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  1. Found my second. Nin nin game. No word from them yet.
  2. I can’t figure out who I had my 2nd preorder with.
  3. I’ve never collected as an investment but damn do I have a lot of stuff to move. I don’t know if I plan on boxing everything up or just shoving them in the pod we’re renting and moving them one by one. Or whatever I can carry at once. totally psyched to be able to display all my statues now.
  4. Just missed out on the 3 zero bloody guts at sideshow. Tried to buy it multiple times only to tell me someone else had it in their cart. After several attempts I waitlisted it. Do they go by who waitlists first or just an email saying it’s available first come first serve?
  5. Just opened 2 more tickets that were never responded to. Would like a refund. Not getting my hopes up. This was for $400+ in super parts
  6. I’m 40 and haven’t ever really moved. Bought this house with nothing and virtually filled it with crap. Ugh
  7. we’re doing a pod for most of my collectibles. I think we’re just going to get the movers to get the furniture.
  8. Mine just showed up. Not even going to open it. Moving in a month. Not looking forward to it.
  9. Cool. Moving in a month or so. Plan on eventual moducases for my 1/6 stuff and statues. He’ll definitely be going in there just undecided which mode would have the better presence.
  10. No I was just wondering peoples thoughts. I have him sitting in the box but don’t think I have the energy to transform him.
  11. I pop in and out of this thread occasionally. Anybody get unicron and open him?
  12. Yeah I checked out their Facebook page. Very undecided how I’m going to go about this. I might call them and ask for suggestions.
  13. Hey guys, just wondering who’s running moducases and willing to share pics. I see they have led strips or spot lamps. Wondering what most people do. im getting a new house and the “sitting area” is all mine for decorating with toys and statues. Want it to look nice. Might do a moducase and a couple pedestals. We’ll see
  14. Smoked lenses. Air cleaner and exhaust buttoned up. My “toy” is running good!
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