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  1. And thanks a lot, guys! I share my art in a lot of places, but MW is always the place I am always looking forward to post in.
  2. Well, I'll keep you in mind for my upcoming SD VF-9 drawing(s)!
  3. Hey there, everyone. I just finished my newest Macross-themed artwork. Yes, once again it is the M3 Milia and VF-9 Cutlass. I just *can't* seem to stop drawing these two together! As always, you can check out the image below, but clicking on the link helps my website's traffic stats. http://wp.me/p277FG-1fQ
  4. Coming along, slowly but surely. I came down with a double ear infection which kinda sidelined me for a few days. Here's a bit of the shading layers in action.
  5. This one has been a bit dormant for a while, but I just picked up a new set of nibs, so I'm diving back in.
  6. Back again. This time it is some artwork for a drawing competition at the school I work at. As usual, you can check it out below. But it would be really decent of you if you followed this link over to my website to read all about it, and see some close-up details, too. Thanks! (Sorry guys, I accidentally posted a low-res version of the image, but can't seem to remove it. I'll just make it really, really small)
  7. Not to toot my own horn, but I am selling the design on merch if anyone is interested. All new designs are on sale for the first 72 hours, but the company which prints them (Teepublic) has sales all of the time. I also have some Macross, Gundam, and other anime/manga stuff on there, too. https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirt/1114895-family-truckster-transformer
  8. (Note- I've received some assistance on this already from other avenues, but the matter is urgent as they need to have the design in for t-shirt printing by the end of the month, so I am imploring our good MWF community for further assistance) I am designing a 80's mecha manga-style t-shirt for a friend who runs a video series called Live! from The Rock Room, where bands come play in his home studio. I was curious what the best way to write that in Japanese (kanji, hirigana, or both)? Live! (as in a live concert) from (as in transmitting from a location) The Rock (rock as in 'rock and roll') Room (uhhh... like a room) If it helps the last part can either be Rock Room (two words), or Rockroom (one word). I've run it through Google Translate (I know, I know) and come up with several different options based on how I separate the words, and even whether or not certain words (The Rock Room) are capitalized). I am also worried that "Rock" may be translated incorrectly: ライブ! から ザ 岩 ルーム ライブ!岩の部屋から (with capitals) ライブ!ロック室から Any help would be greatly appreciated. The video below is of a band playing there, and my friend who runs this web series is also the one on drums (just to give you a feel for what is going on). I drew this band's first t-shirt 25 years ago, so it is kind of a big thing for us to be collaborating again, even though THIS t-shirt design isn't the one for the band itself (that is a different design I am working on at the same time). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dirddS6MEeA
  9. Yeah, I found that when looking up source material for the SD SDP-1 I drew (which is my profile pic). Boo on you no3Ljm!!!
  10. Curious if there are a lot of add-ons for CSP EX? I tried the demo and the extras like halftones, speed/motion lines, word balloons seem to be quite sparse, and I see that Smith Micro also advertizes a bunch of add-on packs for sale when you look at EX. I don't want to buy a stripped down product and then have to pay more for these extras just to make it viable. Especially since I've spent good money on many of Kyle Webster's excellent brush packs for PS.
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