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  1. I am getting a new bookcase so in order to make everything fit I needs a few more books Haha OUT Magazine Feb. 1984 - Macross & Orguss Genesis Climber Mospeada Coloring Book
  2. I tried to order the "YF-0 doujin" via Mandarake.com; however I and not finish the order due to not being able to read Japanese is there site where a non kanji reading person can order this?
  3. I finally got my copy of the "Macross Shoji Kawamori Designer's Note" it is amazing; however I really wish it was split into two Vol.'s the size and weight is ridiculous.
  4. I finally got my shipping notice from CDJapn yesterday; the order was held up for a day or so due to a shipping charge revision which they needed my approval for. Since I had four other books in my order I just went ahead and paid up so I could get this tome in the mail and in my hands ASAP.
  5. I have several Yamato 1-48's I need to transform and put back in their boxes; however I am having a hard time transforming them since I have not done it in many years. Is there a video reference for going from Battroid to Fighter. The only guide I can find on Youtube is from ScorchedEarthToys and their transformation videos are only good for one way transformations (fight > gerwalk > battroid)?
  6. “fansubber pirates” how else is anyone suppose to watch “Yamato 2199” if they don’t understand Japanese. I’ve downloaded Ep 1-10 of Yamato 2199; and am looking forward to March for Ep 11-14. If there is a English subtitled or dubbed version I will buy it for my collection until then thank god for BitTorrent.
  7. I am in the middle of labeling my WWII Japanese IJAAF & IJN warbird collection; could someone translate or confirm the terms listed below? sentai = Squadron chutai = hikotai = dokuritsu = Hiko = Shidan = Shireibu =
  8. David, I am sure you know much of what I am going to say but just for the hell of it here goes. If a SR ever fired a shot it would have been one hell of a trick considering it was a unarmed aircraft. A Ballistic missile submarines reason for existing is to lurk around not allowing the enemy or possible enemy to know were they are and if hostile action are taken then and only then they turn the offender into ash. The primary stated role of an F-22 is air superiority/air dominance and although the air to air guys have not had a lot to do for the past 10 to 15 years F-15C's are still being deployed because they work and if something breaks its usually because of fatigue. The most consistent things about the F-22 is that they kick ass on the practice range, break all the time, and have a ever increasing per unit cost every time they are in the news.
  9. If you want to go to war don't fly the Raptor, the F-22 has no real combat time to speak of. The F-22 spends its time intercepting Russian bombers, saber-rattling in Asia & the Middle East & showing off at airshows around the world. YF-22 Edwards AFB crash - 4-25-1992 - pilot survived/class A mishap F-22A Nellis AFB crash - 12-20-2004 - pilot survived/lost airframe - 53rd Wing 422 Test & Evaluation Sq - quoted cost $130,000,000 F-22A Edwards AFB crash - 3-25-2009 - pilot killed /lost airframe - 411th Flight Test Sq 412th Test Wing - quoted cost $140,000,000 F-22A Elmendorf AFB - 11-16-2010 - pilot killed/lost airframe - 525th FS 3rd Wing - quoted cost $147,672,000 F-22A Tyndall AFB crash - 5-31-2012 - pilot survived/class A mishap - quoted cost $35,000,000 in damage F-22A Tyndall AFB crash - 11-15-2012 - pilot survived/lost airframe - 43rd FS 325th FG - quoted cost $190,000,000 I wounder what the quoted unit cost will be for the next crash?
  10. A Gold book with a good slip case, Obi strip, poster, and film strip has been my great white whale for a while. Years ago I passed on a nearly perfect Gold book which had everything I wanted plus a custom sketch and autograph ever since then I have used that missed opportunity as the gold standard (pardon the pun) by which all other Gold books are judged. I will get a Gold book one of these days it just has to be the right one. Occasionally I replace a book with examples in better condition thankfully the majority of my collection are in very good condition.
  11. My Non-Macross Anime Manga & DVD collection
  12. My Anime & Macross book collection
  13. My Macross Manga, DVD, Video Game, & Post Card Collection
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