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  1. I’m into venom so I thought it was enjoyable.
  2. Against better judgement I preordered the mando speeder bike and scout.
  3. Unicron showed up today. Prob keep him in planet mode. Don’t know if I feel like transforming for an hour.
  4. I have altos’s 25 “nude” in my bedroom. I just dig it that way
  5. Online chatted them today. Seems they are waiting for the next batch from the factory and will get the rest out.
  6. Trying to decide if I want another standalone or wait for the maybe max/Roy armor.
  7. I don’t think I’ve ever not succeeded on po night. This one was a no go. I was on my phone so don’t know if that hindered me
  8. Yeah I’ve always preferred the Arcadia.
  9. I was talking official releases for 7 and frontier. I don’t think they had them. I wasn’t aware of delta having them. But I only watched about 6 episodes. So meh.
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