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  1. Movie was great from start to finish. A movie that despite being a sequel, is bigger and better than its predecessors. No character was wasted either.
  2. Feels like a missed opportunity to not have subs while having such a great set that people are interested in getting...
  3. So I assume the re-issue has no changes to the original? Not even box art?
  4. I like the effort they put in for their design works. Really wish they could chogokin some of those designs. The sea wasp comes to mind...
  5. Normally I love to hear how Arcadia has something new in the works. But after waiting so long, I'm just wishing they get the PF YF-19 done soon instead.
  6. Falcon

    Arcadia VF-5000G

    Wonder will there be a premium and standard or will they just with just 1 kind?
  7. Mid-October and still no news on an October release? Might have to be Christmas before we get it! 😅
  8. Not sure if it will have the legs redone like the full set YF-29 Alto version. Perhaps they stand for longer than the original YF-29's?
  9. Would love a VF-19 ACTIVE Nothung but I suspect that's more of an Arcadia thing than Bandai...
  10. I feel the 30th Anniversary YF-29 would have looked better with a green cockpit and crystals shown in the initial promo. But it just wasn't to be.
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