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  1. I’ll put words in your mouth to soften the blow. “It’s good just not AS good.” 😉
  2. I personally just like the look of the Arcadia more.
  3. I really cut down on valk collecting. From doubles of everything, to doubles of only the ones that really appeal to me, to singles of only the ones that really appeal to me. I do have other hobbies though that pick up what used to be valk money.
  4. I would love a second but that’s a lot of dough. Maybe I’ll be irresponsible for my favorite plane.
  5. I thought I ordered this from somewhere but I’ll be damned if I can figure out where
  6. got this guy a couple weeks ago. pretty impressive would be nice if the bulb inside an orb effect was less. Doesn’t really pick up here
  7. I seem to be in the minority here but I thought the movie was cheesy. And not a good cheesy.
  8. Only release I’m looking forward to at the moment but I can wait for a solid “toy”
  9. All that tech from the protoculture and they can’t make a decent paint.
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