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  1. Completely fail... Ugly scale, Ugly shape,Ugly Joint, Ugly panel line, Ugly Decal. The only great works is the transformation design. It is the first time "must skip" item mark on my MACROSS buying list. Wait for the next large scale model if there have a plan such as MG/ PG in 1/48 scale. P.S. Wait to see how those amazing pro modellers on Hobby magazines to tweak this Ugly Duckling
  2. I think you can buy a used or brand new Staedtler Eraser , shape it into this part.
  3. I'll buy all the mecha that tagged "MACROSS" on their name.
  4. if the answer is negative, maybe I'll do it by myself again... prepare one more VF-1D first~
  5. Just a greedy wish, base on the note of hasagawa 1/72 VF-1A angel bird, their have a NO.6 VF-1D in the AB Team, for training & backup usage. That's sound reasonable~ If AB NO.6 finally become a official design, that's seem more complete.
  6. Hey Graham, I don't know if anyone here asked before, do yamato have plan to / interest in release the VF-1D angel bird? thank you~
  7. I strongly prefer 100% ACCURATE TV VERSION ,but the mixture of repaint movie body with TV Hands also a good Idea, because In the new comic "macross the first", the SDF-1 exactly the combination of MOVIE & TV. So, I think there have 3 different version of SDF-1 that YAMATO can release. I'll buy all of these !
  8. I Like you see the day yamato make this for us. few years ago I custom a 1/48 version TV FOCKER. heres the photos
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