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Found 7 results

  1. Hi boys! I want to share with you my works. I`d returned to painting the last year, 2014, after winning a 2nd place at a National Contest in my country. This was enough to reload batteries after 10 years without touching brushes. I love aviation art, but very specially, Macross. I focused on those less known aircrafts. Here are some of them. Many were lost trough the years. But here you have those who are still alive, new works, and some comming up. Hope you enjoy! F-203 Dragon II This one is the oldest paint that survives. It belongs to a private collector. 2004. Acrilyc on cardboard, 44 x 30 cm aprox. Duo 2004. Acrylic on cardboard, 44 x 30 cm aprox. Ravens 2014. Acrylic on cardboard, 45 x 32 cm, aprox. UN Navy 2005 Recruiting 2014. Acrylic on cardboard, 33 x 47 cm, aprox. StratoCAP 2015. Acrylic on cardboard, 33 x 47 cm, aprox. And some of the paints I`m working on Hope you like it!
  2. One thing I haven't found on this forum (maybe my search fu is weak) is information about good sources in the U.S. for the paint and tools, especially Japanese brands, that a lot of members use to build their Macross models. As I get back into this hobby, I've been searching for U.S. dealers to buy my supplies from and thought I would share what I've found so far. Obviously Amazon and eBay are good sources for many Japanese products, and I've bought a bunch of Hasegawa kits from both sites. Paint such as Tamiya and Mr. Color is another matter - you can get them from those sites, but I prefer dealers that have a large selection so I can get them all from one source. There's a hobby shop in Fairfax, VA called Hobby Works, which I believe is a local chain, and they offer general hobby products, including Japanese paints. However, they are out of stock of about 3/4 of their colors, so I went looking for another source online. I found a shop called Red Frog Hobbies in New York that has a pretty good website with lots of paint and tool brands listed, including Tamiya, Mr. Color, Alclad, Testors, and Vallejo: http://www.redfroghobbies.com/index.php They have a decent number of tools, and some model kits, although not everything you might be looking for in one place. I ended up ordering 30 different Mr. Color paints and clear coats (33 bottles for $2.99 ea) and 2 bottles of Alclad ($7.59 ea), with $9.95 shipping down to DC. The prices were better than my local shop, the selection was much better, and I thought shipping was very reasonable. The Mr. Color paints arrived in 6 packs as shown in the attached photo - I'm guessing that's how they're shipped from Japan, and the store just repackaged my order in those boxes. EDIT (Mar 2, 2016): I just received an order of more Mr. Color paints, including some Mr. Base White and Mark Setter, from HobbyWave in Blaine, Washington. Shipping time was a little slow (ordered on Feb 21 and received on Mar 2), but their prices were good ($2.99 per bottle and $12 flat shipping rate for 13 bottles). Here's their modeling supply page: https://www.hobbywave.com/modeling_supplies Some colors, like Mr. Color Tire Black, seem to be out of stock everywhere. I ended up ordering that one off eBay from some place in Hong Kong. Hopefully it's legit... Just thought I'd share a couple U.S. sources for modeling supplies that I was satisfied with. I'll continue to add to this list in case the info is useful to others. Any other good recommendations out there? Dave
  3. Hi. Just wondering if anyone here already used a Glow In The Dark paints to their model kits and other stuff? Can you tell me if there's something clear or transparent glow in the dark paint available and what brand and where I can buy it? I'm thinking of a small project that somehow require to use a Glow In The Dark paint rather than me busting out the figure to put LED lights into it. Esp if the figure wears plastic/rubbery clothes. The plastic garment already have a yellow color which I would still like to use as its base color. So what I'm thinking is to light up that section (yellow part of the garment) a little when placed in a dark room. I'm also looking for glow in the dark paint that comes in 'clear blue'. So basically, what I'm looking for is something that I could just paint it on top of the said color part of the figure. Anyways, hope you can point me to the right direction. Thanks so much.
  4. Hi All, I got a couple of questions for you professional kit builders out there, and I'd kindly appreciate some help. I got a painted resin kit that is completed, but the darn think chips so easily. Is there a sealer I could use to ensure that the kit doesn't experience further chipping? Is there a specific type of paint or procedure during the painting process I should know about to make sure that the paint is locked in? Many thanks.
  5. With all the painting I have been doing of late - and the fact that this Tomcat Model was dropped into my life complete, however No Decals. My Passion for Macross - and Roy Fokker's VF-1S I wondered what the Last Tomcat might have looked like when the VT's were brought into service... 11 hours of masking and here is the result...so far! I would love all of your input on this direction of model building - imagination, but with thought.
  6. Hey guys: In case you're not already aware, there is a great hobby and collectibles show happening at the Crowne Plaza Fairfield Hotel in New Jersey in September called the "Jerseyfest Model Kit & Statue Fair". If you're a hobbyist, it will be worth attending regardless of what type or scale kits you collect and build. Many people from all over the nation and even abroad are attending the weekend long event. Besides the show having many top vendors (some with quite unique and rare models) and artists with great kits and hobby supplies for sale and display, it also has legendary movie model making and effects artists participating and doing presentations. This includes the chief model maker from Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) Studios for the Star Wars movies, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, etc. and the original Stan Winston Studios effects artist who created the Predator. Besides the vendors, there will be lots of model related demos, classes, special presentations, exhibits, hobby parties, etc., plus an incredible model and art contest with great trophies, plaques and prizes. Learn more about the show here: www.jerseyfestfair.com.
  7. So a friend of mine turned me on to this brand of paints that's made for field weapons and is rated to be super resilient to scratches. I am considering using this for transforming toys as it is completely permanent and even sticks to steel. Let me know what you guys think. http://www.houtsente....net/index.html Most of your DYRL colors here... http://www.houtsenterprises.net/dur_bloomberg.html - Nghia
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