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Found 4 results

  1. http://hbowatch.com/category/american-gods/ I met Neil at a comic convention many years ago and I got my first issue of Sandman signed by him. I've read most of his comics and novels and enjoyed just about all of them. I've always considered it a tragedy that none of his works have made it to the silver screen, but I think this will be the best treatment we can get with HBO. Any thoughts on who would play Shadow?
  2. Anyone... Reading some information, very limited right now, on the new Gundam Unicorn 0096. So far it is a novel base anime with the anime series in the works or in the process of being made. Bought the latest Hobby Japan magazine and it has some great stuff on this new Gundam series. Remind me of the Gundam Char's Counterattack, which I was told the new 0096 is base on the story of war after the Char's Counterattack? Anyone has any information, please share with the rest of us. Cheers
  3. Any other fans of Hirohiko Araki here? The artist famous for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure! I recommend it for anyone looking for a mature Manga title with some strange magical storylines and cool fight scenes. The Manga(Generation 3 anyway) is now coming out here finally! http://www.viz.com/products/products.php?series_id=224 I am hoping if it sells well that we can get Generations 1-2,and 4-7 over here. You can also get the OVA's of the same series here. http://www.supertechnoarts.com/ So far I have read through volume 3 and love it. I ordered the entire set of DVDs after reading this review http://www.dvdvisionjapan.com/Jojodvd1.htm I cant wait to watch them. I cant put my finger on it but I really did the style and art in Jojo's. It is a mix of Tetsuo Hara(Fist of the North Star/Blue Sky) and something more akin to a standard Shonen Weekly. If anyone has any info on the other series or just some comments that would be cool. Thanks!
  4. Starring Scarlett Johansson as an alien life form that travels through Scotland to seduce random men and then kill them. Don't know if this even sees a wide release, but the trailer evokes some nice Lynch/Asian Horror Cinema moments.
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