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  1. For weird reasons, most of them aren't searchable on their respective websites. I think it's not linked to a key word before it's already sold out.
  2. With Amiami listing the SV-51 coming up soon, is it a reissue or is there something different about this upcoming one over the previous Arcadian SV-51?
  3. Those VF-11's and VF-19 Kai! Not parting with those are you?
  4. You've presented a false equivalency as an argument. An IP that is kaiju is not going to be the same base for a mecha (and in the eyes of many, a generic one at that). Based on your theory, a famous horror movie like The Blair Witch Project did well so it would be safe to bet any horror movie will also work. I think you can see where I'm going with this. In your very argument, you've also highlighted why they are less likely to give it a try- it's still a "pandemic era" so there's less money going around to invest. Why invest in something that is in no way shape or form a sure thing? There are probably many other more statistically successful projects out there than your suggestion.
  5. Possible but I feel that ship has sailed. Transformers is also a larger IP than Macross and Robotech combined which allowed that market to bloom the way it did. Not sure the familiarity will be there in markets like China in the same way it was for Transformers. Seeing as China for the most part was the reason for the amounts listed, I'm not sure that type of success is likely.
  6. Jupiter Legacy might not be everybody's cup of tea but KO of The Boys it definitely isn't. The Boys is definitely edgier and more my style of reading but Jupiter Legacy isn't anything similar to that at all.
  7. Your arguments and reasonings are very simplified and lack nuance other than your own opinions which you're entitled to have. Surely by posting a thread on this forum you were voicing an opinion to perhaps like minded individuals or to have a discussion with those that may disagree. It would be within reason to say that those that don't agree with you can also voice their differences of opinion. Their reasonings are more detailed and nuanced than your own- not sure there's a nerve touched other than your own in this situation as they clearly dind't call you stupid or an idiot but instead corrected you in some of your statements and provided their own insights.
  8. I thought the design was supposed to be a "cheap" replacement F-16s, F-18s and the like. Wasn't it proposed to support F-15s, F-35s and F-22s as the workhorse aircraft to lighten the use of the more expensive 35s and 22s with the bonus of using some fo the more advanced software integrated into the plane as a Gen 5+ design instead of Gen 6?
  9. Sigh. My proxy service didn't respond in time. I was there when it opened. Ordered what I wanted and no luck
  10. Loved what I'm seeing but I do feel that Hawk's character development in Season 3 feels a bit rushed and out of place by the end of it but I'm happy with how everything's been going so far. Can't wait for the next season!
  11. Is it possible in the mobile phone version to have the "mark forum as read" button be at the top of the page instead of at the bottom?
  12. Speaking of the SDF-1, do we ever see it fire all its weapons? What do you think of its weapons load compared to rival ships of the period?
  13. Most of us on the boards here are pretty easy going about fans buying what they want- it's not like they're using our money to do so. We may differ in opinions about what to buy and why but generally it's a live and let live feel. But many here do feel rather strongly against HG and with good reason. Guess I interpreted his statements as more rhetorical than literal. Don't think you'll need to feel too worried about it- no stake burning from the rest of us I'm sure.
  14. Man, they must have done theirs real early...
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