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  1. I bought a dvd at comicon. Not bad quality. Looked good on my 40" but far from blueray definition. Fun flick. Kinda like the "independence day" of japan. A LOT of it echoed Galactica
  2. amen. my 1/60 tv max looks glorious on the mantle
  3. I got the VF-1S with attack packs. It was $30. Not the best price, but I NEVER see macross stuff around so I was a bit smitten. There were also a ton of yamato macross stuff around for sale (except at either the HLJ or the Yamato U.S. booths...not surprising) but it was all WAY overpriced. Anyway, Other than the parts forming part of it all, I think it's a great little toy. Looks great in fighter mode!
  4. I just bought my 1st 1/100. Got itat comicon. I like the look of it but wish the materials were a bit more heavy duty. Looks great in fighter mode with it's attack packs and stuff. Man, i wish this thing existed when i was 10
  5. I have one of these that I got when I was in hong kong. it's a novelty piece of garbage. Great idea but they don't really stay together.....
  6. I also have NO idea why the tax system is so fickle. My VF-25f with armour parts just showed up on my doorstep one day from hlj...no taxes involved. Then last week, my 1/72 fine molds millenium falcon showed up from hlj with a $30 tax bill! (sorry for the derail. please continue raving about the macross!)
  7. probably cheaper. I bought a 1/48 cannon fodder valk for under $100 in hong kong a couple of years ago.
  8. of mine? 1/60 tv max 1a of one that they don't make? 1/48 tv roy
  9. no it's not you. Factory weathering looks like crap. really. it's awful. relic'd guitars look better that this.
  10. I was never big on the whole "sd" thing, but those look awesome!
  11. thanks guys! My wife can play it well but since we were the ones getting married, she couldn't do both tasks. Our pianist had a lot of music to learn for it an this fell through the cracks. So we just went with the DYRL? recording. It worked well, but seemed a little off considering everything else war live.
  12. So the GF and I want to use "do you remember love?" as our recessional. Nerdy I know, but what the heck? Anyway are there any resources out there for a piano arrangement? Our guy could figure it out, but we've given him a lot of music to learn already. anyone? Thanks!
  13. I'm looking for the original version, not the ranka version anyone know where I can find this? thanks!
  14. pondo

    Yamato Sale @ HLJ

    Those things are like $80 over at over-drive. But max is $32 at angolz.....
  15. pondo

    Yamato Sale @ HLJ

    their prices are actually really great! It's funny that the sales just keep rotating around. Each company always has at least one item that is significantly cheaper than the rest. I got a 1/60 tv max from hlj recently. After shipping, it was like $80
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