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  1. I'd love to see a significant look at the rebuilding of Earth and the integration of the Zents. I know the final episodes of SDF Macross covered this to a degree but that was very limited. There is a nice bit of time they can cover from when the cloning of humans and the sending of the fleets out started up till the the events of Macross Frontier or beyond. Did any remnants of the Anti-UN try to make a come back, etc.
  2. I can't wait for this. It's about time Disney allowed a sequel to be done.
  3. So is it safe to say that all Autobots lived in this movie save for Jetfire (who was still pretty much a Con)? Was Arcee made u of three bikes or just two. I remember seeing three for some reason but there were only two at the end.
  4. That forest scene caused my entire theater to cheer and clap. Which was very surprising considered the age makeup of the people there.
  5. Interesting enough I was watching Rachel Maddow on MSNBC last night and she covered this a little. She showed quotes from some reviews from papers and compared that with actually people that came of the theater. Not completely scientific but shows that what people like isn't always going to be what reviewers like. Some times people just want to be entertained pure and simple. When it comes to movies like this that aren't trying to be works of art but are suppose to be fun I usually find "professional" reviewers are more often off the mark. Not always though.
  6. You know I've been reading about the complaints about the "racial" aspects of the movie after the fact and to be honest I didn't see any issue when I was viewing the film. Neither did the several other fellow African Americans in the theater I was in seem to have an issue from the comments I heard during or after the film. The problem is people automatically linking Mudflap and Skids to AA when in truth tons people off all skin colors and ethnicity act like that. You can just as easily find a white kid acting like that as a black kid and a Hispanic kid. I've even come across Asian kids acting like that. The transformer personalities are based on how they absorbed human culture from the internet. That was clear from the first film. Also take not there is nothing even racial reference when the two characters are speaking either. All in all the two characters are forgettable as well. I didn't even realize what their names were until the end of the film and even then it was only Mudflap. For those having an issue with it I'd ask them why they at the same time are over looking Tyress Gibson's character. A solid non-stereotype African American male that appears to be second in command of the NEST team (and the original team in the first film) after Major Lenox who is on the frontline and a valued ally of the Transformers. That's annoying me. The same way everyone wanted to jump on Jar Jar in Star Wars yet willingly ignore Mace Windu and Capt. Panaka (Padme's top military guy on Naboo). A Bay directed GIJOE would be really interesting. If anyone was going to direct a film like that then he'd really have been my first choice. That type of movie just demands insane explosions and a great chase scene.
  7. Part of what I like about Gundam 00 is that and this is a bit of a spoiler is they don't get away with their actions. Usually when you have a team like this I feel they are always shown as being in the right and in the end turn out to be the heroes of the show. I don't feel 00 does that in either season 1 or season 2. The gundam team are terrorist and they are treated as such. They also know what they are and what they are actually doing as well. It's an interesting fine line the show walks. We see things from their point of view usually but I don't think the show ever once shows them as "right" and they suffer (deservingly so one can argue) due to their actions. This isn't team Lacus from SEED who can do no wrong, always wins and doesn't suffer. Complete opposite in a way. The show does start off slow however. That's a negative towards it but it does heat u once you get past the single number episodes after the sides are established. Season 2 on the other hand hits the ground running from episode 1.
  8. Great film and better then the last one. Saw with a packed theater this afternoon and after that Prime fight the entire place cheer. It was a good mix of people too from grandparents with grandchildren to friends, families, and couples (young and older). I do wish some of the newer Autobots had been given more of a focus but at least they were given speaking roles, and were addressed a number of times and not simply reduced to background characters. I wanted more Arcee though. She was always a favorite of mine from the cartoon. Can't wait to see it again. Kinda have to since there were some parts I missed (had to drink water during the film) and some parts that simply went by to fast.
  9. Went last night and loved it. Can't wait to see it a second time. Took my younger sister with me since she isn't a Trek fan but did enjoy the trailers. She came away from it loving it as well.
  10. I was looking forward to it but didn't think they'd do it that way. I figured they'd have it take place as a result of all the damage the Galactica was taking. I'm glad it went down the way it did. It was a long time coming.
  11. That was a great ending. Still have some questions though but going to rewatch the replay though to see if I missed anything. It was a sad yet fitting ending. Don't think it could have turned out any other way however the very final few minutes were a trip though. Didn't expect that at all. I wondered why they never showed a global map of Earth when they found it. Anyone else catch the cameo by Moore at the end?
  12. I remember liking the 'thinking cap" when I first read the novels. Still do to be honest. The concept behind is pretty interesting but like said it's an old concept but I would say it's unique to Robotech at least at the time.
  13. You'd think after all this time they would have shown the engine room before this. I didn't realized they hadn't until watching this episode when it finally clicked. I hope Anders is okay though.
  14. I think I'm all X-mened out. I can't for the life of me get excited by this film. I didn't care for the 3rd one either so perhaps it isn't a surprise. Though the same thing happen with the 3rd Spider-man film. I don't think I've seen the whole thing. The ending and beginning but not the middle. The parts I did see weren't in an entire sitting either. Yet I really want to see a 3rd Fantastic Four film (really enjoyed the first two) and another Ghost Rider but I doubt they'll be made.
  15. I wonder how next week is going to hit Adama. He's allow himself to become very personal when it comes to the relationship with many of his younger members of his bridge crew. What Felix is going to do should hit him hard if only for a little while but still hit him with it happening soon after what happen to Dee. Anyone else here hoping when this situation is done with that Apollo ends up being President again? You can just see how much he wants to do something but can't due not being in the position to really do it. The old man would accept him there in a heartbeat a second time after all the crap he's had to put up with when it comes to Zarack and Roselin. Though this might be wishful thinking on my part. Quick question. When did the Six that is currently with Tigh first show up. Is this the one from Caprica that was with Baltar or another on? I have a semi-theory about something it really depends on when she showed up.
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