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  1. Please let us know your shoulder assembly situation! Bandai Engineering - it’s Not Just Good - it’s Good Enough!
  2. Broken head lasers and possibly a shoulder misassembly issue - has anyone else reported incorrect shoulder joints? We got Bandaied(TM)!
  3. Cool! That code’s not working for me.
  4. Inflation, the weak yen, or the greater number of parts and engineering? It’s not that expensive in Japan.
  5. Only a renewal version. This is “my” Valkyrie because according to the background its maiden flight was on my birthday, December 11.
  6. Having worked with Citadel metallics for years, I can say they are some of the best available and forgive brush painting readily, BUT they need to be thoroughly mixed for a good consistency. I use an electric paint shaker and a couple stainless steel ball bearings in the paint pot and that’s always done the trick.
  7. The VF-1 Super Parts use a polymer putty for fuel? That’s a first for me. Wonder how it gets pumped into the reaction chamber.
  8. At least the yen is weaker against the dollar now.
  9. I read somewhere a long, long time ago that the sculptor of the 1/72 Yamato toys didn’t really care about the line art, or Macross in general. It was a job, not a passion project. As for incorporating the nacelles into the leg transformation, I don’t think that would be acceptable because that wouldn’t follow the lineart at all. The only engine bits are in the intakes, for the “pre-compressor” fan, and in the nacelle bulges which house the actual engines, and those incorporate into the backpack, not the legs. If any part of them did go into the legs, you wouldn’t have a delimiter mode. Perhaps the thing to do would be to have the wings fold flat, if they can, and make modifications to the backpack hinges to allow it to fit more closely to the actual battroid body. Or modify the wing hinges so any impediment they have to fold flat will be eliminated.
  10. Yeah. Don’t. It’s the plastic, it weakens over time. I think the CF variant has a metallic sheen to the dark grey plastics, which did something very not good when it was injected-molded to be made. No other 171 has this metallic plastic, so they don’t have nearly this many problems.
  11. Yep, had my local library print them out in resin. Too big to fit initially, but some sanding brought them mostly into line. I suspect the tabs in back are too large to fit into the slots, but more sanding will do them no doubt. Many thanks Chronocidal!!
  12. Sildani

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    This is a solidly engineered Valkyrie. The main problems the FSP version had was a broken head laser and a vertical fin that wanted to fall off. The 19 Advance that came before I don’t recall any real faults. Go ahead and transform it. Watch Jenius’ videos about it first though.
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