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  1. It is blatantly obvious at times that it was remastered. The FX don't quite match up with the original footage since it is obvious what was redone FX. The cleaning up of the blemishes and remastered sound is all great though. The one you HAVE to see in the remastered version is "The Doomsday Device" since they did an excellent job with that one, the redone FX make the episode's FX match up to the story in a way they could not pull off in the sixties.
  2. I usually have problems (needing to turn up gamma quite a bit) with scenes in the dark and didn't have any trouble with the one in Kenobi. As for not killing Vader, some kind exposition would have helped, maybe having Qui Gon show up just then telling him not to. (OK, maybe a bad idea but hard to think of anything else). The bit with young Leia doesn't really mesh with Star Wars either - you think she would have mentioned him helping HER previously...
  3. It was also the FIRST story to get Tasha Yar's character right. A real pity it took so long. Worf was also patched up somewhere along the way, from the growling snarling non-menace to an interesting character with depth.
  4. Even season 3 of TNG is mostly abysmal. Though near the end it really starts to get better.
  5. The few making of shows I have watched on Toy Story say that Buzz went through a number of revisions and one of them was as a fifties space toy. The overall design still looks a lot like that fifties style toy but with early nineties style electronics.
  6. Obi Wan needed to learn how to speak with those that have passed on, Yoda mentions that at the end of episode 3. He is shown practicing (or trying) once or twice in the series. I'm guessing the last scene (or near the last scene) will be him succeeding in doing so. Once again this breaks continuity a bit, Luke is able to hear Obi Wan without any training on how to do so.
  7. I think all but item 2 is going to happen. For item 2 the speech Vader actually did say "when I left you...". Of course he never really "left" in any real sense, being left to die in agony in lava doesn't really count on that score.
  8. Just remembered where I saw a musical thing or two for a horror/bad guy focused movie "The Abominable Doctor Phibes" - it is not a recommendation for doing so. Good old Svengoolie, would never have known of this movie or that it had a sequel (which is slightly better, make that less terrible).
  9. I don't think the show is trash, forgettable pretty much covers it. I wasn't hoping for more but actually expecting much worse. Some of the complaints I don't agree with either - sure Ben is not acting like a hero Jedi - Hero Jedi get NOTICED and that is the last thing he wants to have happen. I think the show did (well Ewen did) a good job showing his inner termoil at wanting to help and knowing that doing so is the worst thing he can do at the moment. Where the show falls apart is having none of the existing Jedi apparently be smart enough to start a resistance group or two on their own. Part of THAT is due to Star Wars (the original without roman numerals) make it clear there were no Jedi left except Ben and Yoda - so the Rebel Alliance has nobody with force abilities working with them. Worse is all the Inquisitors running around with EVERYONE seeming to know who they are and being afraid of them while Star Wars made it plain that most people had no clue there were any force users left. I'm rambling, to sum up - to do a prequel with known characters was a landmine strewn path (yup, I mentioned that before)
  10. Much better would be a story where Obi Wan showed up for part of an episode. Then people would have been freaking out over him showing up... (without advertising he would be in it and not making him take up the last 3 or 4 episodes from the "main" character)
  11. And that is as far as I have ever gotten with the second Temple of Doom. That scene alone was so horrible I turned it off and have never watched the rest.
  12. As I said, it is a movie series where people can live in Space with just an oxygen mask. The idea it is colder on Hoth at any time then in the upper atmosphere is pure nonsense. > Oh and here's another one , if you want . What was Lukes speeder called in ANH?😜 Carnival ride 101...
  13. The upper atmosphere of any planet is COLD. So for a flying vehicle to need modification to operate in cold weather is nonsensical. Bein Star Wars where people can exist with just a loose fitting air mask in space I guess nonsensical is not such a problem.
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