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  1. Well I have my 2000 ADV Robotech broadcast edition set and my Novels. The new stuff is all pretty bad. The current team at HG has no idea what they are doing.
  2. Yes I do hope that these sets have the option for the 1985 experience. I do not like the Remix audio or video additions at all on Robotech. Also I hope this means we are getting a new MOSPEADA Blu Ray set!!
  3. Backed the $90 edition! Can't wait. Recently rewatched my ADV DVD of part 1 and it looked pretty good upscanned to 4k.
  4. Been forgetting to check in here. Sorry guys. I am glad to see MZ23 get a nice remaster!
  5. Still waiting on a great Alpha/Legioss TOY. Something that looks pretty good (maybe better than the GAKKEN) but more importantly is not so fragile it breaks upon its first 5 transformations. The CM had the durability but looked way off.
  6. Oh it will be a thing this season I think...especially after what happened in EP 2...
  7. I had both the CM's and the Toynami versions. The CM's was built really well but it was a floppy mess and the proportions were goofy. The Toynami looked a lot better but was a joke in the QC/Build Quality department. I am hoping this one can give us the best of both.
  8. That is basically CM's ver 2. Looks much better so far. head sculpt needs some TLC and fighter mode will decide if I splurge on it.
  9. I will let this continue for now but not sure if this is even needed and may bring more trouble than it is worth.
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