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  1. Could well be but in that case they would have most likely at least gave him a call asking how much he would do the movie for. To flat out write him off without even asking is odd but not unheard of.
  2. To sum up. Whatever takes too much energy, makes obvious what you are going to do, and puts you off balance when done.
  3. Even so the Federation appears to follow the western world rule that offspring are not guilty for the crimes of parents.
  4. Looking forward to it. Hopefully one of their better ones.
  5. But you can't watch that without also watching "The Grove Tube" It's like Abbot without Costello, Ernie without Bert, or Beevus without Butthead...
  6. Star Wars. No other movie has come close to shaping my interests. I hated scifi before that.
  7. Not a movie I plan on seeing but a Seventy Five Million domestic opening weekend is nothing to sneeze at. A very good indicator for future movies.
  8. I give him real credit for that. If you were to describe the physical features of the nasty villain type Clarence Bodicker is NOT it. Then Kurtwood Smith pulls it off and becomes one of the classic villains of all time.
  9. I don't assign any blame to Craig. After 9/11 the studio didn't think the old Bond formula would work any longer and they deliberately changed the character. Even at the time I thought that was a mistake and after 20 years the studio may be thinking it is time to bring more of the old formula back as well.
  10. Somewhere around where you jumped ship things start going back to basics. It ends with a strong focus on the core set of characters from the first books.
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