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Found 7 results

  1. I'm not sure if this is right section of the forum to post this since it's not really Macross model (but hey it's cool F-14 model), so please move if it's not. From Hachette Collections Japan, Introducing 1/32 F-14 Tomcat - 'Subscribe to magazine to build' series. Basic idea is you apply for subscription of their magazine ( from issue 1 to 100) and the magazine comes with pre-painted parts of 1/32 F-14. The complete model features remote controlled Engine turbine rotation, LED light up, Canopy opening, Wing open/close, landing gear open/close, tail wing movement, speed break flaps movement, sound FX..etc Also manual movement of main wing spoiler, main wing flaps, Check out the movies link below TV CM DVD introduction If I'm correct, Some Japanese bookstore in US can do the subscription for you. I'm gonna check Kinokuniya bookstore in my neighbor tomorrow. First Issue comes out on 1/21!~
  2. Scpred this at goodwill this moring for !1.29. Needs some tlc and looking for advice on where to get parts to replace the missing ordinance. Not sure who made it. Contains a lot of metal pieces, weapon fins, glove vanes, tail hook etc... any help appreciated.
  3. Hey guys, I just thought I would show off my painting of an F-14 Tomcat from VF-84 Jolly Rogers screaming in for a landing on a carrier. As we all probably know, the F-14 is where the VF-0 and VF-1 get their inspiration, and the F-14 appears in Macross Zero as the F-14A+ Kai! Also, I would like to shamelessly self promote my deviantart and my patreon account. If you like my stuff and want to get more, you can pledge to my patreon and have access to stuff I normally wouldn't upload. Both places are chock full of Macross art, so I hope you guys like em! http://kylefalconkpd.deviantart.com/ https://www.patreon.com/user?u=956470&ty=h
  4. I'm looking at using the new Fine Molds F-14D as Shin's aircraft from Macross Zero. From what I can find, the M0 F-14++ can be replicated by a F-14D. Thoughts?
  5. With all the painting I have been doing of late - and the fact that this Tomcat Model was dropped into my life complete, however No Decals. My Passion for Macross - and Roy Fokker's VF-1S I wondered what the Last Tomcat might have looked like when the VT's were brought into service... 11 hours of masking and here is the result...so far! I would love all of your input on this direction of model building - imagination, but with thought.
  6. Hey guys, I have been looking at screengrabs from Macross Zero, images of completed Hase F-14's from Macross Zero, and the instructions that came with the Hase Macross Zero Tomcat(scans). Can anyone tell me which paints are needed? Not so much the engine areas but the overall paint scheme. For example the corresponding Model Master, Tamiya paint numbers, et al. Also, sometimes it's hard for me to tell what paint scheme Shin's Tomcat even has. At 1st I thought it was the Tactical Paint Scheme, but in some shots it looks like it is just 2 tones of cool grey, dark for the canopy frame, and a lighter grey for the body(but still a cool grey). In some shots the overall body just looks light grey, especially for the completed kit. However in Hasegawa's shots, the sample looks like it has a cool grey. Also from the scans for the Hase kit that I have seen, the paint schemes shown are for VF-74 and VF-84, both of which had different applications compared to Shin's Tomcat. EDIT: Is it supposed to be the "Dark Ghost Scheme" that VF-103 had after being revived as the Jolly Rogers?
  7. Hello, Here is the beginning of the F-14KAI Tomcat - Lt. Shin Kudo and his RIO Lt. Edgar La Salle, Squadron UNSF-225 on board the Illustria, ca. 2008. Hasegawa... ... but mainly the much better F-14D Fujimi kit, with different interesting options : Starting with the "office": A little modification of the figures : The main work : more work to do : Thanks for reading me. Regards,
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