and i heard the "meido" (who is one of the most anticipated characters of the anime) has appeared. Oh yeah some pics can be found in this blogs: http://anime.miao.us/archives/2006/04/08/694/ http://mangaminxslair.blogspot.com/2006/04...-lagoon-01.html http://www.batrock.net/anime/?p=452 http://www.yayapapayaz.com/handofgory/2006...lack-lagoon-1-2
  13. Can anyone of you guys help me out with some head scratchers? I heard Eva-04 was only lightly mentioned in the manga (not in my hands yet) and in the series, I haven't watched the series for ages and was wondering wether some wise guy knows where it was developed, and why and how and what happened to the silver monster? Was it mass produced? Was this the Russian Eva produced/researched type? Maybe it was another country that produced these, no idea. I thought the Eva-03 was american. Gah! Help please! Specifically wanted info on wether i should invest in buying the SOC/Revotech models. They do look cool, and i need an Eva to fit in my ultra secret sick fantasy of the only Eva-04 coming in to aid Asuka in her (Eva-02's ) dying moments during the Eva-05 rampage.
  14. Yesterday morning at about 4:00 AM, I finished episoded 110 of the Legend of the Galactic Heroes. Wow... It took me about three weeks to finish it all from start to end and it was more than worth it. I have to say, without any hesitation, that this is one of the greatest series of all time. More often than not, I can predict fairly well where a show is going and how it will end, but not with this one. It took so many twists and turns along the way that the only thing I could do was just hang on and see what happens next. Plus, how can I not like a setting where the boarding weapon of choice is the battle axe? Anyway, I highly recommend the show for those who haven't seen it yet (there's a petition to bring it over to the US at: http://www.gineigoods.com/form/ . Also, any thoughts or comments from fellow LotGH fans?
  15. Hi all, if that has been already merge it with what exists. Last night I went to supper with Mr. Suzuki(Gibhli) as we are of the same faith. People from J.C.Staff, Toms Entertainment, I.G. Production and a guy from Tatsunoko Pro also stepped by. In short it got lively but no shop talk. I know more people in the Anime and kit business.
  16. I had the pleasure to watch this 2003 Korean thriller on DVD the other day. VERY well acted, VERY powerful. The lead actor is simply astounding. The direction is confident and assured. This is now one of my favorite movies. I need to go find and watch the director's other movies now. My personal feeling is that you should go into this movie knowing at little as possible. Don't google it, don't do any searches on any boards, just try and find it and go watch it if you can. My feeling is that sometimes a lot of the specialness of a movie gets lost by hype, too much information, and people's enthusiasm, setting unfair expectations. That said, here's a MINI-MINI-synopsis for anyone curious for just a little taste of the story. Again, I think that the less you know going in, the better: A man is kidnapped and imprisoned in a room against his will for 15 years. He gets out and immediately sets out for revenge while searching for the answers 1) Who did this? and 2) Why? The Doctor's prescription - Highly Recommended. 5 out of 5 pills.
  17. Hi all, Macross the First facebook page is looking questions for their coming interview with Mikimoto Sensei. If you have any questions you would like to ask Mikimoto Sensei regarding Macross the First manga, please post it in the facebook page below :- https://www.facebook.com/MacrosstheFirst/posts/570499822989367 Thanks
  18. So, I was listening to the latest episode of Gundamn@mahq recently and came across some interesting, if depressing news. Apparently preorder numbers for the new English version of Gundam the Origin have barely passed 4000 units. In other words, without support, the future of this new, re-translated, deluxe edition is in jeopardy before volume 1 has even been released. It's one of only a handful of mecha manga that actually does mecha right imo (Macross the First being another one), so if you have even a passing interest in Gundam or mecha, volumes 1 and 2 are only $18 each for preorder over at Amazon. Even though I have the Japanese versions, I know Ill be picking these up if only to support it. Volume 1 preorder. Volume 2 preorder.
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