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  1. Yes! I was griping about the Bunnies too. I should look at the table of where the fighters are assigned again in the back of the book, I think it showed another squadron on the Asuka II. VF-11 or something.
  2. Thanks for those, VF5SS, you and I were thinking the exact same thing. When I got home, I overlaid the old Hasegawa VF-0B canopy I drew for a profile a while back over the cockpit transformation diagram and, using the front edge of the windscreen glass and the very end of the canopy as reference points (since the lower part of it is completely different), the Hasegawa's canopy bow is farther forward and there's more headroom in the aft canopy. Does the pilot need it? Probably not. I've just grown used to the old look and seeing something that different is weird, just like the canopy (and most of the rest of the plane) on the Hasegawa VF-11 model kit.
  3. Going by recollection, since my book's downstairs, I think it actually either kept the rear headroom the same or reduced it.
  4. I was actually discussing just that with Seto yesterday. I don't care for much of the changes to the cockpit for the B/D, mostly that double-bubble shape it acquired. It's not so bad in 3D or in the page on VF-0 variants, but to me looks awful in the Structure of VF-0 section. I just preferred the continuous flow of the original's. Though, I'll admit, the variant page look for the canopy is growing on me. It's just a shame they didn't cover the Space Proving Wing markings for the VF-0B. That was one of my favorite Hasegawa looks. Two things we did notice yesterday were the ARMD-00 Constitution and the fuel tanks taken from the F/A-20A, related to the F/A-20N Dragon IIs that Prometheus carries according to VF-1 Master File.
  5. Thanks, March. I'll eventually do it. In the meantime, got these done over the past couple hours.
  6. In real life terms, the Macross modexs are probably, at least in the original show, based on JASDF ones, which repeat the last three digits of the plane's serial number. You can see that on 32-8080/080 here. When I was doing my VF-4s, I pretty much stayed with what they had in real life with the Navy squadrons, with a few tweaks here and there. The harder one was assigning non-USN squadrons modexes that fit the rest, of course. I really need to get back to Macross stuff sometime. I've been focusing on some other series recently.
  7. That looks stunning, Dan. Really top-notch work!
  8. That's because it's awesome!
  9. Gelbooru would probably be a good choice.
  10. Hahaha, the glasses do make all the difference.
  11. Cue Dave's cliche explosive nosebleed in 3...2...1... Great job on it, Flug!
  12. Yeah, I would too, that's why I've been doing them. Eventually I would like to have a complete set of profiles for all the different models, even things obscure like the various VF-14s, the VF-5000T-G, VF-11MAXL (not Mylene's), etc. That's most of what's on my desk right now in paper form. Fz-109F/A, which I'm doing for Mr March. The Macross 7 PLUS version of the VF-14 is coming out of that effort, since it's basically the same. The VF-9, since I've had a profile of that in the works for ages, a redo of my VF-19E/F/P/S, and a secret project or two. It's only recently that I got back to paper sketching after years and years of computer-only. I forgot how much easier sketching is like this. Keep up with your project, though. It's definitely been inspiring me!
  13. Funny, I've actually been sketching out some drawings for the Macross 7 PLUS one the last few days, trying to work out a clean profile design for it...
  14. I wouldn't mind seeing all of them. There was some interesting ones on those CDs beyond even the ones we saw in M7.
  15. Excellent work there. I would have done a few shapes slight differently (mostly the nose), but I like it! Makes me want to go back and finish my VF-5000 profile.
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