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  1. Sildani

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    I, too, would like these please.
  2. Calibre got a Cease and Desist from Big West, so I’m not surprised.
  3. Just noticed: still no reaction or MDE missiles in this pack.
  4. An unexpected surprise, but a welcome one. Digging the new tampo and matte finish.
  5. The good: dem legs, LOTS of details molded in, probably clever engineering, I like the shade of blue The bad: this looks like fighter mode will be sacrificed to Battroid mode. Lately Bandai can’t manage to actually build its clever engineering to be reliable. You didn’t like the YF-19’s extra tampo? Here’s much, much MOAR! The ugly: that torso is deeper than Maime Van Doren’s. Backpack must be hiding many sins. Of all the extra tampo, I particularly hate the hip skirts’ the most. Looks totally out of place.
  6. Welcome back @ChaoticYeti!! RIP your inbox! Thanks also for giving your blessing to Archi. All the stands and adapters I bought from you are good as the day I received them. Great work!!
  7. Sildani

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    I’ve never used the attack eggs. I've used the missiles on my 19, my 171, my 31C, 31AX…
  8. Sildani

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Even if they make the YF-21, I’m not looking forward to it. The proportions of the prototype were wonky, and the chance of getting Bandai’d on a production copy are too damn high.
  9. Apologies, but this forum gets the most attention… If you live in Japan currently, I need a big favor. No money involved, but I need some footwork done on my behalf. PM if you feel like helping me out, and many thanks!!
  10. The wing has almost no ability to sweep with the dual RMS rack on the inboard pylon, FWIW. Might be a parking/handling issue as well.
  11. I really think the two slots are it. Hazard markings, pointed the right direction, have the grey paint patches to represent natural metal.
  12. Yeti hasn’t been responsive for a couple years now… I suspect he’s moved on to something else.
  13. He has one new bit Yeti didn’t: a long acrylic arc that can hold two Valkyries in formation, with a choice of three angles at the “bottom” of the arc to choose an angle to set them all at.
  14. Wow, that’s actually nice.
  15. Here’s a question. The new Valkyries from the VF-24 on are using electromagnetic tracks to handle transformation to speed the process up and reduce maintenance. Once the pieces are where they’re supposed to go, are mechanical means still used to lock them in place, or is there a more permanent electromagnet used to hold them down?
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