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  1. Hey D3V, I don't see you on Unity any more, are you still moderating there or just SRK?

  2. Wasn't sure about having having an exposition episode so soon after we just got back into the action. That said, there were a few things that swayed me, the main thing being that the exposition was primarily being delivered by the shady Epsilon guy, which means that there was a level of tension during the whole conversation. Additionally, the more important bits he doesn't outright spell out, just stating them to be "rumours" (regarding Mikumo). That said, there were things that could have been done better - the jumps to the Keith and Roid for one threatened to suck the tension out (since there wasn't any in those scenes).
  3. Anyone know the title of the song Mikumo and Freyja were singing this episode (which also served as the ending theme for the past couple of episodes)? EDIT: Never mind. Figured it out through Google fu.
  4. Vita is such a weird choice. Then again, I guess we should be happy that Vita owners get some respite from their abandonment issues.
  5. Yeah, either their artists have a very good volumetric particle system for water, or they're compositing in actual footage of water.
  6. So we finally got to see the Elysion's Macross Cannon. I like how it's now integrated into the carrier instead of being as separate ship/module. That said, does this mean that the Aether has one as well (considering that they fire from the Hemera), and that the Elysion can do Macross Cannon's akimbo?
  7. Either that, or Scarfish is just a particularly macho example.
  8. While they have their regular forces, I get the impression that they're vastly outnumbered by the NUNS which is why they need the Var.
  9. Gerwalk probably still bleeds alot of energy though, and, with the engines pointing down, they probably lose alot of speed as well. The main use for it, as you said, you be as a replacement for a cobra, however Keith already doesn't need to do that since he can just use his Li'l Draken's to the same effect by rotating them backwards. IMO, it's more likely just the crew acknowledging that traditional air combat is still more practical. Besides, both Keith and Messer strike me as very practical pilots, not restricted by doctrine like Mirage, nor flashy like Hayate and Bogue - they just do enough to get the job done, even sacrificing the Li'l Draken was more out of necessity than pure showing off. As for the pilots getting crushed due to acceleration, these planes are far more likely to burn up due to friction than to have that happen to their pilots thanks to ISC.
  10. Nah, them sticking to fighter mode because they're fighting within an atmosphere sounds like a more plausible reason. Speed is life after all in air combat. People are too used to seeing transforming as a move that gives someone an edge, yet at most what we see in the shows mostly just works due to the surprise factor. Once you get over that bit and figure out that a battroid is a (relatively) slow moving target that's bleeding energy, then it becomes easier to deal with.
  11. Battroids still have limited use in the air (in atmosphere) since there's no way then can beat basic aerodynamics. Once the small window of surprise is gone, they're slower moving targets that a faster moving fighter can easily take out. One of the most important factors in survivability for air combat is pure speed ("Speed is life" is one of the cardinals rules of air combat, alongside "Lose sight, lose fight"), something which battroid mode cannot have over fighter move due to drag (as well as the fact that they need to use most of their thrust for lift).
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