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  1. Got some buffing done on the new to me Camaro. I bought online and had it shipped. Claimed it had near museum quality paint. Damn thing was swirl marked to hell. Got the front bumper and rear spoiler done today. Hopefully get more done tomorrow and eventually ceramic coat and clear bra the front.
  2. Done and done. Don’t care how much extra I paid. Just went on BBTS and easily preordered. I’m kinda psyched for battroid. My yamatos can hold down fighter.
  3. Yeah I totaled my 02 sunset orange SS 7 or 8 years ago. Missed that car. Really wanted another orange one but good luck finding one. Carfax shows like 6 owners on this thing but only had 2k miles up to about 10 years ago. Now it’s up to 14k
  4. just popped in to say ROTS is in my top 3 Star Wars movies. the tension in say, oh, the last third of the movie was intense.
  5. White does look good but do I need 3 ahsokas? edit: I caved and ordered with my sideshow points.
  6. I like the matte finish but still think I prefer the gloss for fighter mode. I’ll display the matte in battroid.
  7. I’m kinda liking what I’m seeing. Not perfect in any mode I don’t think but it works. Never beat Yamato fighter mode though.
  8. Hera wasn’t the best character. Anakin was great, Baylon was great, thrawn and shin were good. Didn’t mind Sabine. Ahsoka ok.
  9. Have $300 in sideshow points. Prob go something Star Wars but can’t decide on what.
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