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Found 6 results

  1. Arcadia on Twitter 【お知らせ】 さぁ!もう少しでWFです!当日発表となるマクロス新規アイテムの配付予定フライヤーをモザイクだらけですが公開!詳細は当日、アルカディアブースでご確認を!!! Google Translate : Now! It is a WF in a little more! It is full of mosaic but publish the flyer distribution plan of the new Macross items to be announced on the day! On the day of your check in Arcadia booth for more information! ! !
  2. I'm looking at using the new Fine Molds F-14D as Shin's aircraft from Macross Zero. From what I can find, the M0 F-14++ can be replicated by a F-14D. Thoughts?
  3. Hello MW'ers, I am looking for any loose Macross/Robotech Valkyries/Veritechs and their accessories. I want toys, armor and miscellaneous parts. Scale and series don't matter. Also I'm interested in broken parts and Valks. So who's ready to sell me their old and extra stuff?? Thank you all and Happy New Year. raya
  4. MW - please delete topic
  5. SOLD for $175 shipped. Selling my VF-0A MIB. I already have one so I don't really have the space for two. It's off to Ebay starting at $150. Feel free to bid: http://www.ebay.com/itm/130903581503 If there aren't any bids and you want it, I'll send it for $170 shipped. thanks Condition: Shoulders are fantastic. I've transformed it with no issues and had it displayed in Battroid in my detolf shelf. Transformed it back to get it into the box with no issues. Head laser is broken off. I have both pieces and removed the head connection piece if you wish to repair it. Still looks cool without it. Nose antenna is broken but still attaches, so it's shortened down a bit (See Pictures). Otherwise in fantastic shape. Tight joints. Awesome display piece in fighter or battroid. Complete with weapons, super packs, sticker sheet, instruction manual, great looking box, Pilot, missles, stand attachment, ect. I'm asking $175 shipped in the united states! I think that's a fair price even though it has a broken piece, considering the market these days and shipping would be about 10-15 bucks on me. Gifted paypal payments, or add 4% for paypal fees. I have good feedback as a buyer and a seller in the SSL.
  6. So, my friend and I went to a con dressed as Shin and Roy. I noticed that there aren't any other Zero cosplays out there I could find, so we were proud to make what we believe to be the first ones. There are OBVIOUS flaws we may fix if our budgets increase. We are doing the same cosplays at Tekkoshocon in two weeks.
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