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  1. That's correct. The full line is: "「ストライクパーツ」は150号までを予定しております。  ※実際の商品とは異なる場合があります。" Or ""Strike parts" is scheduled to be up to No. 150. * (What's seen in the video) may differ from the actual product."
  2. Well, considering that the article also introduces it as "the Valkyrie from 300 years later", I'm guessing that this was bleeding news at the time of publication, and the creators of Macross II were still in the process of developing the OVA. ... is it just me, or does it only have 1 (one) head laser?
  3. This. At best, they are a fun peak 'under the hood' to see how Macross tech works. But at the end of the day, they are fan produced content that is not official in any way, shape or form.
  4. Do you mean this? マクロス コミックゼントラ盛り 本誌に掲載された4コマ漫画や読み切り作品を収録。2011年3月26日発売。ISBN 978-4047156753 * https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/マクロスエース#単行本 If so, the correct reading is "Macross Comic Zentradi Serving" (as in "a serving of rice"). The description reads: "Includes 4-panel gag manga and one-shot works published in [the Macross Ace] magazine. Released on March 26, 2011." It's a collection of the following and other gag manga: ゼントラ弁当マクロス風 アキバ鉄工作。2009年から2011年まで『マクロスエース』に連載。本作を題材としたパロディ4コマギャグ漫画。単行本『マクロス コミックゼントラ盛り』に収録。 * https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/超時空要塞マクロス#漫画 (at the very bottom, just before the "game" section starts) Translation: "Zentradi bento-box Macross style By Akiba Tekko. Serialized in "Macros Ace" from 2009 to 2011. A parody 4-panel gag manga based on [Super Dimensional Fortress Macross]. It was included in the "Macross Comic Zentradi Serving" publication." ※ the titles (Macross Comic Zentradi Serving, Zentradi bento-box Macross Style) are playing on the ゼントラ丼 (Zentradi Bowl, as in Beef Bowl) thing that showed up accompanying events and attractions spawned by Macross F.
  5. Agreed. Macross Shoji Kawamori Designer's Note (Pg 235): "Mr. Kawamori (...) designed this VF-X3 Star Crusader (also known as the "Medusa Valkyrie" to make a more space fighter-like VF based on the VF-1 Valkyrie. Rather than mounting the exterior on the aircraft, he was reviewing the shape of the parts from the elements that make up the aircraft."
  6. It's a nice kit. However, it's also a child of its era. So there's no rubber grommets in the joints like the ones introduced in Gunpla. Due to that, the legs become a floppy mess if most of the joints* in them aren't glued solid. That said, the legs have great articulation. * there's like 5 spread out between the hip and knee (not including the "hip" where the legs attach to the torso)!
  7. Going back to this - it's definitely odd that they did it that way. It's almost like they didn't have access to the (Japanese) shooting script, and based the English dialogue on what they heard. As for where the 'new company' comes from, all of the following are read as "shinsei": 新生 (rebirth, new birth), 新制 (new system), 新製 (new make). There are other possibilities, too. So, the error is understandable. But, again, it boggles the mind that they either didn't have access to or just ignored the Japanese production materials (script, promotional artwork, line art, etc...)
  8. Yes, and no. The most common meaning is "nova" (as in a super nova's less destructive sibling). The second most common meaning is "new face, new star" (as in the new starlet was on the talk show last night). However, knowing that "Shinsei Industries" means "Nova Industries", it does put a new spin on "Project Nova" and "Project Super Nova", no? Was General Galaxy ever not the underdog??
  9. This. One solution to shrinking the finished image is to export it as-is into .gif (or some other lossless format) that Firefox can handle. Then use Firefox's print scaling option (goes from 10% to 200% of screen size).
  10. Books like Variable Fighter Master File claim that the Unified Forces only used NATO weapons. So, if you want to be 'authentic', there's that guideline. However, I'd go with your gut instinct on what makes the Commanchero look more lethal. There's been no material that said the Commanchero wasn't used by the Anti Unification Alliance—not to mention that the Unified Forces have a history of using Anti Unification Alliance weaponry—so anything goes.
  11. For a general idea: First, compare the changes he made to the VF-1 when he designed the VF-0. Next, look at the evolution of the VFs in CG from the VF-0/Sv-51, through the VF-25 to the VF-31. As you said, the sensor bits would be internalized—but if he's keeping the F-14 image source, then there's going to be some kind of chin sensor pod. In the "How Tough is Your VF..." series I drew*, I noticed a steady increase in complexity. While everything up to Macross F was relatively easy to draw (especially the SDFM and M7 Valkyries!), the VF-25 was where it started to verge on being too complex to hand-draw effectively. In short: it's not that the transformation, etc. is too difficult, but the shapes of the individual parts are not conducive to drawing, and the panel lines, etc. on the parts aren't helpful for conveying volume—in fact, they do a darn good job at highlighting mistakes! So, the net effect is it will look more streamlined/stealthy in fighter form, but things like the torso, arms and legs will be more complex with lots of concave, convex, hollow, and otherwise uneven surfaces. Not to mention gangly arms with a smaller head... * https://www.deviantart.com/studiootaking/art/How-Tough-Is-Your-VF-0-564358951 https://www.deviantart.com/studiootaking/art/How-Tough-Is-Your-VF-1-565535276 https://www.deviantart.com/studiootaking/art/How-Tough-Is-Your-VF-25-570988566
  12. Let's also keep in mind that it is a chunk of armour with significant weight. Maybe it's something that just can't be tacked on to Valkyries that have been designed around a transparent canopy because it throws off their weight balance.
  13. **spoiler warning** The Skywalker family (Luke and Kylo) overcome their self-doubts, seduction by the Dark Side, etc. and 'rise up' to overcome the threat of the Palpatine lineage—the resurrected Emperor among others. Rey is revealed to be Palpatine's granddaughter, and in rejecting her ancestry, basically adopts the Skywalker name because she fell in love with Kylo or something. Background: Dir. JJ Abrams rolled back most of the changes Dir. Rian Johnson made in The Last Jedi, and told a story full of nostalgia and fan service, without taking the series in any new directions.* So, we ended up with a convoluted mess of a film that tried to shove 3 movies worth of story into one film. Personally, I tend to ignore/forget those 3 sequels, and only really consider Solo and Rogue One worthy as being pseudo-sequels/prequels that embellish the movies when George Lucas helmed the franchise. * in his defence, his hands were tied and the story was creatively limited to a certain extent by the untimely death of Carrie Fisher.
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