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  1. Super Klan Klang available for pre-order today from your favourite webshops: http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10119516 http://www.amiami.jp/shop/?set=english&vgForm=ProductInfo&sku=FIG-MOE-1917&template=default/product/e_display.html Taken from amiami: Complete Pre-painted Figure Non-scale (appx. 1/72) Details Sculpted by Mohio Production Support by Uplark Color by Tc Gearing up for the release of the next Macross F movie, Sayonara Tsubasa, comes Clan Clang depicted wearing Mikhael’s Super Pack from Episode 21 of the series! Clan’s Zentradi bodylines have been reproduced in all of their destructive beauty, and the Super Pack itself is removeable. The largest entry yet in the Excellent Model series, this is the definitive Clan figure that fans have been waiting for!
  2. I agree totally. My hobby buying habits changed significantly since I have my first PC (IBM-XT clone). In the 80s, I used to buy lots of plastic kits (Air-fix, Tamiya, Hasegawa) and D&D pen and pencil modules and rulebooks. All that changed when I have my first PC. The moment F-16/X-wing/Tie fighter/racing simulators, PC-RPGs games are available on the PC, I saved hundreds of dollars a year on my hobbies. Besides, it's more "realistic" and fun seeing things get blown up on screen vs pretending to zoom 2 model planes pass each other physically or on board games with tokens.
  3. So, the YF-23 out-accelerating the the "after-burnered" F15 easily is like the real counterpart of the scene in Macross Plus where the YF-21 basically did the same thing to the VF11-B during the test flight scene with the missiles. Thanks guys for this thread and the info here. Pilots are a rare breed imo. And test pilots are the rarest of the rare. I mean, one is facing death everytime one flies in a test prototype. I'm actually surprised there are sane people that volunteers for this job, especially since one isn't getting a multi-million dollar paycheck for it. p.s. My Singapore President gets paid US$2 million annually just for rubberstamping stupid money losing policies of the govt. and shaking hands with babies. p.p.s. We voted for them both (the president and govt). <FACEPALM>
  4. I think this clearance sale (from many webshops for other items I might add) is to do with the peculiar Japanese tax system. Companies that cannot clear their last year's inventory have to pay a tax on these unsold items. The rationale is to prevent wastage. That's why there's usually plenty of clearance sales during the Feb/Mar period from Japanese producers.
  5. Agree. My QB Leina (Reina) banpresto figure (also in a 2 piece swimsuit) just came in. Not bad for a 1100yen figure.
  6. The eyes are too big, and the nose isn't sculpted properly. Compare the mass-produced items with the prototype: Mass-produced: http://ngeekhiong.blogspot.com/2010/03/ban...-macross-f.html Prototype: http://ngeekhiong.blogspot.com/2010/01/ich...ss-f-false.html
  7. Grave of the Fireflies, right? Yup. One of the most, if not most heartbreaking story I've ever heard, read or watched. God, my eyes are already watering slightly now...
  8. Thanks for all these anecdotal stories about the health hazards related to airbrush usage. I too used to airbrush alot during my teen years. Nowadays, in my late 30s, I only use normal brushes because the fumes from airbrushing gives me a bad headache, even though I use a full face 3M filter, airbrushed just outside my apartment in the stairway lobby, and only stick to acrylic paints (Tamiya). Yeah, the new completed work doesn't look as great as my old airbrushed ones, but I would like to be around to see my daughter graduate.
  9. Same sentiments here. Patience does pay off sometime.
  10. Nope. It just means you're a regular, hot, blooded male. Unless you're a woman. Then, it's even cooler. Nothing beats Lesbians in the coolness factor in my book. My top 3 favourite famous lezzies: K.D Lang (Kathy Lang; love her songs and her beautiful voice), Ellen Degeneres, Portia De Rossi (Amanda Rogers aka Mrs Degeneres).
  11. DAMN YOU!!! I HATE YOU!!! Jokes aside, you're right. I actually didn't noticed this TomaFROG until you point out about how the 2 MGs look like eyes of Kermit. Anyway, you just saved me $100. I was going to pre-order this until your comment. Also, this is an KIT, NOT a completed toy. Kinda expensive for a kit. I got my 1/100 Volks KOGs kits for Y3,000 each. And those KOGs are much bigger in real size.
  12. It's an OverDard sculpt. Big boobs, wide hips and tiny heads are his signature design. I'm not complaining. I just treat it as an re-interpretation of Sheryl by another artist. OverDard also sculpt lots of other popular female characters like Chun Li and Mai Shiranui before.
  13. Looks like an OverDard sculpt. The face and chest looks very familar, and almost identical to my collection of OverDard's figures. OverDard's known for his massive chest figures. Yujin did produce his g-kit works for general sales before. But Yujin's quality sucks. I'm glad Daiki took over the release of his works recently.
  14. You want a re-color version? But I'm surprised that Yamato hasn't done their green TV re-color for this piece. I guess the fact that it didn't sell well was a factor. As a current owner of 2 red Q-raus and 1 blue Max-rau, I don't think I will buy another green re-color version unless it's a new sculpt.
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