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  1. I want that AT-AT pretty bad but alas my budget won’t allow it unless I sell off some stuff.
  2. Not much really. I think I was in my 5th of 6 years of full time college and still only have an associates degree. Haha 😎 I was in the air guard too.
  3. Been side eyeing that haslab rancor. Really want to see final colors before I bite.
  4. Ugh. Think I finally moved the toys. No idea what’s what. 2nd pic doesn’t do the amount of crap justice
  5. I bubble wrapped everything I had on display and just threw them in boxes. No rhyme or reason. Trying to work fast and putting them all back in boxes would have taken FOREVER. Who knows if I’ll ever see them again haha. Still a large majority were still boxed. Definitely have a large front room, believe it or not, that the fiancé is giving me for a “museum” room. Gonna go for a more elegant display this time instead of just a bunch of detolfs.
  6. About 85% moved into the new house. The amount of toys I have is ridiculous. I think it’s time to check myself. I’ll try and post some pics of my “collection” taking up a lot of space in the basement. Ugh. I never want to move again.
  7. Had to order as one of those small filler pieces. Thanks!
  8. Excited for this. Restrained myself and only ordered one from okiniland. Hope it ships soon
  9. Missed the po. Hope I can pick up a full set.
  10. Haven’t opened mine yet. Will soon. Sideshow is sending out replacement joints so we’ll see
  11. I might go Return of the Jedi. Of course the empire strikes back is the better movie but I’d prefer to watch the conclusion. And I wouldn’t put return of the Jedi far behind empire anyway.
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