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  1. Wow that was quick! HLJ shows the VF-0D as "Discontinued"... any other known sources to purchase from now?
  2. I haven't been on the board for a while, but wanted to chime in on my opinion about the VF-0D. I received mine the other day I after a long layoff from buying any Macross stuff, and I am very happy with this purchase. The level of detail for me is excellent, and I look forward to showing my co-workers who are into Anime this piece of art!
  3. My toy investing gave me enough captital to buy real estate wich led me to become a millionaire. There are people that are billionaires now because of investing in toys. Now when I say investing, I dont mean toy hording. I always see people on these boards saying that investing in toys is a bad idea, but I doubt that anybody in this forum is stacking greenbacks like me. This sounds like an infomercial!
  4. Can you provide a link or picture? I'd like to see this.
  5. I like the low Vis scheme in this link: http://www.valkyrie-exchange.com/MWCon2001/DSC00078.jpg It's a custom from MWCON1.
  6. Wow. Looks like my hopes of a new low vis is coming true! I would prefer it to be a 1S version since the Hikaru 1J is a greyish color. I would hope Yamato respects the limited release for the low vis 1A to keep fans happy.
  7. I put mime new set on my 1/48 Hikaru 1A and it looks fantastic! It is definatley worth the wait and GBP-1S armor is an instant classic IMO.
  8. Why don't you have them ship it to you? I would just in case your relationship goes south with the girlfriend. It would suck to see your Low Vis on ebay and an ex selling it!
  9. I can custom paint one for you with a matte black krylon spray paint! How much do you want to pay?
  10. When is the 1/48 YF-19 with fast packs going to show? Dude keep you negativty to yourself. This was a nice discussion about ideas for the other variants until you negative opinion reared its ugly head. Nowhere in this thread did the YF-19 come up until you brought your little tirade in to the mix. I would like to see anything other than a re-release. It was a breath of fresh air with the 1A Brownie release, and now we are seeing more re-releases.
  11. Now that is a great idea! How many times can Yamato continue to reissue the same versions and not lose interest of collectors whom already purchased first, second, or third releases? I think that having other VF paint schemes would only help the collection of interested fans. Just take a look at the 1/48 custom pages to give Yamato an idea of what could be achieved.
  12. Yeah right. Bring back a limited release? I would be pissed since I own 10 of those babies. 351151[/snapback] I know what you mean, even though I don't own 10 I can relate. IMO limited release means just that, once the company sells out that's it. 351185[/snapback] Unless the Low-Vis that have been release has an issuance number then my wishful thinking shall continue. Yamato can always re-release the Low-Vis in a similar fashion to the 1/60 TRU VF-1A and the TV version release. I do agree many people would probably be ticked off if this did occur since many have paid a premium for the limited release version.
  13. I have the Hikaru Super-J version, and aside from the fast pack attachment points are there differences between the versions such as light gray versus a darker gray?
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