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  1. If you really want to stir up a fuss say you hate Macross 7 (or love it, either way works).
  2. Or, more likely, the plan was always to bring back a character or two as a season cameo.
  3. I saw it very clearly in that last trailer. If you did not that is fine but I will not be arguing about it.
  4. Another trailer is out and it looks like the money they saved with a modern day setting went to good use elsewhere. The more I see the more interested I get.
  5. Another reason I wait for home release to watch movies these days. The old bladder isn't what it used to be too...
  6. Another thing with GOT is it is shades of gray while LotR is Black and White. Bad guys are bad and good guys are good (except when their mind is being controlled or manipulated).
  7. I don't hate the first season like everyone else seems to. It wasn't great but it was entertaining enough and this one looks worth a watch as well. Maybe after New Frontiers comes out so I can binge it for a month.
  8. Star Wars was never Scifi from the start. It is Space Fantasy from start to finish. Nothing wrong with that (certainly not for the box office take SW has gotten over the decades) of course.
  9. Han shooting first was not bad - he had no choice. Episode six (where Vader is redeemed with some of the most dreadful writing) is when SW went down the crapper. The prequels cemented that locale.
  10. I saw news for a Japanese release. IIRC it was April. If trends hold from before (IIRC again) the English release follows in about six months.
  11. I have not kept track. Is this still in development and stalled due to world events or has it been dropped?
  12. Yes, roughly 30 years. So it would be a bit of a problem continuing with the same cast.
  13. I'm not a Transformers guy so I don't pop into this thread often so if this has already been posted or doesn't actually fit or isn't officially licensed (if it is isn't it is certainly skirting IP ownership laws.). A transforming Optimus Prime toy that goes at a pretty decent clip. https://www.facebook.com/watch?v=688999332265938
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