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  1. Just stopped by to see if there was any new news...and whoa the boards are! Hi everyone
  2. Hey D3V, I don't see you on Unity any more, are you still moderating there or just SRK?

  3. I don't usually post opinions imidiately after a movie, TV series, Anime series until I digest it for awhile. So I have had enough time....I did not enjoy this series very much, I never really got invested with any of the characters Walkure, Windermereian or otherwise. The conclusion felt hollow, the music was not good.
  4. I spotted that also, I found it interesting there was no mention of the events in M0. I think there's a connection between Sarah Nome the Windmereans and Mikumo!I think Lady M is either Mao or Misa.
  5. Careful Misa...the Daedalus attack could get messy...
  6. That's an interesting theory, I have noticed there are things in Delta that seem like hints towards Opposites attracting...the most obvious being Hayate and Mirage...although Hayate is completely oblivious at this point. I'm also loving the juxtaposition of humanity being seen as the invading force (threat to their culture) to the Windmereans. As others have mentioned I hope there is a connection between the Windmereans and M0, Sarah Nome and the Mayan Legends!
  7. I love crab legs and shrimp and lobster....but spidersEeew!
  8. Apple juice = relieves stomach ache from over eating. Fried Fermented Spiders... Any guesses?
  9. I prefer Coke over Pepsi, but I don't think we can list Coke in the cookbook as it's not clearly visible....plus it's Coke I doubt they had permission to use that product.
  10. Time to dust off the ol Decultcha Cook Book🙂 Spicy Miso Jellyfish potstickers Jellyfish Sashimi w/ banana sake
  11. I just want to be sure I have the time correct, that's 11 PM est tomorrow?
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