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  1. huh? Im assuming your not talking about this one...
  2. K well I cant find them now but I could have sworn that I saw some pictures where the patches were reversed. Maybe I was looking at them weird or something. Oh well, my bad.
  3. Yeah see every single picture I looked at for reference as to where the patches go on the plane, was different. Some planes had the Wing patch on the port side and the Squadron on the starboard side and vice versa so I wasnt really sure which one to follow. Even some of the tail markings were swapped in pictures I looked at so I just did my own thing.
  4. Nice VF-1 lineart Telos! Heres some that ive been working on in the past couple of weeks. Note - Those who are fond of the Air Force will like this lol Version 1.0 - Wanted to get the logos and markings right. Didnt focus too much on airforce acurate color Version 2.0 - Went back and added a right side profile with logos. Also tweaked with color to give it a more true air force feel.
  5. So I've been thinking about this for the longest time and even more since I made my cousin watch frontier lol. HYPOTHETICALLY speaking, IF valkryies were real, would they be of practical use to the Military and/or civilian use? Let me explain... I did this last night in photoshop and it got me thinking. What if the military did build the VF-1 but only incorporated the fighter mode (obviously) and half of the gerwalk mode? Lets face it, in a real world situation, having the Battroid mode would be COOL but un-nessessary. We arent at war with giant aliens and to design and engineer the battroid with todays technology would be damn-near impossible. What i came up with was a more practical VF-1 design. Keep the fighter mode all the same but eliminate the arms all together because they fall in line with the same amount of engineering difficulty as the battroid. But have the engines swing down like in gerwalk so that the valkyrie becomes a part time ground attack/support fighter with VTOL capabilities. Forget the harrier or even the F-35. This thing would be able to hover in situations in a fraction of the time it takes a harrier or the f-35 to hover over one spot. It would basically become a Mach 3 fighter/gunship. As for Air Superiority, it would go unmatched. It can turn on a dime, slow down in an instant and carry an impressive payload. Basically where the arms would be, its all fuselage with missle or bomb racks. As an interceptor (like the tomcat), getting to a target at Mach 3 would take no time at all. As an Ground Attacker, no competition. It can be dogfighting at one moment and if troops on the ground request air support, the VF-1 can dive down, drop the legs and hover over the troops and fire on the ground targets and then go back into the dogfight.
  6. So i was looking around on youtube and found some videos of SDF Macross for ps2 and I decided that I MUST have it. Now, since I dont know jack about modding my ps2 to play import games, I was thinking that there has to be a rom out there for the game? I would look on the the ROM sites but everytime I do, I get a million pop-ups and all kinds of crap on my computer. Bad times. So if someone could hook me up with the emulator and rom, that would be awesome!
  7. I ask this because I was on HLJ earlier and I noticed that the 1/48 VF-1S roy and hikaru were listed as being released in may or june and I thought to myself..."they have BEEN out for a while". Then I went to yamatos website and they have it plastered all over their splash page and since I cant read japanese, I was wondering if someone could translate or give me the low down on this? Also, I came across this on HLJ... http://www.hlj.com/product/YMT00185 Seems like yamato is saying "paint them yourselves!" lol. Kinda cool if you ask me but lets say someone were interested in painting their on yamato valkyrie, how would one go about in getting CUSTOM decals made???
  8. I am curious to know if anyone has any lineart of a VF-1 in "Semi-Gerwalk" mode? I call it that when the fighter just deploys its legs when landing instead of deploying the arms and folding the tail fins back.
  9. Ok so I know that double posting isn't allowed here but no one has made another post in this thread so I don't have a choice but I do have a question. Would someone be willing to do the following: VF-1, VF-400, and VF-25 in the following markings? 366th Operations Group (Tail code: "MO") 389th Fighter Squadron 390th Fighter Squadron 391st Fighter Squadron 428th Fighter Squadron I know I've asked for those markings before a few posts back but the VF-4 that telos did looks so good so I'm excited to what the other VF's would look like
  10. So would anyone know anything about this then? I have HAWX for my computer (cant play it unfortunatley) but seeing this video got me even more pumped to play it.
  11. So sorry about the long title but I am curious about the size difference between the 2. I was/am thinking about gretting the 2.0 vf-1s hikaru from hlj but the bandai 1/60 dx super alto also caught my eye. So my question is, are the about the same size or is bandais and yamatos definition of 1/60 scale different from one another?
  12. Well keeping with the theme of my last wallpaper I did (using colored line art from Mr. March's site), Im having some trouble finishing my latest concoction I have all the mechs where I want them but im having trouble doing convincing shooting, missle and explosion effects. So if someone could help me out, that would be super awesome! Im not done with the little cosmetic things here and there (afterburners etc...) so if someone could just do the weapon effects, I would greatly appreciate it.
  13. Is that VF-25 the DX Chogokin Model or the Bandai "Gundam-esqe" plastic model kit? Well kinda. I only have so much desk space and the wife wants to make sure that if I do get them, that they would be of actual use instead of eye candy and never played with
  14. So im thinking about getting the Yamato V2 1/60 VF-1S Hikaru and Bandai VF-1/72 Super Alto but im curious to know how much of a difference there is between the 2 sizes put next together. So if someone could post a picture of the 2 in all 3 modes, that would be great.
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