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  1. My new Milia and VF-9 shirt is up for sale now on a bunch of different tees and other items. As usual, all merch with this design is discounted for the first 72 hours. http://wp.me/p277FG-1fW
  2. Sorry, I missed your question. No, the service which does it uses a direct ink printing process. Basically an inkjet for clothes. This company's work is pretty nice.
  3. And thanks a lot, guys! I share my art in a lot of places, but MW is always the place I am always looking forward to post in.
  4. Well, I'll keep you in mind for my upcoming SD VF-9 drawing(s)!
  5. Hey there, everyone. I just finished my newest Macross-themed artwork. Yes, once again it is the M3 Milia and VF-9 Cutlass. I just *can't* seem to stop drawing these two together! As always, you can check out the image below, but clicking on the link helps my website's traffic stats. http://wp.me/p277FG-1fQ
  6. Coming along, slowly but surely. I came down with a double ear infection which kinda sidelined me for a few days. Here's a bit of the shading layers in action.
  7. This one has been a bit dormant for a while, but I just picked up a new set of nibs, so I'm diving back in.
  8. Back again. This time it is some artwork for a drawing competition at the school I work at. As usual, you can check it out below. But it would be really decent of you if you followed this link over to my website to read all about it, and see some close-up details, too. Thanks! (Sorry guys, I accidentally posted a low-res version of the image, but can't seem to remove it. I'll just make it really, really small)
  9. Not to toot my own horn, but I am selling the design on merch if anyone is interested. All new designs are on sale for the first 72 hours, but the company which prints them (Teepublic) has sales all of the time. I also have some Macross, Gundam, and other anime/manga stuff on there, too. https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirt/1114895-family-truckster-transformer
  10. Hey all. Jut a quick FYI that my FB2012 drawing is now available. Not my best work (why can I never get Minmay's mouth right), but I thought I'd put it out there anyhow. As usual, all merch with this image is on sale for the first 72 hours. Flashback 2012 tee shirt.
  11. The 100% Pure Macross design is now up for purchase. All merch with this design is on sale for the first 72 hours, including tees as low as $14! https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirt/864872-100-pure-macross
  12. I'm starting to put a bunch of my old artwork on merch for sale. I am only pointing out my Macross-related merch in this thread, but be sure to check out my other stuff as there is a lot of anime/manga-inspired work. The newest one up is my VF-17 Girl (from 12 years ago!!!). Follow THIS LINK to check it out.
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