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  1. I mean her music is top notch especially the beautiful Sakura Drops song which I love. It would be cool if a future Macross series instalment had her as a guest Idol complete with songs sung by her along with even the character modified after her. She gives Mari Iijima a run for her money. Would you want it to happen give your thoughts?
  2. Yesterday, the evil Macross villain Bodolzaa was reincarnated as Donald Bodolzaa Trump by winning the 2016 presidential election! I mean their was supposedly a scene in the Anime TV series where Bodolzaa groped Misa Hayase boobs, which is similar to the infamous Donald Trump misogynist attitudes towards women via the "Grab Her By The Pussy" comment that was made towards the end of the election cycle. Which if it is true please let me know fans? I know I do not want to bring up politics, but because I made a parody of Donald Trump as Bodolzaa. And their where rumors about a supposed scene that was minor in the show. Lets discuss it.
  3. Because Sony has the rights to Robotech, it does lead to the potential possibility for Sony to do DVD/Blu-Ray re-releases and streaming of the 3 related Japanese series The Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross, and Genesis Climber MOSPEADA if they chose to do. But that is up to both Sony and HG which depends on the complicated licensing issues.
  4. I am aware about HG with the franchise, and knowing their track recored with both Robotech and Macross. It has a slim to none chance of happining. But I did do a poll above which has more yes votes then no votes, but you never know?
  5. As a recent fan of the awesome Anime Classic,The Super Dimension Fortress Macross. I am aware that Sony Pictures Entertainment owns the movie rights to Robotech movie, as well as home video/digital distribution/internet streaming for the Robotech series. It also means that Sony Pictures Entertainment has the rights to re-release The Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross, and Genesis Climber MOSPEADA. Because if Sony Pictures Entertainment did release the Ultimate The Super Dimension Fortress Macross Blu-Ray set, it would include the following: Master footage transfer based on the Japanese Blu-Ray release of The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: https://www.amazon.c...e/dp/B006QRCBG2 All DVD/Blu-Ray extras from the previous DVD releases such as AnimEigo/ADV, as well as Japanese DVD/Blu-Ray extras, along with new extras. Has the original Japanese audio from the Japanese Blu-Ray release complete with subtitles based on the ADV DVD release. (The AnimeEigo subtitles had a few errors corrected on the ADV releases.) Has the 2006 ADV English dub complete with a new redub featuring most of the actors reprising their roles from Robotech except for Hikaru Ichijyo being voiced by Vic Mignogna and Lynn Minmay by Mari Iijima. (note: both Vic Mignogna and Mari Iijima live in Los Angeles, where Sony Pictures Entertainment is located.) Would you buy the Ultimate Blu-Ray set if it got made alongside other additions, let me know?
  6. Even though it is not related to Macross franchise, I have found one of the best Video Game based on Macross without the license. And that game is Bulk Slash which is even better then the actual Macross video game released for the same system around the same time period. Can you fans find some of the similarities between Macross and this game, have a guess?
  7. Fun Fact related with both Capcom/Monster Hunter series and Shōji Kawamori/Macross. The Arcade/Sega Dreamcast game Tech Romancer was jointly made between Shōji Kawamori/Studio Nue (creator of Macross/Original Concept for the game) and Ryozo Tsujimoto(co-creator of Monster Hunter/planner of the game/a family member of Capcom founder Kenzo Tsujimoto). Here is info from Mobygames.com
  8. Hay, that makes a lot of sense considering the series is no stranger at using references to real life aircraft stuff which Shōji Kawamori loves to references with the series.
  9. Can you fans guess what this has in common with the two things that I am combining in this spoof for both Donald Trump and Bodolzaa?
  10. It came from TVtropes: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/DubNameChange/ForeignToEnglish
  11. Hi Macross fans on the Macross World forums. I am doing a post on the censored/edited content of The Super Dimension Fortress Macross when it was adapted into the Macross Saga of Robotech. The post is inspired by the popular Anime uncensored websites such as Dragon Ball Z Uncensored, Sailor Moon Uncensored, and Yu-Gi-Oh! Uncensored, and Anime News Network The Edit List as we all know the first half of Robotech based on Super Dimension Fortress Macross was butchered by Harmony Gold with many changes. Including changes to tie in with the later unrelated TV series that it uses. Note that this project is WIP at the moment, but will update it if fans can help me out on this. And the comparisons are using the Japanese subtitle/ADV dub version with the original 1985 broadcast version of Robotech as the bases. It is worth mentioning that the Harmony Gold VHS Volume 1: Booby Trap/2004 Remaster version of the episodes from Harmony Gold do exist, but they are not as badly censored as the1985 broadcast version of Robotech. Lets begin! General changes Dialog with cursing/other questionable stuff changed Violence edited Sexual/Nudity edited Certain Beer/smoking usage in scenes edited? Copyrighted material edited? Roy Focker named pronounced as Roy Folker to avoid it sounding like an F word. Episode 1 edits/changes/surprise non edits Surprise not being edited scenes? Intro prolog violence uncut!Captain Global/Gloval pipe is uncut!When Hikaru/Rick Hunter crashes, the person near by in one scene is not edited?Edited scense! 1. Murder changed to killer to be less threatening the word and enemy plains # reduced in Robotech version. When Hikaru/Rick Hunter and Roy Focker are talking to each other in the early half of the episode. 2.The scene with the cola machine bot with Lynn Minmay and Yoshio who wants cola is different where Yoshio wants to go pee, but in the Robotech version, he still wants more cola. 3.Lynn Minmay walking away scene with skirt cut out as it could be scene as inappropriate by some. 4.Violent explosion is edited by cropping the scene. 5. crap word changed to Hikaru English name Rick Hunter said by Roy Focker 6. Dame it changed to I can not take control of it said by Hikaru/Rick Hunter. Feedback would be welcome, and more episodes coming soon?
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