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Found 3 results

  1. some models of Macross that i have made for 3d printing and assemble. the link to my page by if someone has interested. https://www.facebook.com/ermax3d/ all comments are welcome!
  2. I'm plannning to publish VERITECH MASTER-FILE source book privately my own account as like Aviation Book Series "Aero Detail " ! My own Fanmade VF masterfile sourcebook ( VF, not " Variable Fighter " but " VERITECH Fighter " , and Japanese Kanji character imprint said the same vocabulary "可変戦闘機" )  yui1107's DeviantArt gallery TAF-01-SCF is F-206 Falcon II http://worldofjaymz.wikia.com/wiki/F-206_Falcon_II Atmospheric Medium Weight VERITECH Fighter VF-7 sylpheed ( ASC code : TAF-02-SCF ) Light Weight & Low cost Fighter VF-8 Logan ASC code : TASC-01-SCF (English) The coverart of VERITECH Fighter / Helicopter MASTER FILE  VFH-10 Auroran , VFH-12 Super Auroran ASC code : TASC-02-SCF a.k.a : AGACS / Super AGACS Published by : Yui Entertainment Inc. 日本語 超時空騎団サザンクロス ロボテックに登場する 可変戦闘機攻撃ヘリコプター「VFH-10 オーロラン」、「VFH-12 スーパーオーロラン」の VFマスターファイルがもし実現したらとの想定で制作した自費出版の表紙。 部 隊内識別記号 TASC・01-SCF 宇宙機甲隊略号TASC,Tactical Armored Space Corps, 直訳は「戦術宇宙機甲・飛行航宙軍団」が第13話以降、激化する戦局に対応して使用した可変戦闘機。全長全高12 m 強、戦闘機形態でのローター除く胴体長 9 m と本作品の可変戦闘機としては最も大型の部類に入る。
  3. OK...writer I am NOT!!! Model Builder, Yes! Here she is...well the start of things anyway. Been slugging away at this wonderful model off and on for about a week...in between all other projects, life, and so on... Assembly is going well...no major issues...some - watch the bloody direction - of the parts issues... So what I figured, is if YOU my fellow builders have questions as the build develops - ask, I will answer! Let the games begin! (in the background is the Hasegawa 1/72 VT for size conparison...and yes that is the main hull of a 1/350 Enterprise A)
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