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  1. In Korean it says "출격로보트텍". Literally "Sally (or Sortie) Robot Tech". So, it's not a mistranslation, just a (too) literal one. A couple of the kits says SBS-TV방영 (aired on SBS-TV). Digging a little deeper, I found something intriguing on this link about the voice actors for the South Korean version of Hikaru Ichijo: https://namu.wiki/w/이치죠 히카루 Apparently there were 3 versions of SDFM released in South Korea, and the "Sally Robot Tech" was the domestic name for the SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System) version.* * "Robot Tech" (as per the kits) seems to have been simplified to "Robotech" over the years (as per the Namu Wiki). Alas, my Korean isn't good enough to clarify if these kits are official or knockoffs/bootlegs. Anyhow, this link has the assembly and transformation instructions for one of the kits: https://bbs.ruliweb.com/family/232/board/300080/read/30125679 Here's another kit with instructions and sprues in yellow and neon green(!!!🤮) : http://totoy.com/product/신성과학-출격로보텍-프라모델/6795/
  2. It's fascinating to see behind the curtain at the inner working of TV/movie/etc. productions, isn't it? Alas, powerless episodic directors seems to be par for the course. How many directors was it that the MCU replaced because of 'conflicting' visions? I'm sure one could find other examples, but that's what comes to mind first.
  3. Thanks! I just wish that there was more information on Delta. Not so much on the Valkyries and spaceships, but on the character equipment side. SDFM, M7, and MF have pages upon pages of stuff on things from wristwatches to fashion and hair accessories. However, Delta only has smartphones and Freya's portable music player! 😢 Even with crew suits, Delta doesn't give us any new vacuum suits. At best we get Chaos's 'regular work uniforms' for when they're inside the pressurized hangars or groundside! 😭 (third section down, far right) http://sdfyodogawa.mywebcommunity.org/Stats/Statistics/Uniforms/MacrossUniforms.php#MD
  4. Who'd have thought that 'what's lying on my desktop' would end up on the 'workbench'. 😊 Please refer to the other links under 'Clothes & Equipment' for more ideas on such things as flight suits, uniforms, and equipment to round them out (E.g. Hikaru's SDFM Hand Light: http://sdfyodogawa.mywebcommunity.org/Stats/Statistics/personal/ClothesRadiosCampingSurvivalEquipment.php#SDFhandLight ) Fixed! Kazutaka Miyatake's design for that suit is both the most realistic, and the least like the other crew suits seen before and after it appeared—in short, it doesn't have EVA thrusters at the bottom of the backpacks, like all the other crew suits do. I really like how Miyatake-san added all the floating straps to help sell the idea that the person is working in a vacuum in zero gravity. However, it was only designed for a single shot (maybe two) for the opening animation of Digital Mission VF-X, which is why it is so much more complex then the other suits.
  5. Arguably, the VF-14 and its derivatives pick up some of its design elements—namely the engine nacelles and arms on outboard pods. If memory serves, apparently Kawamori-san once said that he doesn't like the VF-4 design.* So there's that. * No, he didn't elaborate on why he doesn't like it. However, one can surmise that it stems from the complicated transformation mechanism and the shoulder thing (whether or not they rotate, etc.) As he's visited the trimaran form multiple times (VF-14, Fz-109, Az-130A, arguably the VF-27, etc.), it's not the shape in fighter form that he doesn't like per se.
  6. The question should be "did the VF-4 use a gun pod?" And the answer is yes and no. No when it is outside of an atmosphere (mainly due to the effectiveness of the beam guns in outer space), and yes in an atmosphere. As for which gun pod (when one is used): the GU-11 is mostly used. Namely because later gun pods have replaceable ammo clips with smaller payloads, and the VF-4 has no place to carry spare ammo clips. Note: there is no information on whether each gun pod uses a specialized hardpoint (specific to each gun pod) or a general 'one-size-fits-all' hardpoint. Arguably, the VF-4 could carry any gun pod (except for ones that require a large external power source, a la the VF-27's beam gun pod).
  7. Elaborating on this: the Battle Class main gun was depicted at one point as having a "rapid fire" mode, in addition to the 'regular' giant-shot mode. Even if the 'regular' mode has exactly the same output as the one in the SDF-1, the "rapid fire" mode and having the big gun mounted in a smaller ship that can separate and fly independently of the larger ship makes the Battle Class version infinitely more versatile.
  8. It appears so. (notes the wrap around stickers on the tails and rear stabilizers, and the slight misalignment of the ones in the top intakes.)
  9. It would be nice if Macross Chronicle was picked up by another publisher and re-re-released with additional Delta content. But—given a multitude of reasons—that's a pipe dream at best.
  10. Chiming in on the general consensus: What Shawn said. I'd also like to add a bit on the "why" side: to get more things printed. If publishers are continually getting ripped off, they're not going to publish as much, and we all lose out. As there are less and less Macross books being published, I think this unwritten rule is even more vital then say 10 or even 5 years ago, when we were getting a glut of Macross F related publications. This issue is also one of the reasons why on my Macross translation's website I have the line: '(We) strongly encourage readers to purchase a legitimate copy (...)'.
  11. That's completely understandable. However, are you keeping a list of what you have (for personal use)? Just to keep from buying doubles, etc. (← speaking from personal experience, when life started getting too busy... )
  12. The only solution I had* was "paint it". So your red marker idea will not look worse. In fact, it'll probably turn out heads and shoulders better. And long term—you won't have to worry about the stickers half popping off! (← happened to me with the stickers for the wingtip running lights on the Bandai transforming VF-1 kits.) * Macross Delta VF-31 mini kits and their flat sticker that goes over the round cockpit.
  13. SDF-1: 1,200 m long Megaroad-01: 1,770 m long Given the size of the cityscape in front, the Megaroad-01 is a bit on the large size. However, the SDF-1 is way too small in that Flashback 2012 scene. Chalk it up to artistic licence to emphasize the scale of the Megaroad-01?
  14. That's similar to the technique used by Japanese modellers to put stickers on: using tweezers, touch the sticky side on water (to pick up a couple of small droplets) place the sticker in the right place roll out (and suck up) the excess water with a Q-tip, releasing the tweezers in the process when the sticker is sufficiently affixed.
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