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  1. Nobody gave it a second (or even a first) thought. The alternative was to have Marty pop out of existence instantly and then how would he go back in time to fix it? (Don't answer that - there is not answer)
  2. The lack of maintenance is one of the things I hope gets addressed by Iger even though the lack started under his watch - it just got really bad the last couple years. Rides going down more often and the general lack of cleaning and "polish" has been notable lately.
  3. Which, with our current level of understanding (IE, none) means pretty much nothing.
  4. The Epcot crater or the RR being out of commission for years shows that even easy peazy has not been so easy for Disney lately.
  5. In the trailer he appears to be shown at multiple points in time, not just pre-WWII and not just the "present" (whatever that is, late sixties or early seventies). So time travel may be involved or the story may be taking part over a long arc of time. At any rate it looks good.
  6. I still need to give this a watch (so many other things to see now though, spoiled for choice instead of the scifi/fantasy desert of a few years back). I don't expect much, Willow the movie was not really good, kinda mediocre really but had a bunch of well done parts to it. Warwick Davis did great and his character was good for example but most of the others were cookie cutter. So to end the rambling, if the series is decent fun I'll be happy.
  7. The Merger with Apple seems far fetched at best - if that does not setoff anti-monopoly alarms then nothing would. Also - A LOT of what went wrong can be traced back directly to Iger's time. With the exception of Chapek being a horrible spokesperson. The tone of the messages Iger is putting out versus what Chapek said is nearly a 180 while the substance is the same - layoffs and hiring freezes. As for Star Wars in particular. Movie wise tt has underperformed, BADLY, so no matter what the reason the person at the top is going to go one way or the other.
  8. Here is one on the Enterprise C (well, a sister ship to it - the curator explains). Neat to see the comments on how it was built for filming TV episodes and NOT as a display model.
  9. More like early Babylon 5 (with songs instead of just talking). All the interesting stuff happens off screen and the characters talk about it. (not exactly - since very little interesting stuff happens). In macross (the original) there is plenty of action to go with the singing. Later Macross shows it varies.
  10. If she likes singing she should like it. If not there is really not much going on, lots and lots of exposition (lots of it through singing) and not much elsewise.
  11. I watched, most, of Disenchanted last night. I wasn't expecting much since it was a straight to D+ sequel and the promos did not look interesting either. The original was a great little Romp that made good fun of the genre. This one tried to get the same magic back but misfires. The songs were just not that interesting and dragged on IMHO. Then near the end I just turned it off so I'm not exactly sure how it ends and will probably never know...
  12. Not just call backs, it was one of the very few instances in the show where a character changed and the change stuck in future episodes. This episode is second only to the one where Picard goes home and "reconciles" with his brother. Brilliant performances by both actors in that one.
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