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  1. i finally have something to add to this thread i started building my family in the shape of different gundam models, choosing the model that best fits their personality. i here by present my son as a gundam
  2. damn it just as i am getting close getting it right in building my own vf-2ss they make one too >_<. oh well i know what i am getting for my birthday and i am gong to copy and customize it to heaven or hell.
  3. does anybody know that madox is actually based on an U.S. airforce design. the program was called pitman it ran 2 times. in 1942 en somewhere between 1970-1980. it was based on the idea of making it possible for 1 man to re-arm a bomber. it was canceled because the suite was to dangerous for bystanders.
  4. i didn`t see the vf2-ja i did see some of the others at wonderfest i took some pictures of upgrade kits that looked very good to me. i would love to share them now but i am using my sister in laws computer so my options are limited.
  5. i saw arcadia`s "new" models at wonderfest yesterday it didn`t look that differant from what we knew as the last version from yamato. to me it looked like the same molds as befor. could be wrong
  6. if you want to mix paint with water use demineralized water or something similar. my dad is a pro spray painter and he told me paint will become bad if you mix it with tap water. his exact words were that the paint becomes moldy
  7. i hope janx will be finished soon then there will be a printable DIY kit of the vf2ss available
  8. actually no, if you use LEDs they will work on ac too just if the frequency is to low of the AC powersupply then you can see them go on and off just like CRT computerscreen. what is also possible is use an LED to light some plaxiglass. if you shine a light on the side of it then the whole panel lights up and any scratches in the material become lightup lines more brighter lit then the rest of the panel so polisching is required. i think when i start my next project i will give this technic a try.
  9. reading the article on wiki makes me think that if you buy EL wire you can cut it and maybe be able to make your own custom light source in any shape and size. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electroluminescent_wire here a store that sells them. http://www.elbestbuy.com/index.html i think you can cut and shape little bits of the wire and create your own el light. to anyone who wants to try it, good luck.
  10. i saw they didn't post it here yet so i will show it to the rest of us macross lovers. pure vf2ss love for more pictures go here: http://www.papermodelers.com/forum/figurin...2-vf-2ss-6.html
  11. the prices are good in fukuoka there is another shop that sometimes is even better but i on't remember it's name. yes fukuoka is my japanese base of operations. the inlaws live there
  12. what is even more fun design and make your own landing gear. i did it for my vf25F 1/72. as it retracts the wheels rotate 90 degrees so they lay flat against the engine.
  13. sorry don't know the answer to that one, darkwind. i always go to bic camera
  14. yes on that picture it has dam in accurate models. >_< ever since new un spacy went down i am finding it hard to find good referance pics. but because of the angle it could also be based on the landing gear of an F16. a side view would be best for judging the landing gear. older colleges have noticed that the vf1 looks like it is using parts from a lot of older fighters like: f14, f4, f15
  15. sorry no the f18 mainlandingear has a hinge in the middle to obsorbe the impact of a carrier landing while the vf1 has strayed legs with a cilinder to obsorbe the impact of landing. i don't have much detail right now (office) but from what i saw that is the main differance. to clearefy what i mean the F18 main gear is basicly "L" shaped while vf1 has "I" shaped main gear. nose gear is about the same i think but i didn't look at it very well now. and to evil bones OTAKU means something like strange anime obsesed person.
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