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  1. Chthonic

    V-BR-2 ...

    Here's the reference I have
  2. Lestat has been my brother in arms since the original mod. Back in the day when I thought I could be a texture artist. I've always stayed true to a finished complete Macross Mod. Cooper Has stayed the course even though I mentioned it's going to be hard. I'm glad you've come back to Macross fold, maybe we can bring some of the old boys back in time.
  3. Wow it has been a long time - Nice work -
  4. Found some old pics on my HD for a High Def Model of a VF-9
  5. That's true - The Frontier Area Would be Cool - We already have alot of the Ships -
  6. No Robotech Inclusion(Invid) on this mod BUT we already Started working on the Vajra
  7. ShiftZero Just did another amazing Job on a New Trailer -
  8. Another Cool Update - Alot of the Hard work is Paying off-
  9. Some in game shots with some of the New Models for the Queadluun-Rau
  10. I figured I show this - It's an In-Joke Character - It will go along with the other Destroids.
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