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  1. Hi guys, just passing by to give you a little status report about the mod, couldn't let you in the dark much longer ^^ So, Cooper recently confirmed to me that the mod is in cryo stasis for now (meaning by that, it is on hold) 'cause 2020 was a pain in the *ss for everybody and despite two lock-downs he doesn't have enough free time to work on mods (some of us had to continue their regular jobs even from home plus they may have a family to take care of). I'm afraid there will be no update until next year and I can't even tell an ETA because there is none for now. Cooper made some modifications few months ago but didn't release the updated version of the mod because he felt he needed to tweak further for balancing all units. I myself was waiting like crazy some news around but sadly they weren't very good when they came up. So, we're sorry to not be able to make this year shining at least a little bit but we are as impacted as everyone by the covid circus. About the AI issue, we are well aware that it is not responsive on little maps, if you want to have a fighting opponent you'll have to select 6+ players maps in your game settings before launching it. That issue seems to be caused by huge ship's area that detects enemy, on small maps this zone is so big that every ships on the map are already included in it and thus cannot be detected as intruders because they are already inside. But if Cooper reduces that zone, mega gun cannot fire as far as it does right now because the SDF-1 needs to detect her target before being able to fire. In facts, it is a little bit more complicated but I hope you see what Cooper has to deal with there. Anyway, let's finish with positivity by wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year Eve !! ...and now, going back to Night City
  2. Really ? I thought you were the kind of man who likes to play piano all night long in some old abandoned mansions in New-Orleans More seriously, that's cool to finally get your thoughts about Cooper's mod as, like he said, the former one inspired him a lot in the process of making his own Macross mod. See you around !
  3. @Skiman94 If you want to see real action during your game, don't start your game with a 2 players map. There is an issue with those and some of the mod's parameters, we'll give you folks some more details in the next update's patchnote (which focuses on balancing and shouldn't be long to arrive) @NightmarePlus I can totally see what you're talking about ! (pssst !...it is a VF-0A ^^) @GunnyC Yup, you'll find some compatible mods, like the Gundam one (thanks to the Gundam's mod team which make both mods working together). This said, every combinaisons haven't been tested so you might find some of them that cannot be run with this Macross mod. I guess your best choice would be to buy the cheapest version of HomeworldRM but I think you'll have to install the mod manually. Some guys managed to play the mod with a GOG version of Homeworld but I couldn't say how they did that. It might just be a simple "copy and paste" story, like you get your hands on the .big file for the mod and copy it into the mods directory for GOG, something like that... I can't see any reason why you shouldn't buy Homeworld but my opinion is kinda biased on that topic :P
  4. Attention Chicks and d*cks, assemble and get ready because today is the day ! 0.2.5 update has been deployed (at last !) You'll find some deep changes inside this one, but let me give you a more detailled overlook. The information contained in this communication is extremely sensitive, purge all records after reading. 0.2.5 New units - VF-0 Phoenix (fighter) - VF-0 Angel (corvette) - VF Orguss (corvette) - MegaRoad (Mothership) Major Changes SDF-1 is now a Battle Ship - Fully transformable - Optimized model - New texture -New combat classes and flying dynamics- * Officers are now optimized for Dogfight * Battroids combat behavior have been adjusted for more "realism" (how we expect to see them move during combat) * Gerwalks have been modified the same way, to match a better visual while fighting * Zentrans Battlesuits went through the same process -Visual Effects- A lot whole set of new explosion effects has been integrated Created by Sinestesia Studio https://www.facebook.com/pg/sinestesiastudio/about/?ref=page_internal Firing sequence for the SDF-1 main cannon has been resynchonized in order to hide that ugly beam's starting point First iteration for animated thrusters (and exhaust) to simulate thrust vectoring systems Heavy missiles parameters have been improved for the Oberth Destroyer -Balancing- Most units went through balancing process but few are still remaining -Gameplay- Building process have been rethought to allow players to construct more units at once Deep changes have been done for U.N.Spacy building tree Quel-Quallie has been nerfed and become a command light frigate. It focuses more on troops coordination now Warnings Some units are now very specialized, AA gun will only be able to shoot at small units when heavy missiles can only be shot at Medium+ targets For instance the QF-3000-E is a specialized light bomber and so it doesn't carry any weapon able to shoot upon fighters/corvettes Miscellaneous Units with thrust vectoring effect VF-1A standard VF Orguss Regult (animated missiles pods/changing posture animation) Nousjadeul Ger (dynamic right arm animation) The megaroad didn't get its final texture, need to be revamped Buildings under its dome are still being worked on (temporary HW2 version) Known issues Sometimes, for heroes, during battroid>fighter transformation, the left arm might get stuck at 45° instead of resetting its position (not a game breaker, the valk will retransform in battroid for the next fight and will engage normally) Sadly there is a shader incompatibility with BGmaps (by Dom2) mod which uses custom shaders too. When both mods are selected, transparency effect for the megaroad does not appear. We'd like to integrate those awesome backgrounds directly into the macross mod for future updates. Note from the author I'm totally aware that putting the Megaroad as mothership does not match the Macross chronology. It is a temporary setting in order to allow the sdf-1 to be able to go to battle without jeopardizing the entire U.N.Spacy fleet. It will stay that way until the replacement unit is ready. It still allowed me to work on transparency shader and give some free space to the SDF-1 to be an actual battle ship. Have fun folks, see you next time ! Here's a little bonus, this is the hierarchy tree for the SDF-1's animation, according to cooper it was a real mind crusher, but he managed to overcome that challenge ^^ See you around guys !
