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Found 8 results

  1. Over the past few months I've been slowly updating, revamping, and modernizing my sites (yay CSS!). I've made enough progress to 'officially' announce it (and start a new topic as the original dates back to 2010!!!) Sketchley's Macross Translations The biggest change so far is an overhaul of the Glossary/Disambiguation page: now includes links to definitions in Macross Chronicle's Glossary pages, etc. eternal work in progress, so if you'd like a term added (or definition modified), please message me (alas, including all Macross names and terms are beyond the page's sc
  2. I've been waffling over posting this or not, but it's become clear that this resource of translated and organized material should be a little bit more visible for the Macross community. http://sdfyodogawa.mywebcommunity.org/ Macross Translations All translations that I've made available on the internet are indexed under the Translations header. They are kept up-to-date as I add new translations to the web. The easiest way to check for new content is to refer to the revision date in the upper-left corner. Reviews Slowly growing. Check back for updates! Translation Tools
  3. As a fan of Macross, and enjoying the Misa Hayase: White Reminiscenses Novel Translation from Gubaba (who is unfortunately banned from the site!). It would be nice for the Macross fans to do translations of the following Macross Novels/Manga/Audio drama/Video Game Story's in the style of Gubaba's Misa Hayase: White Reminiscenses Novel Translation. Here is the list Dreaming Prelude: My Fair Minmay Novel Macross: The First Manga Macross Inside Story: Macross Classic Audio drama Macross M3 Video Game for the Sega Dreamcast Macross: True Love Song Video Game Macross Generation Audio drama
  4. I have a question about translation of "Macross: Do You Remember Love?" I have seen three different subtitled versions and there is one scene I would like clarification on. After Max defeats Milia on the Meltrandi ship, they hear Minmay's song. Max walks towards Milia and says "Beautiful" (referring to Milia) In subtitle version one, Milia replys "Handsome" (referring to Max). In subtitle version two, Milia replys "Beautiful" (referring either to Minmay's song or Max, depending on interpretaion). In subtitle version three, Milia replys "Beautiful?" (as a question, seemingly not und
  5. So, to preface this, I just recently watched SDF Macross (original series) for the first time in my life in its direct dub form. Prior to now, I knew it only as the first 1/3 of Robotech, and filled in the pieces myself as I grew more familiar with the sequel series (II, Plus, 7, Zero and Frontier). Fortunately, outside of the creative liberties Robotech took, it was translated pretty closely to the original script, which made it easy to deduce the source material. Even names were similar enough to follow who was who. In watching the direct dub, however, I felt like something didn't sit righ
  6. I would like to pose a question. While I have seen related issues discussed obliquely here, the ethical muddiness and, well, controversy (deserved or not) has made me reconsider posing that question directly. I, therefore, chose to post the question to my blog, to avoid breaking any rules, written or unwritten, that I might otherwise be breaking. If a staffer would be so kind as to inform me as to whether or not the content of the linked material would be acceptable here, I'll go ahead and paste it into this post--I'm not trolling for his or anything moronic like that, is what I'm saying.
  7. I am in the middle of labeling my WWII Japanese IJAAF & IJN warbird collection; could someone translate or confirm the terms listed below? sentai = Squadron chutai = hikotai = dokuritsu = Hiko = Shidan = Shireibu =
  8. This is a transcript of an interview with Shoji Kawamori on September 24th, 1998. http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~pn7m-szk/macro...aku/5000hit.HTM Macross 7 Fun Net is one of those dinosaur fan-sites. Seriously, it needs a cosmetic update. Still, I came across this gem of an article yesterday while reading a quote from it in the recently-published mook "Chaos Anime Taizen" (details on which can be found here: http://www.amazon.co.jp/カオ...520&sr=8-4). The book contains a long essay on the mind of the Floating Head himself, but a particular quote from this particular interview caught my eye,
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