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  1. My Compliments to a MASTER Builder - (bows in respect!)
  2. My Friends....Thank You EVER so MUCH!!! The decals I had Broke Up in the water - to old I guess...everything failed in trying to save them...gloss coating, future floor wax, even brush coating again with gloss coat!!! So I was forced to use some High Vis stuff from one of my Trumpeter kits...not quite right - but stunning all the same - will dull coat today I HOPE - pics to follow!!!!
  3. I remember that scheme...however, I have been flying by the seat of my pants on this one!!!
  4. My Sincere Compliments to the Builder Extrodinair !!!
  5. Here are a couple more pics Hope to gloss coat tomorrow in the Am and start the Low Vis Jolly Roger Markings in the evening...
  6. With all the painting I have been doing of late - and the fact that this Tomcat Model was dropped into my life complete, however No Decals. My Passion for Macross - and Roy Fokker's VF-1S I wondered what the Last Tomcat might have looked like when the VT's were brought into service... 11 hours of masking and here is the result...so far! I would love all of your input on this direction of model building - imagination, but with thought.
  7. Just some more Ground Debris to add and the painting of the base can begin...
  8. Well this day has been GREAT!!! Been a very long time since I have had the chance to spend the entire day in the workshop...like over a year comes to mind... The following shots are of the display base to go with the VT. These kits are great, HOWEVER - Standing on their own is sometimes an issue!!! So base it shall be!!! more to follow as the build continues! Good night all!
  9. Here it is...so far soo good - let the Pastels and DIO work begin! My Sincere thanks for all the kind words!
  10. My Thanks...going to try to get this finished up today, Gloss Coated for the decals...then dulled down to start the pastel work! More posts to follow!
  11. Spent about three hours getting this thing painted up..and hour to take off the masking TAPE... REALLY !!! HAPPY with how this turned out! Would you like to see the development shots of the masking process!
  12. OK...writer I am NOT!!! Model Builder, Yes! Here she is...well the start of things anyway. Been slugging away at this wonderful model off and on for about a week...in between all other projects, life, and so on... Assembly is going well...no major issues...some - watch the bloody direction - of the parts issues... So what I figured, is if YOU my fellow builders have questions as the build develops - ask, I will answer! Let the games begin! (in the background is the Hasegawa 1/72 VT for size conparison...and yes that is the main hull of a 1/350 Enterprise A)
  13. The KITS arte here...no taxes - No Duty - in my hands with just a signature!!! can you say WOOOHOOO!!! Two Enterprise A kits on the go right now all...VT's as soon as I have them done!!! Pics there will be a many! Thanks AGAIN all!!
  14. Waiting on my VF 1S TWINS to arrive!

  15. Well - Couldn t get through to Starship Modeller - so my order was cancelled. THEN - HLJ contacted me that the order was in and to top it all off it was 20.00 US cheaper Than Starship!!! So guess what - the order cleared Custom's today so I should have it soon!!! Duty - Taxes - Etra fee's will soon see!!! My friends, Thank You ever so much for reply ing - and weighing in on this!!! Will post Development shots of the build - CAN YOU post pics directly here???
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