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  1. You're doing something wrong, there is 1st person, 3rd person and cockpit views. I agree the controls don't act like a real plane, but it's still a hoot. Plus, I'm not sure you can mod ace combat like you can HAWX.
  2. No idea, but the higher res the better, most likely. You can see the thread we've got going here: http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/3...3881006347/p/94 The guy who's willing to do the conversions is Kaisa 226 on page 93. The B-2 Spirit that someone generated has a really low-res skin so it's kinda ugly to look at ingame. -RF26AAC
  3. Hi all! I've been playing the living hell out of Tom Clancy's HAWX, a new game out for PC and Xbox 360. There have already been several mods incorporating craft from other things-- thus far we've managed to come up with 4-5 scratch aircraft, including the EDI from the movie "STEALTH"... anyways, here's what I'm asking for. There are people on the Ubisoft HAWX forum that would be willing to convert say, a VF-1, YF-19, YF-21 or anything else you've got rendered, as long as it's in .obj format... I know I'm asking a lot here but I'd really appreciate it. -RF-26AAC GT: theplecostomus callsign: NASA
  4. You know you've been watching too much macross when-- you are frustrated immensely when a jet-based transformer can't be put into 'gerwalk mode'. you consider making your own UN SPACY military PT uniforms... you consider making yourself a R. FOCKER PT uniform... Whenever you start your car, you pretend to ask air traffic control for permission to takeoff before you start driving. You know you've been watching too much Macross7 when "LISTEN TO MY SONG!!" has any meaning to you. You begin to actually *like* fire bomber.
  5. I agree it almost seemed like he gave his body willingly. To the above poster, gepelnich is 100% MAN. He is a gloriously femmy man and you might even take him home if you were drunk enough. HOWEVER near the VERY end of the series, you see him with his shirt off (his upper torso) and he has a broad chest with big pecs and fairly large arms, too. Gepelnich is a man. And I do wonder if Ivano Gunther did it on purpose. He was a shady mofo like Grace is in Frontier. -RF-26
  6. I don't think it at all looks like the mercedes silver arrow. And yes, it sucks that douchebag mchamilton has the championship title. bastard.
  7. You sir, are deserving of praise for delivering to me one of only three or four macross remixes that DON'T SUCK This is quite good, the composition is excellent, and it is definitely feels more involved than just splicing the vocals against techno. It's simple but it's a nice update to the song. I mean, the song was never intended to be something you'd dance to at a club, but I could definitely imagine this playing at somewhere like Victoria's Secret or Abercrombie & Fitch. -RF-26
  8. I'mma have to disagree with you there as there are far more artfully crafted (and far more wonderful) fake bosoms than hers Pam Anderson is like a custom car that's been redone more than once; there's so much bondo there it doesn't look good anymore... So anyways what exactly was the purpose of the VF-14 vampire (that became the Elgerzorene or however it's spelled)... and more importantly, just how did the Protodevlin innovate those things with spiritia drain weaponry?
  9. For what it's worth, has anybody played with the Transformers Animated Starscream? The design actually lends itself fairly well to valk-age and does quite a nice gerwalk. If it weren't for the silly hands and stupid head it'd be quite the little light-valkyrie...
  10. Wasn't sure where to post this, but watching last sunday's Brazilian Grand Prix, I noticed the race trophy looked a bit familiar... ...Kinda like if someone stylized the UN Spacy kite... I know Macross was popular in south america, but....
  11. Excuse me for being a fashionisto for a minute here, but the placement/cut and design of the shirts isn't exactly flattering, you could do something much cooler with the skull squadron logo or SMS logo and not have people think you're a dork while at the same time, people who recognize it give you the thumbs up... For instance, the Roy Focker t-shirt could be slim-fit cut with the UN-Spacy Kite on the sleeve and SKULL-001 (in stencilprint) beneath it, with the skull logo on the right breast area and R. FOCKER and SKULL LEADER beneath it, and a large, centered SKULL squadron logo on the back with small "SKULL ONE" lettering beneath that, the lettering would be white, the UN spacy kite would be color, and the t-shirt would come in black or standard-cotton grey a-la-military issue. or for a ZERO flair... Grey t-shirt (PT style) with the UN-spacy kite centered about mid-chest high (fairly large but not huge) and VF-ZERO TEST PROGRAM in large block print. Those could probably be made at a uniform store like quartermaster fairly inexpensively (I should know, I had to buy a bunch of PT shirts with my last name on them, but the UN-spacy kite could maybe be done easier as a patch in that case) and then large lettering that reads "R. FOCKER" and in smaller print below it UN SPACY (insert Focker's Mac Zero rank there in smaller print OR "VF-ZERO TEST PILOT") Cool ideas, right? Additionally, if it hasn't been done, a grey or black skull-squadron knit beanie (with half-bill) and SKULL SQUADRON logo offset to the right (just above the brim, about 2.5" logo) Likewise you could do SMS t-shirts on white or black with the SMS logo huge and centered on the back, and then the logo centered on the right breast with a smaller SMS logo with SPECIAL MILITARY SERVICES lettering (small) beneath the SMS logo... One more, a polo-shirt. solid grey with a single black pinstripe along the collar and sleeve-edges, smallish UN-spacy kite (in black embroidery) with UN SPACY in black embroidered letters with "SKULL SQUADRON" embroidered in small lettering around the sleeve-edges. This too, would also be slim-fit and cut a-la American Eagle's slim-fit polos. Who says dorky Macross Apparel can't be designed well and look forking cool to the rest of the populace?! -RF-26 Edit: Captain Global's hat. 2nded.
  12. MisaForever, I just finished watching M7... and it was GOOD! Whoa! I really started enjoying it (like everyone says) 1/2 way through the series.. Oh come on, you'll love it. It's a great way to waste 20 hours. -RF-26 AND HOW ABOUT SOME EFFING REX OR SIVIL FANART!!!
  13. YESSS! Anyways, um, I'll try checking after the end credits of every 4th one again cos I think I have the central anime version. Yeah, definitely central anime, I'll check it out...
  14. I just finished M7, and I'm just getting into Encore Ep 1... Seen D7 already but may rewatch them, and The Galaxy is Calling Me... I can't seem to find P L U S anywhere but I saw the "Spiritia Dreaming" bit on YouTube... Anywhere else I can find P L U S and does P L U S really add that much to the M7 experience? Oh, and could I get a "BOMBA!!"? -RF-26
  15. I enjoyed the Prometheus attack in Ep 25 Eff you, Galaxy.
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