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  1. Good Morning, Mylene was short, but sweet at the same time.
  2. I've enjoyed Macross 7 from the start, and I'm 9 episodes away from watching the entire series. It's not a bad show, IMO, but enjoyable if you love a mix of classic Macross characters (Max, Millia, and Exodore) with newcomers (Basara, Mylene, Gamilin, Miho Miho, Flower Girl, etc.) to the franchise. Plus new Valkyries, the Protodevlin and such. FIRE!!!! BOMBER!!!!
  3. A must for PS3 owners such as myself.
  4. It's a resin garage kit of Nova Satori from the Robotech Masters arc of the series. By coincidence, Mika Doi has voiced three different characters on the three shows that would later become Robotech: Misa Hayase/Lisa Hayes (Macross) Lana Isavia/Nova Satori (Southern Cross) and Houquet et Rose/Rook Bartley (MOSPEADA). Bonus points goes out to me since Doi-san also provided the voice of Queen Serenity on a few episodes of Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon.
  5. But, he was in Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles.
  6. You're not kidding, Darkwater. I've already had my claws out since I've learned Bendo got banned for spamming. ::meow:: And, if that jerk returns, I'll be ready.
  7. As someone who's been watching a lot of crime drama lately, I can believe it.
  8. Bendo is nothing more than a girly man who refuses to accept the fact that he's wrong.
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