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  1. As I use the light layout, thank you for explaining what happened. Reverted to Light, and so far it's business as usual (E.g. my custom search still works)—no bugs.
  2. Exactly what happened to mine. At the time, I suspected it was (bad) old glue. However, it looks like it's a manufacturing error—the way that the shoulder peg is assembled makes it inherently weak. Something like 1/2 the peg's base is molded on one half of the shoulder box, and one has to rely on plastic cement to "weld" the rest of the peg to the other half of the shoulder box.
  3. Nah, they're just too into air-blade racing: text translation: http://sdfyodogawa.mywebcommunity.org/OTother/Macross7trashVol01.php Macross 7 Trash pictures: http://sdfyodogawa.mywebcommunity.org/Stats/Statistics/PowerSuitM7Trash/PowerSuitM7Trash.php
  4. Well, they fit into the leg controls on the Regult... kind of like the high heels European men used to wear to help with horseback riding*. * "why did men stop wearing high heels?" - https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-21151350
  5. I totally agree with you—on the hand-drawn mecha. I think the Valkyrie designs in Macross 7 are the best, only because of the economy of line in them (one can sense the genius of the artist as so much is visually conveyed with so few lines). The designs from Zero and onward are just too visually complex. Kawamori-san has also said that there is less "cheating" with the CG designs. However, I think that part of the charm of SDFM and so on is the "anime magic" inherent to the designs.
  6. This highlights a culture gap between English speaking countries and Japan. In short, education is mandatory only until the end of junior high school (grade 9). Thereafter, people tend to go into either private high school, public high school, or something akin to a technical college (somewhere between high school and a trade school).12 In-universe, Macross has been treating Valkyries like they are cars since Macross 7. While it's ridiculous to assume that people would be trained in tactics and weapons just to get a basic 'driving licence', it's plausible that these characters are well
  7. It's the Boat of the Arusu. Here's the Macross Chronicle glossary entry for it: http://sdfyodogawa.mywebcommunity.org/MCRglossary/Glossary02a.php
  8. Two things to keep in mind about "retirement" in Japan: 1) many people continue working well after retirement age (if they were employed at a big company, that generally means they lose that job and work somewhere else: https://www.jeed.go.jp/english/elderly/index.html) 2) Kawamori-san can be classified as both a freelance worker and the boss of his own company. "Normal" retirement rules don't apply.
  9. Well, the "Meltrandi Assault Landing Ship" appears in VF-X2 as the "Embaterion Transport". It's not expressly described as a Meltrandi Ship. Just a fleet of transports being attacked by the enemy. A couple of "Medium Gunships" (Miria's Ship) also show up at various stages in the game, but just like the Embaterion, they're not clearly identified as Meltrandi (one is over an enemy base—said enemy uses Destroids and the VB-6), and another is part of an allied Valkyrie-using fleet (one led by one of the Jiinasu daughters, no less!) So, there's that to muddy the waters. A couple of equ
  10. You are basically disagreeing just to agree with him, you know. However, some context: there were numerous non-anime productions developed between the release of DYRL and MII. They include but aren't limited to publications and video games. ... and this is, of course, ignoring the existence of Flashback 2012, which is more-or-less a sequel. Back to the original topic: Macross II is officially part of Macross. How it fits in is anyone's guess. As Kawamori-san has described each and every Macross production as an in-universe interpretation of historical fact (like "Savin
  11. Even in the game version (for the PS1 and Sega Saturn) the creators deemed it "expensive", and reserved it for unit leaders—creating the lower-spec Quadoran-Nona for the lower-ranked personnel. Specifically a "simplified, mass-produced version for the average soldier", as apparently only the elite of the better-built pilots could handle the Quadoran-Ro! http://sdfyodogawa.mywebcommunity.org/Stats/Statistics/ZentraadiAerospace/Queadluun-Nona.php
  12. There's an easy fix to that: just call them all "VF" (as in Variable Fighter, their technical name. Valkyrie is their nickname.) I understand. However, look at it from a story telling point of view: the Zentraadi have defected, and most of them don't want to use the Rigaado anymore (and why should they? They've defected and have access to much stronger, and—more importantly—more comfortable war machines.) What about a Mardook fleet attacking a Zentraadi Main Fleet that hasn't come into contact with humans yet? That could be the pre-credits sequence that establishes ho
  13. That NX-01 is turning out quite nice. I'm envious that you can add it to your bookshelf!
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