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  1. Thanks all.
  2. I might be in for one. I like the sniper rifle.
  3. Haven’t seen the movie. Who drives this?
  4. I’m in for both. Girl’s gotta have a wardrobe.
  5. Oh @ChaoticYeti, ChaoticYeti, wherefore art thou ChaoticYeti?
  6. Having finally acquired a Yamato VF-22 not too long ago, I have to say I’m not overly pleased with Bandai’s effort. Fighter mode is too chunky, there are too many markings, and given Bandai’s lack of QC these past few years I have no confidence they’ll put these out either working or looking correct. We’ve just witnessed a time where Bandai had a nigh-perfect toy in the VF-31 and then took all that engineering and completely screwed up the 31AX follow-up. So nah, that’s a no from me.
  7. https://www.nytimes.com/live/2022/09/08/world/queen-elizabeth Rest In Peace to the longest-serving monarch.
  8. Some stuff from Eaglemoss was excellent: XL Excelsior, XL D-7 K’T’Inga, and all of the Star Trek Online ships I got because they looked nifty. Some stuff was just bad, like the Probert Concept Enterprise-C that had half its tampo missing, or the USS Aventine that was awesome… except that they didn’t paint the blue warp grilles on the nacelles, and its massive main deflector was a monochrome blue. Had to get a decal for that. Their tiny USS Centaur was superb though, beautifully built with perfect paint. The last thing I bought from them, the Lower Decks USS Titan, was very well made So I dunno. They seem to have had an “A team factory” and “everyone else” and it was kinda random which ship would get made by which. Kinda ticked I won’t get a copy of the USS Bonaventure though. Awesome design I wasn’t even aware of until it sold out and they never restocked.
  9. Nobody liked John Malkovich devouring vast amounts of scenery?
  10. Love the sculpt, but where’s the camo paint on her thighs?
  11. Received mine. Hips and ankles are solid, the kneecap armor is floppy however. Overall it’s a nice piece with good paint. I’m honestly not sure I’ll hold on to it though. I bought Michael’s Tornado Parts for it and I’ll apply them tomorrow. See if that grows on me.
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