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  1. A catchy song to sing in the shower. 😇
  2. This was my fave song back in the 90's during my study pressure years. "It is better to burn out, than to fade away!"🤣
  3. Well Star Wars is a mix of both, but its never been hard sci-fi. We have slo-mo-jo lasers and sounds in space after all. Now I appreciate the odd technical manual that tells me how blasters, TIE fighters and Deathstar Superlasers work as much as the next person, but there is such a thing as going too far. I refer here to the Midi-Chlorians, which seemed to me an attempt to retro-rationalise the quasi-mystical nature of the Force away by people who "cannot allow the supernatural a foot in the door."
  4. I did watch it...and instantly forgot it. Nothing in it was worth my time, other than the scene featuring the Imperial Naval Troopers. And then only because I hoped it meant Hot Toys was FINALLY going to make the Death Star Trooper.🙄
  5. Masterchief has arrived!😁 Just need an Arbitor/Forerunner/ Some Flood now.
  6. Han wasn't THAT much of a good guy a first, he was a cynical world wise smuggler who primarily looked out for number one. Shooting first was perfectly in character, and meant that he read the situation and got the drop on Greedo. Allowing Greedo to shoot first makes him look like an idiot who was super lucky that Greedo can't aim at point blank range.
  7. I still prefer 3 fingers myself because it kind of goes with the triple everything theme of these Bioroids. Are options a possibility? And how many fingers on the Scout then?
  8. Episode 3 and I have finally seen something that I've wanted to see ever scince I first saw Chewbacca being led into Jabba's Palace in chains in ROTJ. A Wookie fighting Gamoreans in close quarters. Admit it, we were all anticipating it back in the day. I just wish the fight scenes werent so damn dark.
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