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Found 2 results

  1. Arcadia on Twitter 【お知らせ】 さぁ!もう少しでWFです!当日発表となるマクロス新規アイテムの配付予定フライヤーをモザイクだらけですが公開!詳細は当日、アルカディアブースでご確認を!!! Google Translate : Now! It is a WF in a little more! It is full of mosaic but publish the flyer distribution plan of the new Macross items to be announced on the day! On the day of your check in Arcadia booth for more information! ! !
  2. Looks like there was no thread on Osamu Tezuka (except a 2006 request specifically about Phoenix). Now there is one Since I learned about him at all (in 1997 I think) I was fascinated by one person effectively creating a genre. And even beore that there was that 1993 screening of Phoenix 2772 on Russian TV that got me hooked and longing for years... until I got the Best Video (or something) dubbed VHS with the help of the then-budding Moscow anime fan club. Perhaps the reason I don't care much for Ranka vs. Sheryl is because, with apologies to these fair ladies, my one and only anime love is fixed from back then, Olga the robot. Well at least I got to give her some decent tribute, with the Japanese embassy organizing a screening in Moscow in summer 98 but forgetting to bring in an interpreter. I started translating to a lady I was with, cries of "Louder" ensued... I was soon brought into the booth ended up translating the movie from Japanese - without knowing a word of Japanese. I just knew the thing by heart from watching it so many times! After the screening I got a small Moscow Times interview - and found enough "followers" to do a full fandub (over the English - we had no Japanese source). Yes, I'm sorry, it was an act of piracy - but we made a point of getting no monetary compensation when passing it on. The dub was spotted from Israel to Vladivostok. (A fansub was made later when a Japanese DVD became available). I voiced Dr. Saruta in the dub, hence the nickname I use on anime-related forums. I wonder if Kawamori himself is a Tezuka fan... or perhaps I should not even wonder. He was an anime/manga fan back in the late 70s. He could not have missed it.
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