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  1. Macross music will be on all streaming platforms on the 21st!
  2. Blitzway has a very promising Voltron coming that a lot of people want and may just end up getting rid of their SoC to get that one.
  3. I had mine sitting on top of my fridge for awhile
  4. This show has great writing and is one of my all time favorites. Here’s hoping it’s not watered down
  5. I’m really enjoying the toon accuracy as that’s how I was introduced to the franchise. However it is going to suck the amount of money needed to replace all my seekers. As long as they are released at a decent pace I’m ok with it. Curious to see what the cone heads will look like
  6. It was posted earlier that their entire shipment hasn’t been received yet but I did get my from them
  7. Finally got my Legioss from BBTS. It’s going to be a good night as I mess around with it
  8. I’ve had this for a while an used it on my MP-44 Prime on his waist joints and other figures and it works great
  9. Yeah I realized that after I posted but hey here’s for Tuesday then as I’m off that day
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