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  1. At least on the PC the originals are still available. I do not like the idea of more "Supa Killa" heroes. They show up and knock down any normal character ruining a multiplayer match. For a story mode game they are fine.
  2. From that one line I can easily say it has practically nothing to do with the books.
  3. looks terrible, but perhaps fun. A solid maybe for watching when it ends up streaming somewhere.
  4. It might be easy but not due to the theme. They had to rip out and replace all the foliage and a large chunk of the animatronics (though from rumors the animatronics are mostly just gone). The mechanical part of the ride is identical so they didn't spend anything on that. Over at Mickey Views on youtube (young guy but he does a heck of a good job) I saw the new Tianna animatronic and that one is very impressive - so we are losing a bunch but at least one of the new ones is well done.
  5. For a while there the percentage chance of completing a 25 mission tour of duty was in the single digits. P51 drop tanks (allowing them to stay all the way on long range missions) and even more so fighter airbases on the mainland changed the odds to be much better.
  6. I had a good chuckle when I found out Carl did the voice for Combat Carl. A very nice touch. Going to miss him in future Mandalorian projects.
  7. Hard to say which would be the scarier thought. That someone thought that trailer would entice anyone to want to see Road House remake or that the trailer actually would entice someone to see the Road House remake.
  8. True - if you are going to have a character have a big plan then you MUST have some idea what that big plan is before you start shooting the show.
  9. I remember it stopped being a must watch for me somewhere along the line after the first few episodes and I am not sure that I have seen them all to this day. Yes the initial FX were great but after that there were very few new FX shots, mostly recycled shots over, and over, and over, and over, and over...
  10. To be fair - the original was going nowhere after the first few excellent episodes. The last few episodes, where the Cylons found them again were good too, the batch just before that were abominations.
  11. The "FX" for the cartoons keep getting better and better. It really is a shame they have to pull punches since it is a "kids" show - this holds up a lot better then the sequel trilogy.
  12. No. If it were the Our Star Blazers site would report it right away.
  13. Before that it was generally shooting down some poor slob that did not see you and then bravely running away. Dogfighting is what happens when things go wrong. (Which granted, happens a bunch but most aces throughout history were good at choosing a target and getting an early advantage - if they could not they hit the road to come back another day)
  14. For most people they are already gone. Only passholders have to deal with it anymore and I think even for them it will be gone by the end of the year, either by "good to go days" being nearly all the time or just outright going away - but Disney seems intent on making things more complicated then necessary. As for why by the end of the year? That little construction project a competitor is finishing up in 2025 - when Disney doesn't have anything new in the pipeline (only new stuff they have had the past few years was due to being WAY behind schedule on Tron and Guardians, all they have in the pipeline now is reskinning existing attractions).
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