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  1. Next installment in my Napoleonic figure collection, Royal Scots Line Infantryman vs French Old Guard. How can you watch this and not want to get the action figures?😁
  2. Those would be in my scale range for scaling with Matchbox Armoured Zentraedi warriors.😆
  3. Um...now might not be a good time for some thing like that... Well if its a toy then all the child safety requirements kick-in. Lightsabres can get away with not being hard and sharp. Seriously a proper working ornithoper, .i.e. one that can actually fly by beating its wings, would really be something. And the Sardaukar could have been collectible figures if their vaunted combat prowess was highlighted on screen and they had really spiffy uniforms, rather looking like guys come to clean up a toxic waste spill.
  4. For those of us with 10 fingers, rather than 12, that's approximately 5 mm.
  5. Genestealers! Yes! The Tyranid incursion has begun! Now we need Tactical Terminator Armours.😀
  6. It's really sad, the mess that was made with the Predator. A big part of it was changing the simple but very workable premise, that of an alien hunter coming to earth to hunt the most dangerous game, to the Predators being gene collecting freaks. The former has so much potential if you think about all the savage carnivores that have roamed the earth, and all the different military forces and conflicts there have been throughout the earth's history. The latter just sucks. Going around collecting the DNA of a clearly slower, weaker and dumber species to modify your own is beyond retarded...its also tasteless.
  7. Think about what a Crys-knife is. If it has a uniquely crafted shape I can understand. But if it's just a sharp jagged shard - how could you suspend disbelief that you just bought a sharp jagged shard of whatever.
  8. Thousand apologies guys. I deleted the truthful but perhaps controversial comment. The point was that heightened political consciousness makes Dune's power politics more understandable. On another note Dune also seems somewhat lacking in collectible assets. It has some interesting things like the ornithopter - and a proper ornithopter would be something - but is sadly lacking compared to some other franchises.
  9. That's all I can find in my Robotech Southern Cross visual archive, albeit I actually got those from the net. I dont recall any others. Maybe someone with some Japanese source material may have more, I'm not aware. I'd be surprised if there is.
  10. As a teenager I could never get into Dune as it seemed too cold and distant from the human perspective to me. It was all about vast sweeping changes in human society over great lengths of time. I never liked it, it didn't have Star War's heart.
  11. Good Grief. Aside from the price...the size. How would I ever to fit that in my little pondokkie?😲
  12. May have seen it back in the day. Read the book. Will check it out. I have the Band of Brothers boxed set. Also Pacific. Really enjoyed those. I also have the German Generation War, which is a little similar but with German soldiers rather than Americans. Subtitled.
  13. Seen it. Recorded the action back in the days of vhs. Have it on dvd. Also a fan of sword slashing samurai action.😁 We know what is going to happen in most war movies anyway.😆 I dont watch live action movies for the plot - most of them are so formulaic you can often predict exactly what is going to happen anyway. Three modern war movies I'd love to see made would be one about Operation Barbarossa (although that should probably be a miniseries), one about about the battle of Borodino, and one about the battle of Pydna.
  14. Well most of the live action movies they make nowadays dont impress me, considering what they could be making. What I really love is a good war movie.
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