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  1. Podtastic

    Hi-Metal R

    You can have any mecha you want as long as its a valkyrie.
  2. There is no hurry, you spent a lot of money and its worth making sure you get a good result. And there is of course the option which some people use, which is to commission a professional to do the build for you.
  3. Anyone know where the "oversized" Gurab would come next to the HMR Regult? If this is right then I could make do - even if ideally it could just be a tad larger - otherwise I will have to pit them against my Revoltech Regults instead.
  4. The Imperial Fists have finally joined their Ultramarine battlebrothers.
  5. So would I but I. But to my own scale, not the official scales. Even the "oversized Gurab" is probably not even half the height I want it to be.
  6. These size comparison charts are laughable. I just ignore them. It makes perfect sense for a Zentraedi Soldier to be the same height as a Battroid, if the Battroids were designed for infantry actions against them. It does not make any sense for a Battroid to be able to squeeze into a savagely nerfed Zentraedi's uniform. Nor does it make any sense for a Zentraedi soldier to be a larger size when wearing a duty uniform, and a smaller size when wearing armour. Nowhere in the show do we see Britai or Kamzin towering over soldiers to this absolutely ludicrous extent. If the animatio
  7. Thanks for all your hard work on this project Cap. Epic.
  8. With a pattern sticker on the chest it could pass for a Stardroid Raider.
  9. Absolutely. I want the larger version, so my Regults don't get knee cramps trying to shoot at them. Actually to be in my scale both the Gurab and the Regult should be around this size: I'm joining this queue.
  10. Someone tell me what kind of a world we are living in where sci-fi collectors wouldn't want Eldar Aspect Warriors? I'm all for them giving us Blood Angel, Raven Guard and Dark Angel primaris, but at some point we need something else - like Terminators and Xenos.
  11. Podtastic

    Hi-Metal R

    It sure has. And its tedious, I have all the valks I will ever need. If they want my money they will have to start releasing the Zentraedi stuff. Starting with the Regult Scout.
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