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  1. Elaborating on the release date, the images you posted after say: Re: HG 1/100 YF-19 Water decals: "Planned release date: Jan. 2023."
  2. What you've been presenting is a 'glass is half empty' interpretation, but the original text is 'glass is half full', if you know what I mean. ... and when it comes to Japanese, subtext and context make all the difference in the world.
  3. The 'core' of the foot looks like it slides up and down a bit (no idea how it doesn't pop off in the GERWALK pose). Note how the front tawny plastic is "inside" the grey foot parts on the left image, but resting on top of the foot parts in the right image. I don't think it's far enough to resolve the gap problem that Shawn was pointing out, though...
  4. That quote from Kawamori-san is actually quite informative as to "why" he got it. Long story short: Kawamori-san's modus operandi is to give everyone visually distinct mecha. And "among the existing Valkyries" in their CG library, the YF-29 fits the bill. Here's the DeepL translation for those that don't:
  5. Almost... however, the legs/hips are the parts that are common across all three modes.
  6. I think Seto's comment has to be taken with a grain of salt. IMHO, I think the context is which plane out of the movie quality CG model art assets that they already have.
  7. That's only half of it. The other half is the lack of material—they just aren't releasing stat laden books (e.g. This is Animation) or magazine articles (e.g. Great Mechanics.G) for Delta like they did before.
  8. The PS1/Sega Saturn Game Super Dimensional Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love? took it a step further: they introduced a "Jamming Station" ECM drone that was used to actively block transmissions from the Earth's side in and around the Bodoru Mobile Fortress. One of the game's final levels was to defeat it so as to allow the Earth side's transmissions through, and the resulting chaos enabling them to make their final attack inside the fortress. It's a shame that that game's reimagining of the TV series wasn't fully incorporated into later Macross productions, as I really liked the Quadoran-Nona and Zentrādi APC that appeared in that game.
  9. That's very true. The "helipad" may have been put there for use during construction and (in-universe) the spot was chosen because it was way up top and wide open. Personally, I think it was a greeble added because of 'rule of cool'—something that showed up in highly-detailed shots, but wasn't necessary when drawing at a distance (aside from describing form).
  10. I think "why did it separate?" isn't the right way of looking at it, as the ship was originally in 'Cruiser' form when it crash landed, not 'Storming Attacker' (or giant robot) mode. In the TV series, they rebuilt the Supervision Forces' ship as-is: as the bridge sections were originally separate, they stayed seperate. When the ship transformed mid-series, part of the rearrangement of the ship's sections included putting the separate bridge sections together—when it came to the bridge section, it's arguably so the antenna don't get mulched when the main gun boom arms rotate. The DYRL version follows the same process: because the original ASS-1 was that way, the rebuilt SDF-1 is the same way. (Unlike the TV version, an image of the pre-rebuilt SDF-1 is readily available here: http://www.macross2.net/m3/macrossdyrl/alienstarshipone-dyrl/alienstarshipone-dyrl.gif ) Production wise, I suspect that it was added as just another greeble on the TV version that looked cool when they transformed it (like how extra thrusters appear on the sides of the torso when the VF-1 transforms). Perhaps to make the animation easier to hand draw, it was removed from the movie version.
  11. Great Mechanics G 2022 Summer (2022.06) : VF-25 statue (part of the 'Life-sized Anime Robots' article) Theatrical Macross Delta: Zettai Live! assist. Dir. Yamato interview While the Zettai Live! article has a plethora of pictures, it has virtually nothing stat related (mostly character and story beats). The life-sized VF-25 is the one from the 30th anniversary, and has been displayed at Solamachi since 2014.* * https://cit-skytree.jp/exhibitions/実物大マクロスf-『バルキリー-vf-25f』/ Great Mechanics G 2022 Autumn (2022.09): SDF Macross 40th anniversary articles: the Era of Macross's Release Memory of Macross (music, toys, models) The Challenging Spirit of Macross Macross's (In)Famous Scenes The Era and Setting Understood From The Sizes The Birth of SDFM From The Main Staff's Perspective (Kenichi Matsuzaki [series structure and screenplay], Kazutaka Miyatake [mechanical design], and Shoji Kawamori [mechanical design]. A very large set of articles, however its focus is anything but stats. New pictures include size comparisons (E.g. VF-1 compared to the F-22, B-2, and the the Kamakura Buddha statue; SDF-1 compared to the Burj Khalifa, etc.) The last article includes pictures of the Destrover and Aquarius from "Genosiders" in a chart showing the development progression into the Bariantosu and Breast-fighter/Breast-soldier in "Battle City Megaroad" that became the base of Macross, which are pretty neat. More info here:
  12. Macross Ace. Top is vol. 006, bottom is vol. 007 (as per the posters 😉).
  13. Yes. In short, each fleet had a set of Factory Satellites, each one dedicated to producing one type of equipment—Mobile Weapon, warship, and so on. The sizes also varied, with the ones for Rigado, etc. being small (if 5–10 km can be considered small ), up to 100's of km for the warships. Macross Chronicle also stated that there are Factory Satellites producing things like the Mobile Fortresses, and they are mind-boggling huge. However, there's only one of those in the galaxy. So, yeah, each Boldoza-scale fleet has dozens, if not hundreds of Factory Satellites. And we know roughly how many of those large fleets there are. 😵
  14. Wasn't the 'we crashed a shuttlecraft, again' a running joke? In all seriousness, it was implied (if not downright depicted) that they were replicating components to rebuild lost shuttlecraft. However, the one thing that hasn't really been addressed (I'm up to season 5 eps. 20 at present), is how they restocked antimatter to fuel such things as warp drives (in shuttlecraft) and photon torpedoes. If memory serves, that and dilithium crystals aren't things that could be replicated.
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