  5. I won't argue with that ^^ I should get my hands on the last test archive tonight, some more testing sessions are in order...we'll let you know how it went through !
  6. Hello there, Regarding transformation, there may be a little something to watch Cooper is working hard on making the next update great, I will get back on time to provide you guys with the patchnote and some more details. It shouldn't be long even if he's actually fighting against a weird issue with steam workshop manager. Bye !
  7. Still rolling... It is a real time consumer for Cooper to make that version of the SDF-1, and it is still not finished, but she already looks super sexy See you next time !
  8. And as promised, here's the final result for the ARMD from DYRL In game The last one is just my face when I was looking at these sreenshots See you around people !
  9. All right people, let's roll for another round with some news about the mod's current progression and, as usual, visuals are more speaking than words, so there we go ! The ARMD from Dyrl is almost done and looks already gorgeous, have a look by yourself : I'll post pictures of this ship in-game as soon as I can grab some, can't wait to see her in space. And aside of that, Cooper has started to work on texturing/coating the SDF-1, but I only managed to get a "shoulder" to show you... All the coating's different tones give the whole thing a very realistic look even if the result is not final, what do you think ? and last, the same part but with the arm where the ARMD is supposed to dock + articulated double laser gun That's it for today folks, hope you enjoyed what you saw and expect the next update to be a BMF one ^^ (no, there is no ETA for now) 'til then, have fun ! See you around guys !
  10. Thanks man Regarding transformation capability, it's hard to say right now, it will greatly depend on where the turrets are placed upon the ship. If they are on a "movable" part of the ship during transfo process, it could be problematic (the same issue Cooper encountered when he started to animate the SDF-1 from the TV-show). If you've watched our old video archives, you might have noticed his early work about its transformation. Things were progressing pretty smoothly and then, homeworld was patched and Cooper had to start over but this time rules had changed. In this case, there are two possibilities, either Cooper will have to define this turret as a decoy and make it totally useless in combat or he will have to make the SDF-1 non-tranformable to keep turrets functionalities. I'd like to tell you yes, but even I don't know if this will be a "reality" or not, you know Cooper like to surprise people and I'm not exempted from that ^^ As far as I know, he already began to animate the SV-51 but he was kind of "secretive" about his work and I think he would prefer to achieve this before starting anything else. Anyway, be sure I'll let you know as soon as I get more details See you around guys !
  11. Hello there people ! So, here come some news about the mod's current progression. First, I'm glad to announce that Cooper finally found a way to make transparent textures, as it was a major blocking issue to achieve the Megaroad. It will allow us to enjoy the full city under its dome ...and, now you know the guy, he thought he wasn't going to stop at this point and decided to make the entire main deck for the DYRL version of the SDF-1 ! Let me show you how it looks in its early stage View from distance Closer look You'll certainly recognize the area where Minmay is supposed to sing during the battle vs Gorg Bodolzaa, some good stuff might come out of all this, just saying ^^ I don't have much more to give you guys but we will discuss on discord with Cooper in a couple of weeks, I'll get back around with more stuff to share, until then have fun ! EDIT : Just in case you've missed it on Steam, here's the baby This time I'm leaving, bye folks !
  12. If I remember correctly Cooper is using Blender for modeling, Quixel for normal mapping and 3Dcoat for texturing but you will need his final word on this, there is ton of tools he also uses I don't know about...and good luck for your Stellaris mod !
  13. Thanks guys, I'm pretty sure Cooper will appreciate your support for his hard work Let me show you how hard working he is. Below you can see his current tests for the VF-0's afterburner effects (Yes, we know it is not possible in space because there is no air to compress and ignite, but with a map located in atmosphere it would work ^^) You may have noticed the dark area just behind the cockpit in screenshots from previous posts, it is a shader related issue (supported by his coating software but not by the game engine) that Cooper should crush soon. He still has some tests to do regarding that matter to find a supported shader for both supports, but it shouldn't be a big problem. He's also working on the animation sequence for the SV-51, but I will keep my mouth shut about this cute little baby, to keep the surprising effect intact See you around folks and have a nice WE !
  14. Greetings Officers Below you'll find the last report about Cooper's activity, mainly composed of high-security rated pictures His recent moves suggest that something is under way and we have to investigate further. We'll keep you informed on anything coming back from our undercover agent Hope you'll enjoy this super magnificent (and I'm totally objective here) VF-0A 'Shin' !! See you around guys
  15. I might have a little something for you guys... Cooper is still working on the "MACROSS 0" part for the mod, it may take longer than expected because he is currently following a professionnal formation and he doesn't have much time remaining to continue the mod...I know, it's hard...but things are progressing nevertheless. See you on time !
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