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  1. The PF was the only valk I have really looked forward to for a while now. But owe some taxes so I guess I’m better off waiting
  2. Not sure how I feel about bespin Luke but that KENSHIN HIMURA is 🔥
  3. Man I’ve really been looking forward to that PF for a while now….. jeez
  4. I’m in. I love the oddball stuff.
  5. ErikElvis

    Macross figures

    Just paid for Basara and Mylene at amiami.
  6. GBP is pretty awesome. I’d say go for that first. But you could always eat ramen for a month and get both.
  7. I liked the last episode. I was interested the whole time. Maybe he’ll get a carbonate freezing chamber trailer to tag along with him….. or maybe something like a trailer. Or call it a caravan to make it classy.
  8. Anyone know anything about old high standard 22 handguns? Picked up a couple. Super light triggers. I think ones a citation. Ones a 103 and I forget the other. The citation and non 103 say military on them.
  9. I’m really digging the sig p320 m17. Might be my next purchase even though I wanted a metal framed gun.
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