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  1. Well, that would be an argument for sticking with the original formula. Though the sequel wasn't terrible it wasn't all that good either. They did try something different though!
  2. A few (precious few) good sequels does not negate the fact that most are crap or try to amp things up to make up for the fact that the big reveal already happen. The reactor sequence was the worst bit of Aliens too - when they fell for a whole batch of stupid plot holes. Any half trained idiot (Gorman) would have recalled the troops to arm them with weapons they could actually use. So I stick with Aliens going with as an action film instead of horror sequel was the best move. Then again I wish more franchises would try switching things up like that.
  3. LOTS of bullets in most cases, and you have to be very careful that they are far away when you shoot them due to the acid blood. The reality is that all the horror reveal had been done in the first movie, the second movie could have just been more of the same or something different. Luckily they pivoted from horror to an action movie.
  4. Don't remember her in Time Bandits, a good excuse to watch it again (don't really need an excuse to watch Time Bandits though). She did a perfect version of Olive Oil.
  5. Having seen the abysmal state hand drawn animation fell in the early eighties I don't bemoan the loss of it. The Watchman ad looks no different then the movie, since I found the comic a talky bore I can't really compare it to that to see where the difference is either.
  6. It probably would not be my thing anyway but the trailer being so bad I would not finish watching even it takes it to a new level.
  7. Lightning Lane finally getting a plan ahead option. Depending on price I may start using it. The old version where I had to get up at 7 to sign up was a drag. Even worse was having to take the first open time slot. Once again though, price will determine if it is a ripoff (ok, from one sense charging for something that was free is an automatic ripoff)
  8. It did take long enough for the apprentice kid to notice Smiley fight her master to a standstill, and in true stupid Jedi fashion (going all the way back to Phantom Menace when Qui-Gon goes after Maul instead of waiting for Obiwon to catch) she goes after Smiley instead of trying to keep her distance at least.
  9. When you can't afford to shoot the movie in a city go find someone's back yard in the woods.
  10. Very soon after Darth Smiley revealed himself he managed to take on pretty much the entire lot of Jedi without too much trouble. That would have been a good point at which to send in a report. Then again they did send the one guy back to the ship and he got distracted.
  11. Looks like they might still have the Ghibli magic. Hopefully it is as good as the animation looks.
  12. Direct to Amazon? Another bad sign. That and making me think of "Leanord: Part 6" is a bad omen. But being on Amazon I can watch it without paying anything extra.
  13. Sometime they do the smart thing but whenever lazy writing requires - they don't. REALLY lazy (like this episode of The Acolyte) they don't even try to explain away why they do not try to report in. Anything from ship stuck and bad guy has parts to a storm makes it impossible for a while would do.
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